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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back Into Writing

I left you because I thought I would not need

The pen in my hands, the thoughts in my head

Where there exist a different light

Different days and different nights

There's never a moment lost in my mind

The thought of writing of any kind

Pretending as hard as i could

That someday I know i should

Would come again facing an essay

Where my mind shall once again say

That dear owner of this head

Release me back alive out of the dead

So someday you would realize

That Francis will summarize

Every word and every sentence

Out of all life's essence

You were born a poet and will live so

Writing as always part of the show

Poems that none may discover

But soon will uncover

Back into writing you come

The pen, the paper, the poem, here they come

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Monday, September 14, 2009

It’s raining in Cebu!

It’s raining in Cebu! Oh, how I love the rain. It reminds me of childhood. Play was all that matters. Rain also is a sign of blessing, a simple reminder to us that there is One Divine Being that reigns above us. From the sky to the ground, water as a necessity of life pours down in droplets from the sky. It is like the heavens sending life on Earth.

Not many people think that even the formation of water on the sky is a great mystery, although science can explain it, the water vapor gas rising on our atmosphere together with the needed low pressure, then precipitates and forming rain. But who then has the ability to command those molecules to behave that way? Who then can command the balancing of the clouds that causes a place to rain and the other place to not?

Imagine life without rain and without water. Every time it rains it reminds me that I am blessed, I am lucky enough to receive such gift. Although, the rain is oftentimes the reason why I go to work late. J

Thursday, February 26, 2009

8 Things Your Need to Put On Your Blog

8 Things you need to put on your blog

While I was blogging my way to a great blogger (hope the odds are not against me.) I have noticed some useful things that most bloggers put on their blog. Aside from the most important ones like the Post Title, the Title itself, or the Blog post / articles (this one I consider the most important of all.)

One similarity I usually see from all the great blogs out there is the Link Tab or Navigation bar. The navigation bar allows users or readers to go through your blog more easily. In this part of the blog, the blog owner can put links to the most important and most relevant things about his blog. There you can put links to a single post like an About Me tab or a link to a Category, a Disclaimer perhaps, etc.

The second important thing I notice and gives significance in making your subscribers grow is the Easy Subscription Notice or the One Click Subscription link similar to picture below. In this way, if the readers who come across your blog happen to like your post, he can easily click on the link and get updates from your blog. Having subscribed readers will give you better future traffic and most importantly will give a you a relationship between the readers.

Third is the Shoutbox or Chat Box, thru this your visitors can easily communicate with you, whether it be for exchanging links, a suggestion, or it could be just a simple note telling the blog owner that he happen to pass by. The benefit you could get with this is that it allows interaction with the people around your same endeavor. Fellow bloggers will then be able to leave links easily, which could give way to easy sharing of information.

Fourth is the Comment form. In this case, here in my blog, I made it more accessible to readers to just type-in their comment beneath each post to allow easy access. Comments are very important, since they measure how good your article is. You might not get comments easily in a day or two. But rest assure one will come by and might as well share something useful or just drop by and give you a greeting. Or perhaps he could leave a link to an additional information that might be useful to your readers which is also relevant to your post.

Fifth is the Sitemeter, all bloggers might be familiar about this. There are many ways to track website traffic. I got Sitemeter and Google Analytics to do the job for me. But it is Sitemeter that I use more often to have a look at incoming traffic with just a click or two. If I want more detailed reports then its Google Analytics that I turn to. Getting to know your traffic stats is very important. It will allow you to understand more about your blog. Which in turn, will allow you to discover your strengths and weaknesses in SEO. I don’t want to go down further with this topic because I know it would take one long post if I will go on, maybe on my coming posts.

Sixth, the Pagerank Icon. Almost every blog I’ve been reading always has its own Pagerank icon. For those who doesn’t know yet, a Pagerank icon shows the readers the Google’s view of the importance of the blog or website. 0/10 for the unranked and 10/10 for the highest. In my case its 3/10, which is fair enough for a newbie blogger like me. Its also a way to show-off to your readers and advertisers about the grade of your blog.

