Thursday, February 26, 2009

8 Things Your Need to Put On Your Blog

8 Things you need to put on your blog

While I was blogging my way to a great blogger (hope the odds are not against me.) I have noticed some useful things that most bloggers put on their blog. Aside from the most important ones like the Post Title, the Title itself, or the Blog post / articles (this one I consider the most important of all.)

One similarity I usually see from all the great blogs out there is the Link Tab or Navigation bar. The navigation bar allows users or readers to go through your blog more easily. In this part of the blog, the blog owner can put links to the most important and most relevant things about his blog. There you can put links to a single post like an About Me tab or a link to a Category, a Disclaimer perhaps, etc.

The second important thing I notice and gives significance in making your subscribers grow is the Easy Subscription Notice or the One Click Subscription link similar to picture below. In this way, if the readers who come across your blog happen to like your post, he can easily click on the link and get updates from your blog. Having subscribed readers will give you better future traffic and most importantly will give a you a relationship between the readers.

Third is the Shoutbox or Chat Box, thru this your visitors can easily communicate with you, whether it be for exchanging links, a suggestion, or it could be just a simple note telling the blog owner that he happen to pass by. The benefit you could get with this is that it allows interaction with the people around your same endeavor. Fellow bloggers will then be able to leave links easily, which could give way to easy sharing of information.

Fourth is the Comment form. In this case, here in my blog, I made it more accessible to readers to just type-in their comment beneath each post to allow easy access. Comments are very important, since they measure how good your article is. You might not get comments easily in a day or two. But rest assure one will come by and might as well share something useful or just drop by and give you a greeting. Or perhaps he could leave a link to an additional information that might be useful to your readers which is also relevant to your post.

Fifth is the Sitemeter, all bloggers might be familiar about this. There are many ways to track website traffic. I got Sitemeter and Google Analytics to do the job for me. But it is Sitemeter that I use more often to have a look at incoming traffic with just a click or two. If I want more detailed reports then its Google Analytics that I turn to. Getting to know your traffic stats is very important. It will allow you to understand more about your blog. Which in turn, will allow you to discover your strengths and weaknesses in SEO. I don’t want to go down further with this topic because I know it would take one long post if I will go on, maybe on my coming posts.

Sixth, the Pagerank Icon. Almost every blog I’ve been reading always has its own Pagerank icon. For those who doesn’t know yet, a Pagerank icon shows the readers the Google’s view of the importance of the blog or website. 0/10 for the unranked and 10/10 for the highest. In my case its 3/10, which is fair enough for a newbie blogger like me. Its also a way to show-off to your readers and advertisers about the grade of your blog.

Seventh, the Community Icons. These icons in attractive colors are there to serve a number of useful things. One is, they are there because you need to put them, and otherwise you may get disqualified if you wont, for a service from their website or blogging community that you are using. And why do you think you need to join this blogging communities? You have there, MyBlogLog, Blogtoplist, Blogcatalog, Top Blogs, Million blog list, etc.

I really hate to put this images cause they will cause delays on loading time for your blog. But the benefits outweigh the negatives. These blogging communities are feed readers, they drive traffic to your site, and they will link to your blog and give votes on your page rankings, and most importantly get you connected to other bloggers and make your blog be discovered. Other than that they will make your blog look like a real blog and make it look more professional.

And lastly, so you thought I forgot, I consider this the “Meal of the Party”, the ADS, Adverts, Advertisements, etc. , they come in many different ways. Some are ad links, picture ads, a combination of both, etc. These are the most loved part of most bloggers, not all bloggers though, since there are also successful blogs without the advertisements that I know of. Pay per click advertisement is one of the most used ways of earning money online. They generate revenue, and help you pay your Internet bills, Hosting Fees, and the golden time you use to write articles. You have there, to name a few, Google Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Kontera, Chitika, Amazon, Nuffnang, Digxa, etc.

So that’s about it, the eight useful things you need to put on your blog, I wanted to elaborate more on each of the items, but I think it would require a whole post. Maybe I will write a separate post for each item in the future.

