Monday, September 14, 2009

It’s raining in Cebu!

It’s raining in Cebu! Oh, how I love the rain. It reminds me of childhood. Play was all that matters. Rain also is a sign of blessing, a simple reminder to us that there is One Divine Being that reigns above us. From the sky to the ground, water as a necessity of life pours down in droplets from the sky. It is like the heavens sending life on Earth.

Not many people think that even the formation of water on the sky is a great mystery, although science can explain it, the water vapor gas rising on our atmosphere together with the needed low pressure, then precipitates and forming rain. But who then has the ability to command those molecules to behave that way? Who then can command the balancing of the clouds that causes a place to rain and the other place to not?

Imagine life without rain and without water. Every time it rains it reminds me that I am blessed, I am lucky enough to receive such gift. Although, the rain is oftentimes the reason why I go to work late. J

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Reason I am CBS

The reason I wanted to be part of CBS because I need to belong somewhere. To be a part of a community. I chose CBS or Cebu Bloggers Society because I believe that CBS is here for a "good" reason, of course. And oh, Cebu, I really love this place. This place is my home, and CBS for me is a good place to start knowing and understanding it more. I also would want to reach out and help, maybe fight for a cause, raise people's voices, etc., and that is thru the use of my keyboard, my internet connection, my blog, and the WWW.

And as I look 10 years from now, I would be proud that I am a part of you guys here. And lastly, who knows I might find my lady valentine here.. :-) hihi

My Longest Introduction - Cebu Bloggers Society

Hi there people! Hello world! This is me FRANCIS DANIEL MANING aka blurem23 Facebook et al

I dont know where to start actually, there so much I can tell about myself. Mostly I am just like the typical guy around you. But sometimes I am spontaneous, a bit different, want to be different. A listener sometimes, when the situation calls for it, and sometimes a talker. I could not fully describe myself coz even I myself cant think of what I really am. Of course, I AM STRAIGHT huh, I am always fascinated by the form of the female human body. Girls are my weakness.

I am somewhat a master of all straits, or just trying to be, and yet I am a master of none. I can sometimes give advice but always require a second opinion. I can oftentimes solve hard problems you want me to solve, but I am always having problems solving my own. I always take the hardest way out, and I always compromise things. My head is full of ideas, but I find it hard realizing them.

One good thing I am proud of is that I am not a blamer. I believe that whatever happens to my life is never another man's doing but my own. I look back to the things that happened in my life, both good and bad, and I just smile instead of being sad, and i tell myself, what a wonderful life i had. I always make sure that I make a Life not just a living. Have a career not just a job.

I live each day as if it were the last. I never cared for tomorrow, I know its not really good, but I just dont know why. I believe things happen for a reason, and I always believe that life will find its own way.

I just dont know why most people believe that I am tough, full of confidence, a true man, a real man, as if there is nothing i cant do. Some even believed I have girlfriends left and right! hahaha.. But the truth is, I am no good in relationships, no one has truly owned me. And I envy those people who are successful in their relationships. I can always hear them say to me, "biliba jud nako nimo bai." Honestly, my greatest failure? Was that I was never man enough to keep my family intact.

Now I am a single parent, if I were to chose between Half Cup Full or Half Cup Empty, then it is Half Cup Empty. I once thought it was Half Cup Full but later on i realized it was Half empty. My life is half empty.

I am not charismatic nor I am religious but I have faith. And many times I asked from HIM and it was given. And just to be honest, it such a shame, that I am never worthy of HIM.

Hayst. I am already 27 years old as of this post. Huh But I cant really find where to put myself, maybe its about time, to let life make its way and decide for myself.

whew!! taas taas jud da!!! anyways, thanks for reading (if you did read).. :-)

by the way, Thanks to all CBS admin for giving me a chance to be a part of this community. Its really an honor to be with you guys..
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