Seventh, the Community Icons. These icons in attractive colors are there to serve a number of useful things. One is, they are there because you need to put them, and otherwise you may get disqualified if you wont, for a service from their website or blogging community that you are using. And why do you think you need to join this blogging communities? You have there, MyBlogLog, Blogtoplist, Blogcatalog, Top Blogs, Million blog list, etc.

I really hate to put this images cause they will cause delays on loading time for your blog. But the benefits outweigh the negatives. These blogging communities are feed readers, they drive traffic to your site, and they will link to your blog and give votes on your page rankings, and most importantly get you connected to other bloggers and make your blog be discovered. Other than that they will make your blog look like a real blog and make it look more professional.

And lastly, so you thought I forgot, I consider this the “Meal of the Party”, the ADS, Adverts, Advertisements, etc. , they come in many different ways. Some are ad links, picture ads, a combination of both, etc. These are the most loved part of most bloggers, not all bloggers though, since there are also successful blogs without the advertisements that I know of. Pay per click advertisement is one of the most used ways of earning money online. They generate revenue, and help you pay your Internet bills, Hosting Fees, and the golden time you use to write articles. You have there, to name a few, Google Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Kontera, Chitika, Amazon, Nuffnang, Digxa, etc.

So that’s about it, the eight useful things you need to put on your blog, I wanted to elaborate more on each of the items, but I think it would require a whole post. Maybe I will write a separate post for each item in the future.

I hope I have shared enough information that might add to your knowledge as a blogger. On this post, The Eight Useful Things You Need To Put On Your Blog, I only described what you need to put on your blog that can be preceived virtually. There are also many integral blog parts that I need to discuss, like the Meta Tags, the Description Tag, the Title, etc.

If you have any good ideas that might be useful, please share it to me by commenting on this post. If you find this post useful please do subscribe to my blog by visiting this link here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Number 103 Post

My Number 103 Post

Wow! I can’t believe it my self, I finally made my 100 post, making this latest post of mine to mark the 103 post for this blog iStayl Sugbo (that does not include post from my other blogs.)

I started writing on this blog on the 29th of February 2008. iStayl Sugbo would be turning a year by month end. 100 articles and counting, many things have changed, many ideas have been shared. More power to iStayl Sugbo blog! Wohoo!

In my next post I will be discussing the necessary things to put in your blog. I will illustrate and explain why it is needed. So watch out for it, it might come in handy.

If you have any good ideas that might be useful, please share it to me by commenting on this post. If you find this post useful please do subscribe to my blog by visiting this link here.

Monday, February 23, 2009

How I View Blogging Ethics

I just received this email from a fellow blogger doing her thesis about Blogging Ethics.
This is my honest answers to the following questions. Any reactions are accepted.

Name (optional): Francis Daniel Maning
Age: 26
Location:Cebu Philippines
Blog Title and Category: iStayl Sugbo: A collection of Random Thoughts. Sushi Chef from Mizu Japanese Restaurant. Subscribe and get updates on new trends, useful stuff, and more..


A. On your personal ethical standards
1. What is your perception on ethics? Do you think you are applying it in your blogging activity? Why or why not?
Ethics refers to a properly defined guideline being used by an individual, in this case a blogger, which he could use somehow to make himself determine things from right or wrong. Follow what is acceptable and be a model of truth.

Yes, by doing so you would earn “Trust” from your readers, in turn you would get more subscribers.

2. What ethical standards do you apply in your blog? Do you currently follow any or a personal Code of Ethics?

Since my blog is not that complicated and have not reached its full potential yet, I am basing my ethical principles on my conscience, conformity with the law, fairness, and the passion of delivering quality information to readers.

3. If you were to draft your own Blogger’s Code of Ethics, what principles of ethics (example: honesty, accountability, truth, etc) will you include in it? Briefly elaborate on each and give examples on how you can show each principle.
If I were to draft my own bloggers code of ethics, I would base it on the Rotarians 4 way test.. ^_^

1. Is it the Truth?
Honesty and Fairness. A blogger should be honest and be fair in delivering information. Provide information as much as possible by disclosing and elaborating the source (if any). A blogger should not post untruthful and biased articles that might mislead and harm users. Also be accountable for the things that you write and always be ready for change and accept suggestions from readers.