I hope I have shared enough information that might add to your knowledge as a blogger. On this post, The Eight Useful Things You Need To Put On Your Blog, I only described what you need to put on your blog that can be preceived virtually. There are also many integral blog parts that I need to discuss, like the Meta Tags, the Description Tag, the Title, etc.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Number 103 Post

My Number 103 Post

Wow! I can’t believe it my self, I finally made my 100 post, making this latest post of mine to mark the 103 post for this blog iStayl Sugbo (that does not include post from my other blogs.)

I started writing on this blog on the 29th of February 2008. iStayl Sugbo would be turning a year by month end. 100 articles and counting, many things have changed, many ideas have been shared. More power to iStayl Sugbo blog! Wohoo!

In my next post I will be discussing the necessary things to put in your blog. I will illustrate and explain why it is needed. So watch out for it, it might come in handy.

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Facebook and the Filipinos

Facebook and the Filipinos

It’s really amazing how Filipinos love acquaintances, such desire leads Filipinos to join social groups. And that desire coupled with technology and the Internet leads Filipinos to join Social Medias. Social medias or Social Networking such as, to name a few, Friendster, MySpace, Flixter, Tagged, etc.

But one thing I have noticed is that more and more Filipino people are joining Facebook. Facebook is a free-access social-networking website that is operated and privately-owned by Facebook, Inc. Users of their service can join networks connecting them to families and friends. Thru Facebook you will be able to find old friends from your childhood or your higschool and college days. Not only that, you would also have a chance to discover new friends. Sharing information on a click of a mouse. Communication has never been this easier.

I am really amazed how easy it is to share things now-a-days, especially thru Facebook. Facebook Features include a Wall, it is a place on a users profile wherein you could easily put comments and post messages on a users profile page.

Also included are, of course, Photos that would enable users to upload photos to different user albums. One unique feature of the Photo section of Facebook is how a user be able to Tag another user on his friends list if he or she is on the photo, a notification will then be sent to that user. Making it more easier to share.

Another useful feature on Facebook is the Status message. This is the feature, which allows users to announce any thing, it could be something you’re doing presently, your mood for the day, and in my case I use it to advertise my blog post. ^_^ Sorry guys its not spamming, its social media and it’s the way I share information.

Users also have daily News Feeds on every homepage, this shows the recent activities of your friends, from changing their profile photo to where they send comments, etc.

Another favorite of mine is how easily you can add friends, just one click and they are yours. There is also an interactive panel on the bottom part of your browser that would enable you to see who is online on your friends list and have the option to chat with them.

Its free join now here

And believe it or not! Facebook has been used to serve legal documents and make people appear on court! Wohoo!!!

On the news What can you say about that?

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Samsung Launches New Digital Camera

Imagine a 12.2 Mega Pixel camera! Wohoo! I never expected that technology could come this far. Available by May 2009, so watch for it.

Samsung Digital Imaging Co., Ltd. unveiled the new 12 mega-pixel WB100, a compact and stylish point-and-shoot digital camera featuring an ultra wide angle 24mm Schneider lens and 5x optical zoom. In addition to the camera’s impressive lens, the WB100 also raises the bar for innovation in digital imaging as it offers high definition video recording and incorporates a three inch AMOLED screen, the largest AMOLED screen on a digital camera to date.

12.2 mega-pixels
5x optical zoom / Schneider lens
lcd size 3.0” hVGA AMOLED
lens Schneider - KREUZNACH
movie mode 720P HD Resolution With HDMI Connectivity (An optional cradle needed.)
size 97mm * 62mm * 21.8mm
special features - 24mm Utlra-Wide-Angle Schneider Lens- 5x Optical Zoom- 3.0” hVGA AMOLED (460K dots)- Dual Image Stabilization (Optical + Digital) - Full Manual Mode (A/S/M) supported - Advanced Picture Mode (manually adjust color tones)- High-Definition 720p Video With HDMI Connectivity- Smart Auto / Smart Album - Face Detection / Smile Shot / Blink Detection / Beauty Shot / Self Portrait / Red-eye Fix- Dual Analog Gauges (Memory Capacity / Battery Life)
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Available in black or silver, the Samsung WB100 will be available in May 2009.

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Top 200 Keywords

Matt CuttsTop 200 Keywords - Knowing what people write.

