Friday, December 9, 2011

La Guardi Flat 2 now Pre-Selling Real Estate/Condo Unit in Cebu


Location: Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City


* Lobby and Reception area
* Two elevator units
* Indoor parking area
* Viewing roofdeck
* Fire alarm and sprinkler system
* CCTV system
* Commercial area for convenience shop, laundry service and internet cafe


* Finished walls and floors
* Tiled toilet and bath with bathroom fixtures
* Separate toilet and bath
* Private balcony

 For easy assistance/inquiries contact Francis at 09065120673.
For price list and payment terms download the PDF File here.
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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Empathy Needed from Comprehensive Annuity Plans and Pension Corp.(CAP Pension)

I happen to accompany a friend of mine to one of the CAP Offices here in Cebu for REGION VII located #60 Osmena Blvd., Cebu City. He was to follow up the pension left by his deceased father. Also to note that the sad thing was when I knew that the Pension matured 5 years ago and up until this day the Lump sum money he had been waiting for, for over 5 years, is still in the slightest chance that he would be able to claim it on time for the Holidays this 2011.

When we went there, we checked on the list for available checks posted outside, but his was not included. So we went inside and ask for assistance, one of the office staff approach him and escorted him in the office and reviewed all the papers he have with him. Sent a letter thru fax to their head office and ask him to follow up in a later date. All these office visits, phone calls, he has been doing for 5 years now.

My friend was dismayed because it was already the third time that this letter was faxed and every time he visited or called the office, the very same scenario happens. Still NO STATUS. How come? According to my friend, he already submitted all the necessary documents and filed the claim the year the pension matured way back 2006.

I hope that CAP Pension would give light in to this matter, since it is very very unusual for a money to be held this long. Just imagine putting yourself in his shoes, the money invested by his parent with full confidence of the company that he chose when he was still alive, are not able to meet the need of the beneficiaries.

Money on hold for a long time is being affected by inflation. It may worth much way back 2006 but if it will be released this year 2011 or next year perhaps, it wont have the same purchasing value compared to what it has 5 years ago. Also imagine the possibility of investing it business, that money would have gone far and indeed provide for the needs of my friend.

I visited CAP's website, The First and the Largest CAP FAMILY COMPANIES, and by the looks of their website and all the different services they offer, I don't believe that CAP would not be able to process his claim for this long. Maybe the filed claim was just over looked or misplaced, etc. whatever the reason, I hope CAP Pension would take this matter seriously and in the soonest possible time if they want to rebuild their company's reputation and most importantly provide the service they promised and fulfill their corporate philosophy.

To strive for excellence, to deliver satisfactory service, and to respect work associates.
- read the full CAP Credo on their website here.

For confidentiality purposes, I am not be able to publish the complete details of the account but Authorized CAP Pension representative could request via email

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