2. Is it fair to all Concerned?
Always keep in mind, that everything you write might affect readers. A blogger should think about his social responsibility.

3. Will it build goodwill and better friendship?
A blogger should always be kind in writing articles. It should not provoke hate and discrimination. Nor it would cause harm between 2 parties, products, and personalities. Etc..

4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
A blog should be constructive and not destructive to the community.

4. Among the many blogging problems and ethical issues that arise now, which do you believe should be addressed?
There are many issues at hand that should be looked upon in the present time. But there is one deviation on ethical standards that a blogger should not practice. And that is how business individuals use blogs and bloggers to gain search engine rankings thru BUYING LINKS.

5. Personally, what do you think is the importance of having ethical standards in blogging?

Having ethical standards in blogging would give you confidence and to minimize the problems that you may encounter in the future.
B. On the Bloggers’ Code of Ethics

1. Have you come across any Bloggers’ Code of Ethics online? If so, what version is it? Answer: NONE

2. If not online, how did you learn about it? What was your primary reaction?

3. Do you agree with the provisions stated there, and the principles that were tackled?

4. Do you apply the Bloggers’ Code of Ethics in your blogging? Why and how do you apply it (through your language, designs, etc)?

5. Does the knowledge of the existing Bloggers’ Code of Ethics pressure you to follow it? Why?

6. Do you think it is necessary to have a Bloggers’ Code of Ethics? Is it really implementable? Why or why not?
Yes, the blogosphere needs to have a Bloggers’ Code of Ethics. Is not a question if its implementable or not. As of the moment, we should focus on creating a body that would implement it to start with.

7. Is it possible for the entire blogosphere to follow a single Bloggers’ Code of Ethics? Why or why not?
It depends upon the individual. I doubt that the whole blogging community will follow it. However, it would be nice to know that somebody would be starting it.

8. How do you think will a Bloggers’ Code of Ethics change the way bloggers blog? Or will it not affect anything?
If it affects a blogger in any way, for sure I see it as a long term investment. When you write quality blog, you get good results. If you follow the rules, everything will be fine.

9. What do you think is the relationship of Code of Ethics and freedom of expression?
That’s a very sensitive issue. However, I see no difference between both if they both serve the same purpose. For truth and fairness.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

16 Days of Blogging

16 Days of Blogging

"If you are a newbie in blogging and have just started to put up a blog and you need traffic. Its time to subscribe to my post and be updated. Follow me during my 16 days of blogging"
On February 23 up to March 10, 2009, I would be much active in blogging. My goal is to increase page visit, site traffic, number of feed subscribers, and Alexa ranking. During those 16 days, I would be creating useful content and utilize the top 500 searched keywords on the net.

Furthermore, if possible, I don’t know how hard it would be, I would try to do some research and eventually come up with a method on how to increase my Google Page Rank from Page Rank 3/10 to Page Rank 4/10. Just one number up, that is if Google would permit me. I have no idea if 16 days would be enough anyway; it’s worth a try.

Additionally, I would be posting some articles about what I would be doing during those 16 days. I would be mentioning some useful reference sites. Get to know some successful bloggers and learn their methods as well as techniques on how to increase traffic, increase Alexa page rank, increase Google ranking, and how to use search engines as a source of traffic. I would be getting advice from professionals; I would be watching video interviews from famous and credible webmasters.

I would be asking opinions and tips from fellow Cebuano bloggers on Search Engine Optimizations. Convince one or two personality from the Cebu Bloggers Society to write for iStayl Sugbo a short word of advice for newbie bloggers.

I would also include on my posts on how to start your own blog and provide step-by-step guidelines on the first things you need to do on your blog and make your way to the blogosphere. I would be posting an illustration comparing my previous traffic to the traffic I would be getting within those 16 days of blogging and would write about it and analyze the reports.