This day I will reveal the top 200 keywords or searched terms for the past 150 days on the Internet from a very good reliable source I was discussing from my last post titled “My 16 days of blogging” about giving you the top 500 keywords, however the top 500 keywords that I have was out of date, so I decided to search for the latest top 200 keywords on the internet.

Why am I sharing you this? Keywords are very important in SEO and SEM (Search Engine Optimization / Search Engine Marketing). As Matt Cutts said on an interview about how to get better visibility on the web, “The easiest thing is think about what people are gonna type to want to find your site.” Matt Cutts is a Software Engineer and works for the Search Quality group in Google, specializing in search engine optimization issues.

These keywords would give you an idea on which words you are going to use in writing your posts. These keywords are what people are writing on search engines. So having a post or 2 about each keyword will definitely give you traffic.

1 201645 google
2 186273 myspace
3 164918 youtube
4 163197 yahoo
5 162679 facebook
6 139384 ebay
7 129783 craigslist
8 121758 redtube
9 116979 red tube
10 109455 youporn
11 97826
12 90395 you tube
13 83851 coroas transando
14 81631 maps
15 79884 mapquest
16 79499
17 79286
18 78833
19 75656 tube8
20 73449 xtube
21 70895 hotmail
22 70538 horoscope
23 61171 cancer
24 60048 scorpio
25 60011 virgo
26 58622 walmart
27 58402 craigs list
28 58167 pisces
29 57632 aries
30 57497 leo
31 56904 yahoo mail
32 56848 libra
33 56310 taurus
34 56221 sagittarius
35 55873 aquarius
36 54684 gemini
37 54064 cnn
38 53299
39 52793 capricorn
40 52349
41 51152 sarah palin
42 51003 msn
43 49905 best buy
44 48002 fotos de bucetas
45 47883 youpron
46 47642 xhamster
47 46284 weather
48 46265 gmail
49 45777 pedoland bbs pthc
50 45346 white pages
51 44486
52 43931 spankwire
53 43771 girls
54 43426 wikipedia
55 42978 home depot
56 42124 target
57 40823
58 40421
59 39348 amazon
60 38459 mujeres eyaculando
61 38375 dictionary
62 37850 fox news
63 37462 brazzers
64 37202 gambar pemerkosaan
65 36548 sears
66 36532
67 35465 kim kardashian
68 35407 hot
69 34890
70 34846 lowes
71 34592 circuit city
72 34229 pornotube
73 33786 test
74 32642 maxporn
75 32276 money
76 32176
77 32138 free ringback tones
78 31434 porntube
79 30096 search engines
80 29810 funny videos
81 29665 nudist
82 29379
83 29302 googletestad
84 28805 dogpile
85 28792 aol
86 28665
87 28403
88 27885 dogs
89 27127 bikini
90 26855 games
91 26786 breaking news
92 26597 mujeres nalgonas
93 26330 robb's celebrity page
94 25733 obama
95 25248 youjizz
96 24818 kristen archives
97 24697 pthc
98 24624 tamil kama kathaigal
99 24480 game cheats
100 23910 boysfood
101 23847 megarotic
102 23582 shufuni
103 23422 yuvutu
104 23346 miley cyrus
105 23332 google maps
106 23327 halloween costumes
107 23255 carmen electra
108 23192
109 23144 espn
110 22859 britney spears
111 22764 lingerie
112 22745 paris hilton
113 22674 my space
114 22598 msnbc
115 22382
116 22210 map quest
117 22056
118 22051 garotas transando
119 22020 jab farm lessons
120 21940 lil wayne
121 21862 dog
122 21528
123 21473 tube 8
124 21418
125 21391 mother seduces son
126 21332 barack obama
127 21306 free e-cards
128 21160 anime
129 21120 jessica alba
130 21058
131 21011 southwest airlines
132 20921 pink
133 20889 myspace layouts
134 20708
135 20559 luis miguel desnudo
136 20521 ls magazine
137 20340 jenna jameson
138 19984 cars
139 19687
140 19476 twilight
141 19449 scary pumpkin stencils
142 19260 google earth
143 19248
144 19185 x tube
145 19157 black friday ads
146 19089 drudge report
147 19082 music downloads
148 19068 angelina jolie
149 19068 megan fox
150 18879 daily horoscope
151 18788 bank of america
152 18774 mature
153 18476 news
154 18435 girl
155 18434 webkinz
156 18396 costco
157 18358 yellow pages
158 18230 love horoscopes
159 17974 tamil blue film
160 17864 homens coroas transando
161 17701 super head & mr marcus
162 17678 babes
163 17581 jessica simpson
164 17329
165 17276 itunes
166 17215 doctor's excuse
167 17089 panochas gratis
168 17059 free galleries
169 17007 elweb bbs
170 16909 chinese horoscope
171 16866 free lady sonia
172 16734 jennifer aniston
173 16701 ask
174 16571 utube
175 16545 music
176 16498 people search
177 16464 christmas
178 16262 katy perry
179 16247 bbc news
180 16212 wicked weasel
181 16202 hearts
182 15950
183 15943 imdb
184 15936
185 15768 limewire
186 15542
187 15381 asian
188 15355
189 15281 ups
190 15193 al4a
191 15090
192 14957 thong
193 14850 verizon
194 14833 free itunes codes
195 14831 usps
196 14800 rihanna
197 14784 staples
198 14662 funny
199 14637 lindsay lohan
200 14635 badjojo

