Friday, March 21, 2008

Reply on MANILA:Truth serum topix

Reply on MANILA:Truth serum -

The truth shall, indeed, will set you free. I am just a simple man with simple ideas. Living a simple life. I have a daughter with me, I have my stable job and business is ok so far. I don’t want the Philippines to look like trash from far nations. Considering I work for the hospitality industry, whatever affects tourism in our country affects my job. Life is much better than what it was years ago.

I know how important the truth is, I admire those people who cry for truth for the betterment of the nation. However, if these people who continue to crowd the streets, raising red flags and sometimes even burning our own flag doesn’t stop, our nation will never change.

To be honest, I was touched on how the people of the truth have come together in unity. It is so amazing to know that there are still these people who care for our nation.

However, you said,
"There and then before you was the truth
of the leaders of true faiths come to trumpet forth the truth, the truth of an
outraged people come to build a scaffold for those who would not tell the truth,
the truth of an awakened nation come to build a scaffolding for the truth."
I am sad about the OUTRAGED PEOPLE word, I hope many people will fight for truth not by anger and rage but rather be there and put love and compassion in the midst.

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