Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Northern Transcription Works 2010 People

Records Manager: Doctor: Practice Manager: Business Associates:

Northern Transcription Works realizes the great challenges posed by the complexities of records management. As chief custodian of medical records, you are accountable to protect the interests of your institution and physicians by attesting to the credibility of patient medical records at hand while ensuring their timely and thorough completion at the same time. 

Because of this, Northern Transcription Works is dedicated to take transcription to a new level of standard. Over the years, we challenged the conventional systems and processes in transcription and relentlessly pursued better ways to ensure ultimate security, uncompromising quality, speedy and timely delivery, cost effectiveness and flexibility.

After years of research and re-engineering, we have finally developed the most efficient and integrated transcription framework unique only to Northern Transcription Works: the TranscriptionWorxTM Methodology (synergy of Technology, People and Process in transcription).

The TranscriptionWorxTM Methodology: Our Strength.
The TranscriptionWorxTM Methodology is designed to fully integrate the excellence and capabilities of our people and technology with the strength and sophistication of our processes. 

Technology. People. Process. 

TranscriptionWorxTM Methodology: Your Solution.

Our TranscriptionWorxTM Methodology is the key to a sustainable and effective management system and operational structure that offers you the most comprehensive solution to all your medical documentation concerns. 

Absolute compliance with regulatory and legal standards.

Value for money and efficient cost management.

Credibility and integrity of data as expected by your institution.

Assured delivery to keep record handling operations running smoothly.

Capacity to support fluctuating requirements. 

Verifiable billing.

The TranscriptionWorxTM Methodology: In support of EMR.

As electronic medical records (EMR) technology become more prevalent in healthcare settings, Northern Transcription Works is gearing itself to address the next wave of issues in medical documentation.

Let Northern Transcription Works partner with you towards maintaining seamless and efficient healthcare management operations. With our TranscriptionWorxTM Methodology, we make our transcription service work right for you.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Mutya ng Davao - Cast your vote

Mutya ng Dabaw!

Who will be chosen as top 5 on March 6 2010 at the SM City Davao. 5 finalist will be chosen from 15 candidates who have joined the search for Mutya ng Davao. Yesterday was the talent show and the best in talent went to my cousin Cherry Mae Maning.

Cherry Mae Maning

Age: 21
Course and Profession: Registered Nurse and Airline Cabin Crew
Community Project: Improvement of Shelter for Orphans

I pray that she will win the event. She even won the "Darling of the Press Award"

mutya ng dabaw

Today's Mutya ng Davao has become more tough than ever before. The pageant started on February 19, 2010 and there were 32 candidates at the start. The event screening started with a "no-make up screening". No make up! From this, it is guaranteed that who ever wins she definitely holds the natural beauty of a Davawenya. The theme for the event is "The New Dabawenya".

Whats more exciting is that the organizers of the event are serious about this pageant, and even made an online poll for the contestants.

To cast your votes and choose your candidate you can visit the official site and click vote, then confirm the email address sent to you by the site. Mutya ng Dabaw official site.

To vote for my cousin, visit the this link Vote for Cherry Mae Mutya ng Dabaw

As what Mayor Elias B. Lopez, said in an interview long ago, "The concept of Mutya is not a beauty contest. It is our search for the symbol of our hopes and aspirations as Dabawenyos represented by the beauty and character of our ideal woman. The focus is not just on the woman, but more so on what the woman represents."

More photos of Cherry Mae Fernandez Maning

mutya ng dabawmutya davaomutya ng davao cherry mae maningmutya cherry mae maningmutya ng davaomutya ng davao

You wanna see more? Visit her fan page Cherry Mae Fernandez Maning Fan Page

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