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Monday, February 23, 2009

How I View Blogging Ethics

I just received this email from a fellow blogger doing her thesis about Blogging Ethics.
This is my honest answers to the following questions. Any reactions are accepted.

Name (optional): Francis Daniel Maning
Age: 26
Location:Cebu Philippines
Blog Title and Category: iStayl Sugbo: A collection of Random Thoughts. Sushi Chef from Mizu Japanese Restaurant. Subscribe and get updates on new trends, useful stuff, and more..


A. On your personal ethical standards
1. What is your perception on ethics? Do you think you are applying it in your blogging activity? Why or why not?
Ethics refers to a properly defined guideline being used by an individual, in this case a blogger, which he could use somehow to make himself determine things from right or wrong. Follow what is acceptable and be a model of truth.

Yes, by doing so you would earn “Trust” from your readers, in turn you would get more subscribers.

2. What ethical standards do you apply in your blog? Do you currently follow any or a personal Code of Ethics?

Since my blog is not that complicated and have not reached its full potential yet, I am basing my ethical principles on my conscience, conformity with the law, fairness, and the passion of delivering quality information to readers.

3. If you were to draft your own Blogger’s Code of Ethics, what principles of ethics (example: honesty, accountability, truth, etc) will you include in it? Briefly elaborate on each and give examples on how you can show each principle.
If I were to draft my own bloggers code of ethics, I would base it on the Rotarians 4 way test.. ^_^

1. Is it the Truth?
Honesty and Fairness. A blogger should be honest and be fair in delivering information. Provide information as much as possible by disclosing and elaborating the source (if any). A blogger should not post untruthful and biased articles that might mislead and harm users. Also be accountable for the things that you write and always be ready for change and accept suggestions from readers.

2. Is it fair to all Concerned?
Always keep in mind, that everything you write might affect readers. A blogger should think about his social responsibility.

3. Will it build goodwill and better friendship?
A blogger should always be kind in writing articles. It should not provoke hate and discrimination. Nor it would cause harm between 2 parties, products, and personalities. Etc..

4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
A blog should be constructive and not destructive to the community.

4. Among the many blogging problems and ethical issues that arise now, which do you believe should be addressed?
There are many issues at hand that should be looked upon in the present time. But there is one deviation on ethical standards that a blogger should not practice. And that is how business individuals use blogs and bloggers to gain search engine rankings thru BUYING LINKS.

5. Personally, what do you think is the importance of having ethical standards in blogging?

Having ethical standards in blogging would give you confidence and to minimize the problems that you may encounter in the future.
B. On the Bloggers’ Code of Ethics

1. Have you come across any Bloggers’ Code of Ethics online? If so, what version is it? Answer: NONE

2. If not online, how did you learn about it? What was your primary reaction?

3. Do you agree with the provisions stated there, and the principles that were tackled?

4. Do you apply the Bloggers’ Code of Ethics in your blogging? Why and how do you apply it (through your language, designs, etc)?