If you are a newbie in blogging and has just started to put up a blog. It is time to subscribe to my posts and be updated. Follow me during my 16 days of blogging, starting February 23 up to March 10, 2009. By following my blog you would be able to gain ideas on how to increase your blog traffic and rank your pages on search engines.

For professional webmasters reading this post, it is also a time for you to share your ideas and help fellow bloggers to become a successful blogger. You can share your thoughts on the posts that I would be making by commenting on each article. You can also be an author on this blog and give ideas, tips, and opinions regarding search engine optimizations.

So subscribe now and accompany me on my 16 days of blogging. Create your very own “16 days of blogging” too and see your blog improve and get this sense of fulfillment every time you open up the reports and seeing your blog traffic increase by time.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Oozing Ideas – The Oozman Blog

learn Oozing Ideas – The Oozman Blog

Looking for a blog that would help you with programming tweaks, tell you about the latest technologies, all about Joomla blog, or even show you Magic tricks!

Try visiting, sharing to you his Oozing ideas on different topics. His blog focuses on Information Technology and Web Programming while sidelining with random write-ups. You can also easily contact the Blog Owner by clicking on the Request Here and Contact Me tab to simply hand in your thoughts to him or request something you might need.

What I like about this site is its readability, cool Wordpress template, a natural blog writer, and a good library for computer terms. Go checkout Oozman’s blog and see for yourself.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Artificial Traffic vs Content Driven Traffic

Artificial Traffic vs Content Driven Traffic

In this post, I would like to share with you a little idea of mine that might work in increasing your blog traffic. I am not an expert in SEO, but there is one technique that I guess might work for you if you are still starting your blog.

That is to write, write, write, and write. Create volume content. Write new post as long as you can. Give your blog a post each day. By creating newer content will give you a higher chance that your blog be ranked on search engines. In turn you will be gaining natural traffic from search engines, which is a good idea.

Avoid using techniques that would give your blog artificial traffic, like auto surfing, card dropping, etc. Although I am not really against that, since some web masters still claim that it would also help you increase your Alexa traffic ranking, although artificially.

I have done that too and indeed it surely gave my blog an Alexa Traffic rank of 750,000. But when I decided to stop because I was tired of it, my Alexa rank dropped to 2,000,000.

Having a 2million Alexa traffic rank is not a good sight, but it is the truth. Too far from the artificial 750,000. So if I were you, don’t give your blog a LIE Traffic. Now I’m on my way to doing my best to increase my Alexa page ranking naturally thru my posts.

Below is a Graph showing the unique site visit of As you can see in the illustration, on the month of April, I started to learn acquiring traffic from auto surf, card dropping, blog hopping, etc. Traffic gained was amazing, it went to over 2,000 unique page visits for the month of April, however, I stopped doing it because all I see from the referrals was more from these artificial traffic generating sites. Which, doesn’t sound fulfilling on my part.

(note: as of February 12, 2009)

By the month of September, blog traffic went back to its normal/natural 100 unique visits each month. Doesn’t sound good, disappointed, and discouraging. However, I realized when I looked at the referrals on the report, it showed that most traffic sources are from search engines, which gave me an idea that if only I could create content that might interest search engine users, then I could increase my traffic.

Since then, starting the month of October, I began creating useful posts, not to mention attractive post that plays well on search engines. As you can see on the graph, site visits are going up. Not a good number yet, but it is assured that readers do come to my blog and there is an improvement since the day I started my blog.

If you have any good ideas that might be useful, please share it to me by commenting on this post. If you find this post useful please do subscribe to my blog by visiting this link here.

Free IPhone Themes Download

Free IPhone Themes Download

If you find it hard looking for Free iPhone Themes Download on search engine, your search ends here. I came upon 1 reliable iPhone Theme site for free downloads. Just visit the link or click the picture to direct you to the site for your free iPhone Themes Download.

I hope you will find the site useful. If you also have others sites that you can recommend, please do leave it here on the comments.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

How to become a successful blogger?

How to become a successful blogger?

