Sunday, March 23, 2008

Working in Waterfront Hotel

Every time I go to work, I always take on my daily routines. Preparing myself for work, taking a jeepney, getting my uniform and reporting on my area.

Everyday is just the same, meeting the same people and doing the same task. I spent most of my time at work. I guess, most people do, most of us spend our time mostly at work. Our workplace has become our second home.

There was a time when somebody who I happen to be with on the jeepney on the way to work asked me where I work? I answered right away, “Waterfront”.

When I arrived, I was thinking to myself, did I answer the guy right? Well, I think so, but truth is I worked on Mizu Japanese restaurant. Mizu Japanese restaurant is a food outlet owned by the Hotel and the employees in it are Waterfront Employed, having the same benefits, having the same bosses, etc.

Now it came to my mind that I not belong to Mizu alone, I felt guilty because there were times that, all that I care about is for the betterment of the outlet of MIZU alone. It’s a reality, not only I, but I think most employees do. When they report to work, some employees locked themselves between the walls of their respected areas. And sometimes refuse to take extra steps that would benefit the whole hotel, directly or indirectly.

Take for example, this situation happened in reality. Two customers dined in, they ordered one set of meal to be divided into two. The first thought that came to my mind was, why the need to divide when they can share it? And also, dividing one set of meal for two would be a hassle and would take more time. The server then took the food and went to the kitchen to divide it.

After awhile, I then asked the then supervisor of MIZU, Sir Boyet Villalino, about the incident. I asked him, do we always allow such requests to be considered? He then answered me with a smile, and told me a very precise answer that changed my view about working in a hotel environment. “Whatever complaints we get from Mizu is a complaint on the hotel we work in, the guest might not come again.”

There are instances wherein we, as an employee, care only about our own undertaking. We neglect the simple things that we are able to do in order to contribute to the company. It could be picking up a piece of paper or plastic as you pass by a hallway, attending a guests request even though he isn’t your own outlet’s guest, making a call to report a none working bulb, or it could be answering a phone call when everybody is not able to do so.

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  1. sakto gyud bai.. most of the complaint sa guest kay poor service. How i wish ang waterfront naay dynamic atmosphere of teamwork. Also, a commitment to improve service. Dapat ang supervisor sad maoy mu inspire sa employees. di mghuwat ipa audit ang service. lol


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