5. Does the knowledge of the existing Bloggers’ Code of Ethics pressure you to follow it? Why?

6. Do you think it is necessary to have a Bloggers’ Code of Ethics? Is it really implementable? Why or why not?
Yes, the blogosphere needs to have a Bloggers’ Code of Ethics. Is not a question if its implementable or not. As of the moment, we should focus on creating a body that would implement it to start with.

7. Is it possible for the entire blogosphere to follow a single Bloggers’ Code of Ethics? Why or why not?
It depends upon the individual. I doubt that the whole blogging community will follow it. However, it would be nice to know that somebody would be starting it.

8. How do you think will a Bloggers’ Code of Ethics change the way bloggers blog? Or will it not affect anything?
If it affects a blogger in any way, for sure I see it as a long term investment. When you write quality blog, you get good results. If you follow the rules, everything will be fine.

9. What do you think is the relationship of Code of Ethics and freedom of expression?
That’s a very sensitive issue. However, I see no difference between both if they both serve the same purpose. For truth and fairness.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

16 Days of Blogging

16 Days of Blogging

"If you are a newbie in blogging and have just started to put up a blog and you need traffic. Its time to subscribe to my post and be updated. Follow me during my 16 days of blogging"
On February 23 up to March 10, 2009, I would be much active in blogging. My goal is to increase page visit, site traffic, number of feed subscribers, and Alexa ranking. During those 16 days, I would be creating useful content and utilize the top 500 searched keywords on the net.

Furthermore, if possible, I don’t know how hard it would be, I would try to do some research and eventually come up with a method on how to increase my Google Page Rank from Page Rank 3/10 to Page Rank 4/10. Just one number up, that is if Google would permit me. I have no idea if 16 days would be enough anyway; it’s worth a try.

Additionally, I would be posting some articles about what I would be doing during those 16 days. I would be mentioning some useful reference sites. Get to know some successful bloggers and learn their methods as well as techniques on how to increase traffic, increase Alexa page rank, increase Google ranking, and how to use search engines as a source of traffic. I would be getting advice from professionals; I would be watching video interviews from famous and credible webmasters.

I would be asking opinions and tips from fellow Cebuano bloggers on Search Engine Optimizations. Convince one or two personality from the Cebu Bloggers Society to write for iStayl Sugbo a short word of advice for newbie bloggers.

I would also include on my posts on how to start your own blog and provide step-by-step guidelines on the first things you need to do on your blog and make your way to the blogosphere. I would be posting an illustration comparing my previous traffic to the traffic I would be getting within those 16 days of blogging and would write about it and analyze the reports.

If you are a newbie in blogging and has just started to put up a blog. It is time to subscribe to my posts and be updated. Follow me during my 16 days of blogging, starting February 23 up to March 10, 2009. By following my blog you would be able to gain ideas on how to increase your blog traffic and rank your pages on search engines.

For professional webmasters reading this post, it is also a time for you to share your ideas and help fellow bloggers to become a successful blogger. You can share your thoughts on the posts that I would be making by commenting on each article. You can also be an author on this blog and give ideas, tips, and opinions regarding search engine optimizations.

So subscribe now and accompany me on my 16 days of blogging. Create your very own “16 days of blogging” too and see your blog improve and get this sense of fulfillment every time you open up the reports and seeing your blog traffic increase by time.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Gourmet Indulgence 2009 - Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casinos

Gourmet Indulgence 2009

What is the best treat for you in Cebu City this 2009? An overnight stay in Waterfront Cebu City hotel, with free lunch or dinner buffet for 3, an experience to dine at any of Waterfronts Cebu City Hotels outlet, and many more!!!!

Indulge the gourmand in you. Satisfy your soul with an abundance of fine food and luxuries at a cut-rate price.

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino’s Gourmet Indulgence 2009 offers you delicious perks and indulgent freebies at its 9 wining and dining options, including a voucher for lunch or dinner buffet at UNO for 3 persons, 3 vouchers as good as cash at PHP 1,000.00 each, and one voucher for an overnight stay in a SUPERIOR ROOM!

