Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Manny Pacquiao Richest Boxer in the Philippines

Winning once again against Mexican boxer Juan Marquez, snatching the WBC super featherweight crown. It was not an easy fight, Marquez manage to score high against Pacquiao, however, Manny knocked him down on the third round giving it a crucial impact on Manny’s win.

“5.5 million dollars” that’s more or less 230 million pesos! That was the overall total of what our boxing icon, Manny Pacquiao, earned says Freddie Roach. Making Manny Pacquiao the richest boxer of all time here in the Philippines.

And there is more to come if he would accept Marquez’s 3rd rematch. That would surely be more than the last bout. And it doesn’t stop there yet, Freddie Roach said, Manny will be going up to 135 pounds and do some box sweep on the WBC lightweight division.

I guess the last fight was just a beginning of more fights to come for Pacquiao. More excitement for the Filipino people as we, thru Manny, raise our pride as a Filipino.

1 comment:

  1. Number 1, he could well use his money to feed one barangay in Cebu.
    Number 2, he's just too stuck up to care anymore.


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