Thursday, March 13, 2008

Food Quality System

To arrive home early, this is what I get for attending the Waterfront Food Quality System. Other than getting home early, I also gained plenty of thoughts and additional info about the topic. Also, the best thing is getting paid for work for two days attending the seminar, not a rough life is it? Hope it would be seminar the whole month round!

Before I had the seminar, I did not know that the issue of food safety is that delicate and that it should be given utmost attention. Take for example; by just washing your hands before and during work you would be able to prevent the spread of phatogenic bacteria, which if taken internally may lead to a food borne illness. No wonder, Hand Washing is in the top list on the policies imposed.

Bacteria are microbiological organism that is unseen in our naked eye. Some are harmless and some are harmful enough that it could even paralyze and kill. Grrr. Bacteria could be transmitted in many different ways, and the food that we take are always at stake. And if not transmitted, it could grow on the food itself. Oh my, good thing our body is enough to handle a few amounts of it inside. However, if this amount exceeds its limit, it’s another story.

Luckily, because of HACCP, these food borne illnesses could be prevented or minimized. A reliable food safety is already being practiced; Waterfront Hotels in particular has its own way of reacting to this hazard.

HACCP or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is the main core of the system. Because of this internationally used system, when it comes to food safety, the Waterfront Food Quality Manual is derived. On this manual are policies listed to guide every individual (in or outside the hotel, which is directly or indirectly in contact with its food products) in handling food items. From proper hand washing, correct food temperatures, required government permits, to maintaining clean equipments, etc.

Waterfront Food Quality System is a system Waterfront Hotels are using to maintain the best quality of their food products. Thus providing utmost food safety to hotel guests and clients.

My message to the guest, from the food suppliers up to your table, it is rest assured that the meal you are taking have undergone a rigid test within the system. Making you feel at home as if you yourself prepared your meal.

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