In the pursuit of becoming a real Blogger, like most blogs I envy. Questions prompted my mind, how do I become a successful blogger? How will my blog be known to the world? How will I gain traffic like most other blogs do? How will I monetize thru my blog?

In my constant search for answers, there is one real truth that I have uncovered. What really separates good blogs from the rest is its “Content”. It is already proven that useful content drives traffic. Choose a topic that might interest other people. Write about something other people don’t do. Create some interest in the things you write. Write in your own words and don’t imitate anybody, be natural. Provide as much information as you can. Put up illustrations or pictures that might entice readers.

I believe that content alone could give you page rankings, however, as I have noticed it is also important to build and maintain a good linking network. Do blog hopping and make friends thru chat boxes in each blog. Ask for link exchange, until such time that your pages will be crawled.

Successful bloggers use keywords that are relevant to the topic at hand, repeat them over in your post but not to the extent that your post may look funny because of repeated keywords. It is also advisable to stick in to one kind of topic, or you can create posts that are related with each other.

A successful blogger must also be patient and be satisfied of the little achievements that he would be making. Don’t rush things and always put in mind that you are blogging for the purpose of sharing information, make friends, be part of the community, make a difference thru the things you write and be heard, earning money online should come next. If you think that way, you will be surprised of the results.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Download Free PSP Games

Download Free PSP Games

Finding trouble looking for that Free PSP Games Download? Most of us are. So go get your free PSP Games download on the web. Download free games for your PSP. IStayl Sugbo is here to help you get that free PSP download.

Follow the link below. Come back and tell us what you think about the site. You can also comment on this post if you have another reliable Free PSP Games Download website.

Please recommend to us your Free PSP Download Website by commenting on this page since finding real Free PSP download is very hard over the Internet. Your suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

E-mail Address Extractor / Harvester

E-mail Address Extractor or Email Harvester

Extract E-mail addresses on a website by simple putting the URL or web address. You can also Copy any web page and paste it on the form then click parse email to extract all email addresses.

Just follow this link or click the picture to direct you to the Email Extractor - Harvester.

I hope you will find this simple HTML programming useful to you. A very handy and easy to use Email Extractor or Email Harvester. Please leave your comments. Thank you.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How to add Most Popular Post in Blogger Widget (Most Commented)

How to add Most Popular Post in Blogger Widget (Most Commented)

After you have set up your blog, most of the finishing touches to do is to put a widget on your blogspot / blogger blog containing your most popular post. You can see a sample on the lower right part of this blog. Your most popular posts are those post which contains the most comment or reactions from readers. Hence, in this case, its not the traffic that counts that makes the post popular.

How do you do this? Open up your blogger dashboard, go to page elements then add a gadget on a place where you desire to place the popular post. Click on add Html/Javascript, a pop-up will open for you. Input your desired title, it could be Popular Post, Most Commented, Most Talked, etc. Now copy the code below and paste it on the window, change the capitalized with your own blogname. Don’t touch the capital “F”, it stays there. And the number 5 with how many post you would like to show.

<script type="text/javascript">
function pipeCallback(obj) {
document.write('<ol style="text-transform: capitalize;">');
var i;
for (i = 0; i < obj.count ; i )
var href = "'" obj.value.items[i].link "'";
var item = "<li>" "<a href=" href ">"
obj.value.items[i].title "</a> </li>";
<script src="

I hope you will find this post useful. Don’t forget to comment.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cebu Bloggers Society

As of the moment, CBS membership roll is composed of:

