Tuesday, April 15, 2008

When Love Waits

To get you away from me is the thing I regret for in my life. I took your love for granted, and all I'm dreaming now is to have a second chance. A second chance for love. A second chance to love you again. To make you feel that you are loved. And even though I don't show it all the time, I am the person that is constantly loving you. You will always have my heart.

Everyday and every night, I long for your presence near. Waking up everyday, hoping in seeing your smile. Day by day, in my every wake, and when I look and you are not there, I just close my eyes and fold my neck, and imagine that you’re right there beside me. Making me feel I am attached to you. I may look as though I am a strong man, but the thing that's true is I am getting weaker everyday as I waited for your return.

I just want to be with you, I don't know if all my life I will wait. Waiting and waiting, trying to forget the unforgettable you. Like a melody that plays in my head, no matter how hard I try not to sing it, I kept on humming its tune. I don't know if to wait for you is the best thing to do, I really have no idea. When I am faced with difficult questions, I don't give up until I find its answers. But this question of uncertainty, of doubt, I can’t find the answers to it. And even though I know it is futile to wait, I just kept on waiting and waiting.

Is this Love that keeps me holding on to a love lost? If so, when will this love burn in time and fade away? Until I have no more strength left in me? Or until my heart beats no more?

A post for Rosemien Gongob

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Lost Wizard

Wizards, as we all know exists only in fantasy, online games, books, stories, etc. But once upon a time there was this man forgotten in history, a real life wizard. Only few of us know he existed, but every day we come in contact with his contributions in our modern day world.

He is a man who dedicated his whole life to contribute to mankind and have made our lives a lot easier today. The man is Nikola Tesla. This video is dedicated to him, in honor of his great mind and his unequaled dedication and passion for the development of mankind.

Take a moment to watch this video.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Corporate Blogging

As bloggers all know, there are already a large number of bloggers here in the Philippines. Blogs such as tech blogs, personal thoughts, food blogs, celebrity blogs, etc.. However, when it comes to corporate promotions, you could only point a few blogsites.

Corporate blogging in the Philippines is still in its infancy stage. What I mean is, not most companies here in the Philippines, utilize the search engine and the Internet to draw more customers, gain reputations, and of course raise sales.

Business enterprise should utilize the power of blogging. Considering the growth speed of information technology here in the Philippines and how most Filipinos rely on the Internet, endorsing a particular product or service would be easy. Blogging also reaches different market levels.

Companies should take this opportunity in the earliest possible time, since there are still few companies who have started; maybe it is the time they should take a different look on their business.

Who knows, one day, each business will hire a blogger to optimize blogs, create buzz, and gain traffic. What can you say about that?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Pregnant Man - Interview by OPRAH

Watch the latest interview with the pregnant man, Thomas Beatie, on Oprah. According to him, he felt a great loss when he lost his mother when he was still 12 years old.

Watch the video:

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Pregnant Man

Believe it or not, Thomas Beatie, 34 year old and happily married man, is six months pregnant, doing the job of pregnancy for his wife, Nancy, who can’t have a child as of the moment.

Although Thomas Beatie was born a girl, he has undergone Double Mastectomy and has taken male hormones that made him look like a real man. During the process, he decided to keep his female genitals with him. A lucky decision in fact, now that the couple wanted to have a child, he could use his as a spare.

His pregnancy, according to his OB-GYNE, is normal. Mr. Thomas is expecting a baby girl.

Playboy in the Philippines - A change in the Philippines' image

Playboy, an American adult magazine company, has just launched its Philippine copies. This would be a mark of another change in the image of the Philippines as a nation. Although indirectly, but I’m sure it will receive many criticisms and may even trigger protests. Not to mention the would-be reaction from the Catholic Church and the women societies.

Things do change in time. Launchings like these would have not been permitted if this had happened 10 years before our time.

The Philippine issues, however, wont show full frontal nudity as promised by its editors, “We’re adjusting it to local conditions” says Editor-In-Chief Beting Laygo Dolor. As Playboy had already ran into difficulties way back April 2006 on Indonesia, when their operations were temporarily suspended because of Muslim Protest against their magazines.

With Playboy’s brand name on the market, surely many readers would be already lining up for a copy. Not only for the Masculine Minded individual but I am sure many curious minds would grab one at least.

Where is the bunny?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sushi Chef Francis at your service!

Im Sushi Chef Francis at your service!

