Monday, March 17, 2008

Bloggers Mini EB at Brews Point

Little things really matter. That’s what I can say about my first met up with fellow bloggers here in Cebu. It started when I posted a topic at about a possible Eyeball with bloggers here in Cebu.

Total attendance was only 7, which includes me, it was not a big number actually, but it surely was not what I have expected. It was a nice start though. To name them, wil, rodel, von, tibor, agnes, maibe, and me.

It is amazing that these people not only love to blog and write much, but they also love to talk and share their experiences, knowledge, and ideas. The whole afternoon we were able to discuss about blogging, bloggers association in Cebu, how to promote traffic, tools to use, useful websites for bloggers, and many more.

Among that were discussed was the use of Entrecard, I surely learned a new thing about the eyeball, it gave additional traffic, additional connection with fellow bloggers that gave way to exchanging links.

It was a little event, an informal gathering that has contributed a good impact to my experience as a new blogger. I hope that was a good start for all of us. And to all that attended, I hope I will see you sooner in the future. May we have more gatherings to come. And may all of us not tire in helping new bloggers that may come before us.

More power to us all.


  1. cheers...hehe...

  2. wooooooo! hehe, wala ra. nag-una man gyud ko, wahehhe

    My Recap

  3. Hey, i'd like that.

  4. we are planning to have an EB again.. CBS EB, check out istorya on website category about bloggers


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