To avail the promotion and/or other inquiries please contact Bebs at (032)2326888 local 8201, referrer is Francis.

Brief Description of Promo:

Gourmet Indulgence is a spin off from the highly successful Indulgence Promo of Waterfront Hotels and Casinos. The booklet comes with four vouchers that may be availed at Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino’s owned and operated outlets namely UNO, TIN GOW, MIZU, and LA GONDOLA. Plus a fifth voucher for an overnight in a Superior room (room only).

For only PHP 7,500 net and no additional charges.

Number of Vouchers per booklet:

· Five vouchers summarized as follows:
  1. Uno voucher with value at P2,000 nett inclusive of lunch or dinner buffet for two persons with one round of softdrink, chilled juice, or iced tea. (Third person eats for free)
  2. Three vouchers will have a value of P1,000 nett each that may be consumed in any WCCHC (Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casinos) operated outlets.
  3. Voucher for an overnight accommodation in a Superior room. (Room only)
  4. Endflap of booklet contains coupons or gourmet passes that may be redeemed. (refer to inclusions)

Inclusions per booklet:
  • First voucher for lunch or dinner buffet for two persons with one round of softdrink, chilled juices, or iced tea. (third person eats for free)
  • Three vouchers with value of P1,000 nett that may be redeemed at any WCCH&C (Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casinos) owned and operated outlets.
  • Issuance of Gourmet Elite Card for booklet buyers.
  • 20% discount on all Waterfront-owned restaurants at WCCH&C will be applicable for additional orders (orders exceeding the voucher’s value) except for promotional rates.
  • Free One (1) Margherita Pizza when dining at La Gondola upon presentation of the gourmet pass.
  • Free One (1) Spicy Tuna Roll when dining at Mizu upon presentation of the gourmet pass.
  • Free Martini for two at Treff upon presentation of the gourmet pass.
  • Free One (1) Pork Siomai, or One (1) Sesame Balls upon presentation of the gourmet pass.
  • Free One (1) Wasabi potato chips with tugarashi dip upon presentation of the gourmet pass.
  • Free overnight accommodation in a Superior Room (room only) with
  • Free use of the swimming pool for 2 persons (inclusive of children). And
  • Free use of the gym when availing of the overnight accommodation voucher.
To avail the promotion and/or other inquiries please contact Bebs at (032)2326888 local 8201, referrer is Francis.

Promo is good until December 31, 2009.

Gourmet Indulgence 2009.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Game Cheats for PS2

Game Cheats for PS2

Got your PS2 and your game ready, but always unsatisfied? Tired of losing or just cant finish a quest? Have you been in to situations like, you just needed help? Well, here it is my friends, the biggest collection of PS2 Game cheats. PS2 Cheat Codes offer you a wide selection of game cheats for Dreamcast, DVD Extras, GameBoy, GameBoy Adv., GameBoy Color, GameCube, Macintosh, Mobile Games, NES, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, PC, Playstation 1, Playstation 2, SNES, XBox.

Just choose your game title and your set to go for a more enjoyable Game Play.

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The Philippines - My country, my home

The Philippines - My country, my home

“My home, my country, my native land, my Philippines.”

The Philippines is the place of my birth and may it also be the place where I shall cease my life. The Philippines is rich in treasures, God given natural beauty abound the archipelago. There are many beautiful destinations that one could venture, both local and tourists alike. The Philippines is rich in wonders, to name a few such as the Tubataha Reef, The Rice Terraces, The Chocolate Hills of Bohol, the perfectly cone shaped Mayon Volcano, etc.

The Philippines is also rich in culture. Influenced by different parts of the globe, the Philippine culture has become a melting pot of different heritages and ancestry. Majority of which are the Indo, Malays, and Chinese races. Yet, no matter where they may belong, a natural born Filipino will always be a Filipino. Born in the land of the Pearl of the Orient and the Cradle of the Brave.

By blood or by heart, Filipinos are close family oriented. Filipinos are hospitable and have high respect for elders. Filipinos are also very grateful people. They are hardworking and they enjoy life and are high in spirits. Intelligent and open minded. Filipinos are God fearing.