Making and preparing sushi has been my way of life now for years. Making your own sushi is easy, however, to be in par with the standards and cope up with ever changing trends, one must master the art of sushi making.

Different techniques should be learned, new ideas should be discovered and continually enhance your experience (that is to listen to people's advice and comments).

Sushi is a delicately prepared food, made of vinegared rice, topped with ingredients like fish, fruits, and vegetables (cooked or uncooked).

There are various types of sushi, however the most well known are the Nigiri Sushi and Maki Sushi.

Nigiri Sushi is a hand-formed clumps of sushi rice topped with desired topping of fish, vegetable, fruit, and sometimes it could be a mixture of stuff.

Maki Sushi is sushi rice rolled using a bamboo maki matt with choice of stuffing inside (seafood, meat, fruit, or vegetables), then cut into bite size pieces.

Tubbataha Reef & Chocolate Hills

Let us all Filipinos support and vote for our very own wonders of nature that has been nominated on http://www.new7wonders.com/.

Let us all cast our votes. All votes counts, lets do this to help our tourism industry.

We need to be included in the top 7 to have a place in the new 7 wonders of the world. If we get the chance to be included, it would be a big positive impact on our tourism industry.

Tubbataha Reef:
Tubbataha Reef is an atoll coral
reef in the Sulu Sea that belongs to the Philippines. It is a marine sanctuary protected as Tubbataha Reef National Marine Park. The reef is composed of two atolls, North and South Reefs. Each reef has a single small islet that protrudes from the water. The atolls are separated by a deep channel 8 kilometers wide. Over one thousand species, including many that are endangered, can be found at on the reef. These include manta rays, lionfish, tortoises, clownfish and sharks.

Chocolate Hills:

The Chocolate Hills is an unusual geological formation in Bohol, Philippines. It is composed of around 1,268 perfectly cone-shaped hills, all about the same size, spread over an area of more than 50 sq km The hills are covered in green grass that turns brown during the dry season, giving them the name "Chocolate Hills."

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Cebu Forum: iStayl Sugbo: Scam exposed by blogging - The Brian Garrell Story

Cebu Forum: iStayl Sugbo: Scam exposed by blogging - The Brian Garrell Story

Scam exposed by blogging (Edited due to legal reasons)

I have just watched a news on our local TV network ABS CBN Tv Patrol about an Australian guy. He wrote on his blog, about him being victimized by a Filipino socialite. In his blog he wrote on how he desperately wants his money back after selling his estate on Australia just to send it to his boyfriend. The $70,000 money was intended to open a restaurant and a travel agency in the Philippines. Only to know in the end that he was victimized by his boyfriend and is nowhere to be found, running away with his money. He also named a number of personalities that are connected with his ex-boyfriend, also addressing the issue to a local newspaper, wherein his boyfriend used to work, even sending letters to its president.

Included in his blog was how his boyfried satisfied his cocaine dependency using his money and getting large amounts of credits from other people, who his boyfriend was unable to pay. The turn of events on how he lost his money. How he handled the situation and how he handled himself in the situation.

I don’t want to comment much about this issue cause, I myself don’t know each side’s story. All I can say is it is a lesson that we should put in our minds. Everyone should think that the Internet is not a safe place, especially if money is involved.

Furthermore, because of blogging and using blogs as our tool, we can raise the awareness for these kinds of exploitations. It is amazing how powerful a blog could be used as a tool and influence people, in a good way.

To read more about it just search for Brian Gorrell .

If you find this post offensive in some way. You can notify the author thru email blurem23@yahoo.com

Watch the video:

Gabby Concepcion – The Comeback

After decades away from the country and away from showbiz, the actor signed a two-year contract for ABS – CBN. This contract gives him projects both the television programs and film movies. Being away from the country did not excuse him from the intrigues happening here in the Philippines and has been a subject for discussions and humors. One of which was his controversial snub for the text messages of Ms. Jolina Magdangal when their supposed movie was canceled.

There have been hearsays about a movie that he would be making, teaming up with his daughter though. Surely it would attract many fans from father and daughter alike.

Concepcion’s new manager, Rose Flaminiano known as Mommy Rose in the showbiz industry, said that a new soap opera is already readied for him on ABS – CBN.

Will Gabby Concepcion have the same appeal that he had way back the 90’s? We don’t know yet, but considering Gabby’s credible acting skills, the undead charisma that he has for the fans, and his commitment to the showbiz industry is surely a plus factor for a new start in his career.

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