Aileen Estoquia of Sunchoke
Airish Alombro Freelance Ranger
Agnes Jimenez of Empress of Drac
Andrew Buenaviaje of Doyzkie
Aldwin Joseph P. Tabasa of A Loner on the Lose
Allahn Joyce Bensali of In Search for You
Alexis Noel Hynson of Computer Tips
Atty. Ethelbert B. Ouano of E. Transcripts
Bluerem23 of It’s all in the mind
Bluerem23 of iStayl Sugbo Blog
Cherie Descartin of Cherish Vintage
Clarence of Dahong Laya
Chitgoks of Disney & Travel
Debbie P. Rojonan of JabbeRedOnion
Errol Duazo of Kalandrakas
Febryl Lor Zulla of the only words allowed
G|u|a|d|a of Shy-Type
Gerrymie D. Tampus of Miong and Marque
Gil Villamater of Travelling Polander
Icymar Tagimacruz of Kreative Mynds
Jonathan Obera of
Jorich Ponio of Beyond-the-Norms
Joseph Vernon Go of I.E. Student
Kevin Ray N. Chua Kevin Ray Chua
Kevin Ray N. Chua Marroxas2010
Kevin Ray N. Chua WhyMarRoxas
Lance of Soulsearching
Maria Theresa Layasa of My Secret chamber
Mark Abitona Get a Life
Mark Monta of BugITs
Mark Monta of E.U.T.S.
McBilly of
Mechelle Zapanta of Anay Butakal
Mikyu Maglasang of iFancy
Nick Nichelle Dael of
Tiborsho of Tiborsho’s World
Orville Tadle of Downloader
Patric Torres of Irate Spectator
Paul Villacorta of Super Paul
Prince Ryan Gilig of Penpen de Sarapen
Renalyn Espiritu of BRIGHT Art Class
Reynold T. Salceda Monkeetech
Rodel of
Reuel de Egurrola of Merely my Opinion
Pinoy Blogger of Pinoyworld
Sinjin of
Simon of Debugging my Life’s Core Dump
Simon of Rock, Paper, Scissors
Vanjohnn of Akong Iro (My Dog)
Vincent of Isles Tech
Wilhelmina Sarawi of Miss Wilhelmina
Winston of Batang Yagit
Wsarawi of Chillaxin’
Xerxes Bernandez of Obnoxiousqueer
Zenia Mai Enriquez of Zenia Mai
Zigfred Diaz of

post courtesy of Pinoyworld

Monday, November 10, 2008

Bloggers Unite to Unite Refugees

Bloggers Unite to Unite Refugees

Today, November 10, bloggers from all over the world unite to share one common goal, that is to raise awareness and help in the problem of the growing number of refugees and doing the best to reunite them with their lost families.

Bloggers Unite

Blog Catalog together with Refugees United is using the blogosphere as a tool in disseminating information. Making each blog counts as the need for knowledge in this particular area of humanitarian service. I encourage every blogger out there to join this information drive, 11-10-08 Refugees United day.

Refugees United is a non-profit organization helping refugees relocate family and friends.

Refugees United provides refugees with an anonymous forum to reconnect with missing family. By registering with nick- names, scars, former locations and other markers only identifiable to family and close friends, everyone can remain 'invisible' to all but relatives.
· All refugees are welcome, regardless of conflict, place or time.
· Refugees United is an independent, non-political, non-religious NGO.
· No third party is involved. No official papers need to be filled in.
· The service is free of charge and easy to use.

Please note: Refugees United does not provide physical reunification.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Digital Filipino at Treatro Casino Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino

Digital Filipino at Treatro Casino Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino

The event was a total success!

Over 100 participants joined the event, and among those were the Cebu Bloggers Society. Sponsored by PAGCOR, foods from Port Seafood of Waterfront Hotel was amazing and more than enough to satisfy, plus a background of quality variety music! All that for free!

PAGCOR showed us a video presentation showcasing their humble history and how PAGCOR changed thru time and how the corporation actively funded programs for the government.

The Cebu Bloggers Society’s presence, I think, were much felt because we all came with the same kind of shirt, hence we were all I uniform. Among were my good old friends from, Wilhilmina, Pinkdimension (Rodel), Empress, and some other bloggers, which I know by face.

Because of this event I was able to acquaint myself with fellow bloggers, shared some good insights, tips and know-hows. More power to the Digital Filipino and the Cebu Bloggers Society!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

How do bloggers make money? Earning money online

I supposed you have already read about my previous post describing what is a blog.

The next step would be introducing to you the most common and easiest way to monetize your blog. Knowingly or not you have may have already viewed hundreds or thousands of these.

Why I say common? You might not notice it but everytime you view a webpage, or a specific site, it is always present (although not all).