Every Filipino that have left for a job abroad or have migrated abroad, surely would come back home and visit their native land. Every pinoy have their own lasting bond from whence they were born. They treasure memories they have left behind in their homeland. This is evident in the way that almost all Filipinos who left their country would always contact and ask “Kumusta na dha sa Pinas? (hows everything there in the Philippines?). And would surely come back and visit.

All these and more, makes me proud I am a Filipino. The sparkle of your flag is victory that shines. Its stars and sun shall forever never dim.

More power to Filipinos Unite

Oozing Ideas – The Oozman Blog

learn Oozing Ideas – The Oozman Blog

Looking for a blog that would help you with programming tweaks, tell you about the latest technologies, all about Joomla blog, or even show you Magic tricks!

Try visiting, sharing to you his Oozing ideas on different topics. His blog focuses on Information Technology and Web Programming while sidelining with random write-ups. You can also easily contact the Blog Owner by clicking on the Request Here and Contact Me tab to simply hand in your thoughts to him or request something you might need.

What I like about this site is its readability, cool Wordpress template, a natural blog writer, and a good library for computer terms. Go checkout Oozman’s blog and see for yourself.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Artificial Traffic vs Content Driven Traffic

Artificial Traffic vs Content Driven Traffic

In this post, I would like to share with you a little idea of mine that might work in increasing your blog traffic. I am not an expert in SEO, but there is one technique that I guess might work for you if you are still starting your blog.

That is to write, write, write, and write. Create volume content. Write new post as long as you can. Give your blog a post each day. By creating newer content will give you a higher chance that your blog be ranked on search engines. In turn you will be gaining natural traffic from search engines, which is a good idea.

Avoid using techniques that would give your blog artificial traffic, like auto surfing, card dropping, etc. Although I am not really against that, since some web masters still claim that it would also help you increase your Alexa traffic ranking, although artificially.

I have done that too and indeed it surely gave my blog an Alexa Traffic rank of 750,000. But when I decided to stop because I was tired of it, my Alexa rank dropped to 2,000,000.

Having a 2million Alexa traffic rank is not a good sight, but it is the truth. Too far from the artificial 750,000. So if I were you, don’t give your blog a LIE Traffic. Now I’m on my way to doing my best to increase my Alexa page ranking naturally thru my posts.

Below is a Graph showing the unique site visit of As you can see in the illustration, on the month of April, I started to learn acquiring traffic from auto surf, card dropping, blog hopping, etc. Traffic gained was amazing, it went to over 2,000 unique page visits for the month of April, however, I stopped doing it because all I see from the referrals was more from these artificial traffic generating sites. Which, doesn’t sound fulfilling on my part.

(note: as of February 12, 2009)

By the month of September, blog traffic went back to its normal/natural 100 unique visits each month. Doesn’t sound good, disappointed, and discouraging. However, I realized when I looked at the referrals on the report, it showed that most traffic sources are from search engines, which gave me an idea that if only I could create content that might interest search engine users, then I could increase my traffic.

Since then, starting the month of October, I began creating useful posts, not to mention attractive post that plays well on search engines. As you can see on the graph, site visits are going up. Not a good number yet, but it is assured that readers do come to my blog and there is an improvement since the day I started my blog.

If you have any good ideas that might be useful, please share it to me by commenting on this post. If you find this post useful please do subscribe to my blog by visiting this link here.

Free IPhone Themes Download

Free IPhone Themes Download

If you find it hard looking for Free iPhone Themes Download on search engine, your search ends here. I came upon 1 reliable iPhone Theme site for free downloads. Just visit the link or click the picture to direct you to the site for your free iPhone Themes Download.

I hope you will find the site useful. If you also have others sites that you can recommend, please do leave it here on the comments.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to become a successful blogger?

How to become a successful blogger?

In the pursuit of becoming a real Blogger, like most blogs I envy. Questions prompted my mind, how do I become a successful blogger? How will my blog be known to the world? How will I gain traffic like most other blogs do? How will I monetize thru my blog?

In my constant search for answers, there is one real truth that I have uncovered. What really separates good blogs from the rest is its “Content”. It is already proven that useful content drives traffic. Choose a topic that might interest other people. Write about something other people don’t do. Create some interest in the things you write. Write in your own words and don’t imitate anybody, be natural. Provide as much information as you can. Put up illustrations or pictures that might entice readers.

