Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A letter to my Baby Christiane Francine

Another letter I wrote years ago. Sometime on June 2004. Many things have changed since I wrote this letter.
"Behold the greatest gift that God blessed upon me. She utter words that questions my thoughts, but it speaks with meanings deeper to the core of my heart.

Life is precious for it is of God. And, to bring forth life is a miraculous gift. And, to carry it onwards as it grows in the mile of our lives is a difficult responsibility, but together with it is an unspeakable joy, a joy not only of this world but also of heavenly nature. It is like hearing angels sing harmoniously.

Now, behold yourself for you are the greatest gift, a gift so pure and chaste. You bring unexplainable joy to my life. You are so precious to me. Your smile is greater than Eden and it nourishes my heart. The way you mold your face with different expressions, brings me laughter that is invaluable. Your eyes! Yes your eyes my dear! Makes me feel in love, like loving for the first time. Like first love that last forever, mine also is everlasting.

To be your father I know would be hard. Thanks to your mom that gives me strength and courage in the way, “sometimes”, cause she knows I am weak inside. I am sorry, my daughter, If I could not play my part as a good father. Taking these first inches in this mile-long journey of our lives as a father is harder than I have ever expected. It would require for me great strength and good judgment, these things I yet long to find and learn. Pardon me for this, for discovering the secrets of fatherhood will take time. I am still amateur.

I envy your mother, for she knows much on being a great parent than I do. I idolize her. Hold on to her arms always so you wont get lost. Always listen to her words, for it will open your eyes to the truth of this world. Love her for she is the greatest mother and wife in the world. She will bring you to your success, not only in profession, but also more on the true success of being a righteous person, in the eyes of men and in the eyes of God. She will always comfort you, especially in times of pain. She will be there for you when you need her. She loves you so much and she will never change and tire in guiding and loving you.

I want you to know that it is very important to do one’s best to achieve greater learning in many fields. Having knowledge of music, in visual arts, letters, accounting, history, sports, technology, science, mathematics, and even in medicine, and many more.

This great deal of greed in knowledge and learning, I want you to carry on these traits for it will separate you from the rests. So you wont be oppressed and neglected. Consider yourself not as intelligent but be wise and clever. But one important thing, be not like me, for I have missed one field of mastery, to understand and learn even the basic ways and virtues of life.

It is a great irony that I have not been able to open my eyes and see the importance of this field. I was very busy and conceited, like a fool, eager to learn many things, yet what I did not notice was there is this “one thing” that we need to become a greater individual, that is what separates me from your mama, for she have understood the basic ways and virtues of life. Take it from her I love her for that.

One of these days, I will be a great father for you. From this moment on, I will do my best in achieving that, as long as I am able. I will make you happy in all the simple blessings that God will offer us. I will let you sing in all the problems you may encounter. Before I die, I promise, I will see to it that you will remember me as a very loving father, although, not a perfect one. I will hold in my hands your would-be future. I will be there for you.

Life is full of beautiful things my baby, I want you to always look closely even to the tiniest beauty of life’s blessings, and keep your eyes away from bad things, and I promise you, it would surely bring joy and peace in your heart. The same joy you will also feel when you open your heart and help others.

I know, from now, it would still be many years that you would be able to read this letter, yet I know right now at my side you knew and felt that it is my love for you that inspired me to write these words. And when the time comes you could read this letter, I wish it would help you through rough times, and wish that every time you would come to read this, you would also love me even if I were gone for the rest of your life.

Don’t ever be afraid of trouble, cause Jesus Christ will always be there with you as it is in your name. Feel free to ask Him any thing and if you believe, it will be given to you. You might ask why I wanted your first name to be Christiane, it is because I wanted you to be always close to Him.

You will always be my baby.

Your loving father
Francis Daniel V. Maning "


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