Why I say easy? It is easy because all you have to do is create an account, write your blog and copy & paste the html codes.

What I am talking about is a program called Adsense from Google. It is free to sign up and all you have to do is wait for the application to be approved (before getting an account with adsense it is advisable to create your blog first, post your first 2 to 3 posts). Putting it on your blog is easy, you just copy and paste the html codes that are provided by adsense. And what makes it even easier is that Blogger (blogspot where this blog is hosted) have already automated adding adsense to your blog. Another thing is, all the ads that would be displayed on your blog will be related to the topics of what the reader is viewing.

Once you have your ads posted on your blog, all you have to do now is wait for your readers to visit your site and click on those ads. But, always remember, never click on the ads on your blog or else your account with Adsense will be disabled. All clicks made from your site are recorded and analyzed by the Adsense Team, and if they find something suspicious about those clicks, you will be banned from the Adsense Program. Also, never tell or instruct your friends or anybody to click on those ads.

Adsense payouts are done thru check, fund transter, and their new way the Western Union money transfer.

I hope I have contributed to your knowledge regarding this topic. If you have any questions, just click on the Forum tab on top, register there and post your questions on the Website reviews.

Entrecard Temporarily Unavailable

Entrecard Temporarily Unavailable

Entrecard is temporarily unavailable. I checked my widget early this morning and found out that they are not appearing at all. Also slowing the loading time of my pages. I visited the site Entrecard.Com and is temporarily unavailable.


There was a fire at our datacenter resulting in the failure of some of our systems, our database server appears to be offline still, we're working on it and we're really sorry about the issues at this time. more information arriving shortly.
Served from s02

For those who were not informed, I also received this email.


Unfortunately, there has been an electrical fire at the data center housing Entrecard's servers. The servers have not been damaged, but the site may be down for as long as 12 hours.

Entrecard is hosted with ThePlanet, and this fire has effected over 9000 websites, as many of the world's most popualar websites are hosted with ThePlanet. They are working around the clock to get their data center back online, and we are hoping that they get it back online fast.

Thank you for your pateince and understanding with this rare and frustrating problem. Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing we can do but wait for The Planet to get their datacenter back online.

Please check back with Entrecard in 12 to 24 hours.

Entrecard Team

We will just hope that Entrecard will be back as soon as possible.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Comcast.Net – Hacked?

Comcast.Net – Hacked?

I can’t believe it myself when I visited the site and it said its currently under construction and coming soon. Many believe that they are fixing up many things with regards to their security on passwords. In my personal opinion, I don’t believe they are so. Maybe they’re just doing some regular maintenance of some sort.

However, it is also important of having a unique and very hard to get password, because even such a big and well-known websites are not immune to hackers.

For all Comcast users, it’s good to know that the site is up and running again.

However, I seem to notice, instead of the home page appears at with the "a" on the address.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here goes the The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008

Here goes the The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008

by Ms. Jannete Toral.

Who can join?

  • Any blogger in the world. Only one entry per blogger.
    • Blog or website owner profile and e-mail is accessible or visible online.

To join this effort, please do the following:

  • Write a blog post and pick your choice of 10 (or less) emerging influential blogs.
    • Any blog in the world can be picked.
      • You can update the same post entry up to July 26. However, please inform us of any changes.
    • Old blogs who move to a new domain are disqualified
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To view the whole article here is the link
 The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008

Influential Blogger: The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008

Well, I still have to think about my choices. You can leave a comment and promote your blog or friend’s blog here.

Here are my 2 bets for the Influencial blogger Top 10.. -

Mar Roxas for President by 2010 this is what this blog is talking about. Oras Na! Roxas Na! Early campaign for Mar Roxas presidency, another example of how blogs can be useful. -

Of course, most bloggers already know about this blog and how it stirred up the blogosphere. Not only did it caught the attention of the media here in the Philippines but also all around the world. It also signifies how a blog could be used as a powerful tool.

Definitely something worth reading. Nice template and nice posts. Informative and interesting blog. A good example of quality blogging.
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