I believe that content alone could give you page rankings, however, as I have noticed it is also important to build and maintain a good linking network. Do blog hopping and make friends thru chat boxes in each blog. Ask for link exchange, until such time that your pages will be crawled.

Successful bloggers use keywords that are relevant to the topic at hand, repeat them over in your post but not to the extent that your post may look funny because of repeated keywords. It is also advisable to stick in to one kind of topic, or you can create posts that are related with each other.

A successful blogger must also be patient and be satisfied of the little achievements that he would be making. Don’t rush things and always put in mind that you are blogging for the purpose of sharing information, make friends, be part of the community, make a difference thru the things you write and be heard, earning money online should come next. If you think that way, you will be surprised of the results.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sushi Chef Cebu

Hi there people! Allow me to promote myself. I am Francis Daniel Maning, I am a Filipino who loves cooking Japanese food. I work at MIZU Japanese Restaurant at Waterfront as a Sushi Chef.

I do on the spot Cebu based cooking lessons for individual or group for a fee. I teach basic Japanese dishes such as Teriyaki, Teppanyaki, Tempura, Rice Toppings, Sushi and Sashimi preparations, etc..

If you are also planning to put up a Japanese restaurant, you could also hire me as a Chef to start with your operations, create your first menu, and introduce to you some new and innovative dishes that would fit the current market.

I also welcome cooking lessons for students from schools here in Cebu.

To contact me, simply email me at, text me thru 09065120673 or leave your contact details by calling . My hourly rate is the cheapest so far. I will be very glad to do business with you. See you then!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Talisman Online

Talisman Online

Talisman Online is a free to play 3d MMORPG. This is my new online game discovery. Graphics is good even with minimum requirement. The game loads faster and the interface is very user friendly.

Characters are Monk, Wizard, Assassin, Fairy and Tamer. What makes this game unique is the abundant numbers of game quest in each level. There are also many ways to gain experience. Even when your offline you will get a little amount of Character Experience by doing Secret Soul Exercise. There is also competition that would make you gain even more experience level by level. There are also repetitive Reputation Quests that you can do all over again for fun or for a fee from other players. Aside from that, if you can recruit apprentices you can also gain more experience from the Master and Apprentice system.

The map design, flora, and fauna, are amazing. The monsters come in many different forms, altogether with different scenario bosses that you and your friends could tackle. Cheaters and boters are never welcomed, so game is insured fair play. Bot at your own risk! Talisman points can be bought with real cash but if you play good enough, you can purchase T-points thru auctions.

My Wizard Character on All Star Server is already 35 level as of this post and still continues playing. My character name is blurem23, hope I will be seeing you there! Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Download Free PSP Games

Download Free PSP Games

Finding trouble looking for that Free PSP Games Download? Most of us are. So go get your free PSP Games download on the web. Download free games for your PSP. IStayl Sugbo is here to help you get that free PSP download.

Follow the link below. Come back and tell us what you think about the site. You can also comment on this post if you have another reliable Free PSP Games Download website.

Please recommend to us your Free PSP Download Website by commenting on this page since finding real Free PSP download is very hard over the Internet. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Earn Money Cebu

Earn Money Cebu (sorry this offer is no longer offered, thanks for your interest)

Want to make more money? Or are you currently jobless? If you are from Cebu, then I can help you. Learn how to create additional income for you and your family. Earn up to Php 50,000 a month without any cost to you at all. It will surely amaze you. Find the secret now. You can start earning right away.

To discuss this further with you, please contact me at Once I receive your email, I will send you instructions right away and will schedule you to a meet up. Please do indicate the details of this offer by sending the link of this blog post so that I may know.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

E-mail Address Extractor / Harvester

E-mail Address Extractor or Email Harvester

Extract E-mail addresses on a website by simple putting the URL or web address. You can also Copy any web page and paste it on the form then click parse email to extract all email addresses.

Just follow this link or click the picture to direct you to the Email Extractor - Harvester.

I hope you will find this simple HTML programming useful to you. A very handy and easy to use Email Extractor or Email Harvester. Please leave your comments. Thank you.
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