Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hey smoker

Government Warning: Cigarette Smoking is dangerous to your health!

This warning are seen on every cigarette packs here in the Philippines. Yet, no matter the warning given by the government, cigarette smoking is still very rampant here in the Philippines, and the saddest thing is the young people of our nation are easily get addicted into it.

Why is that? Is it maybe because majority of the people here in the Philippines wont buy packs of cigars, they settle buying for per sticks, that they wont be able to see the warnings themselves. That’s a funny thing.

In my own opinion, there are many factors that would contribute to an early start of smoking amongst the youth. One is, the parents themselves. It is more likely that a teen would smoke if the parents themselves puff cigars. Another is the influence teenagers get from school, barkadas, and friends. The teen may do this to fit in a particular group or association of friends that would somehow make them look cool. It could also be a form of rebellion towards their parent when they are dissatisfied for the attention that they need.

In a teenagers’ life, it is very easy nowadays to get into smoking, but not as easy to get out of. My advices, for teenagers planning to smoke, don’t do it, to the smokers? When will you stop? Until it’s to late that there will come a time that you will long for air? Or worse yet, you will just wait to die? Hehehe.. No offense smokers!


  1. When I was a teenager, everybody smoked. Celebrities and movie stars smoked and I wanted to be like the beautiful women in Hollywood.

    Sigh. Now, 40 years later, I have been trying to stop smoking for 7 years. It is very very hard and I am so angry that I started when I was so young. I hate seeing young people smoke.

  2. It is really sad, they feel they enjoy it, but d fact will always be that it wont do any good to them at all..


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