Monday, March 31, 2008

Half Cup Less - Philippine Rice Shortage

As of the moment, in disbelief I wondered how did this happen? I’m hearing about a rice shortage? My goodness. The Philippines is a rice eating country. Although we don’t export rice, the Philippines is considered one of the biggest rice producers in the world. And it is so ironic that the people now are advised to eat half of the rice they used to eat, which is, a bad thing. Considering Philippines supposedly has an agricultural economic set-up. Our lands are fertile and we have farmers. Maybe it is the price we pay for neglecting our agricultural necessities. The government is too complacent about putting enough focus on agrarian reforms, additional research and machineries, farmer support, etc. Now we have come to a point wherein everyone is affected. And the people who suffer the most are the poor who rely on rice. That includes my family, friends and me.

PROMDI - Probinsya Muna Development Initiative

If PROMDI or Probinsya Muna Development Initiative by Lito Osmeña have been pushed thru and implemented we might have avoided this scenario. If there was only a person who embodied this ideal about concentrating on the development on the outskirts or in the provinces by creating projects that would develop and utilize resources effectively and in a cost efficient way. Things like better road access, financial supports, additional training, community programs, or the Philippines could ask large business institutions to adapt-a-rice-field of some sort and giving them tax excemption benefits. Sounds crazy but any nice idea would do.

Eating Noodles

Eating instant noodles instead of rice, that is what the higher officials in the government are advising. This is a funny thing. Maybe they don’t know that we, the poor people, pair rice with noodles! Especially in the morning. Not just because it is easy to prepare but also because it is affordable. Everytime we need a soup to sip we always buy noodles. It also gives a feeling of being full in the stomach eventhough what was eaten was not nutritionally adviceable.

All I can say is, the government should take the necessary initiative. Study the agircultural system of the top rice exporting countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and even the U. S. A.

Oh, im sad, naiiyak na ako sa pinas. The Philippines makes me wanna cry.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Congratulations to our new lawyers!



Congratulations to those who successfully passed the 2007 Philippine Bar Examinations. After months of waiting, the Supreme Court finally released the results of the examination just yesterday, March 29, 2008.

These are the Top Ten Bar examination passers:

ONA, Mercedita L. – 1st
ONG, Jennifer T. - 2nd
MAALAT, Yvanna DL. – 3rd
ACLAN, Jennie C. – 4th
GALAURAN, John Michael S. - 5th
CANULLAS, Karen S. - 6th
MEJIA, Cecille L. - 7th
TIZON, Sheryl Ann D. – 7th
FUA, Marforth T. – 8th
LUY, Ruby M. - 9th
LLIDO, Christian B. – 10th
TAN, Vivian S. – 10th


1. ABALUS, Karen Anne M.
3. ABARQUEZ, Carlo E.
4. ABDULLAH, Princess Shanihar A.
5. ABELLA, Johanna R.
6. ABISO, Meriame Joy D.
7. ABLOLA, Maricez J.
8. ABUNDABAR, Rhys Michael S.
9. ACEDILLO, Noelle T.
10. ACENA, Anna Cecilia D.
11. ACERET, Shantel P.
12. ACERO, Francis Euston R.
13. ACHARON, Paolo Jay S.
14. ACHAS, Anne Lourdes R.
15. ACLAN, Jennie C.
16. ACOSTA, JR., Isagani S.
17. ADIN, Fatima Irene T.
18. ADIOVA, Agnes Z.
19. ADLAO, Joyce P.
20. ADRIOSULA, Dino M.
21. AFRICA, Cecille Marie A.
22. AGAMATA, Abraham A.
23. AGDA, JR., Victoriano T.
24. AGONCILLO, Gildu R.
25. AGOR, Cesar A.
26. AGPAOA, Magnum D.
27. AGTARAP, Jeffrey M.
28. AGUAVIVA, Ma. Aileen G.
29. AGULAY, JR., Norberto S.
30. AGUNOS, Farah C.
31. AGUSTIN, Oliver P.
32. AGUSTIN, Ronesito B.
33. AKILITH, Joseph A.
35. ALAGABAN, Cherilee B.
36. ALAPOT, Jeofrey R.
37. ALAYON, Marivic M.
38. ALBAO, Ismael A.
39. ALBAYTAR, Mylene C.
40. ALCASABAS, Ramon Manolo A.
41. ALDOVINO, Farah A.
42. ALEJANDRE, Maria Zenaida F.
43. ALEJANDRO, Elsie A.
44. ALFONSO, Maria Kathrina C.
45. ALFONSO, Ramon M.
46. ALILING, Jose Percival Z.
47. ALIMA, Joel A.
48. ALINAO, Michael A.
49. ALINAS, Milber G.
50. ALINOG, Joanah C.
51. ALIPAO, Ligaya G.
52. ALIPUDDIN, Jamecia S.
53. ALIÑO, Dennis C.
54. ALMAZORA, Madelyn Joy S.
55. ALMEDA, John Voltaire A.
56. ALMODAL, Jezebel L.
57. ALOJADO, Rommero O.
58. ALONG, Angela Sigrid J.
59. ALONTE, Ruby Christine C.
60. ALONTO, II, Abdul Gaffur Madki M.
61. ALONZO, Angelita B.
62. ALTAMIA, Eden M.
63. ALVAERA, Joseph Vincent B.
64. ALVAREZ, Ethel L.
65. ALVAREZ, Katrina Anne F.
66. ALVAREZ, Mercedes K.
67. ALVIAR, Myrvilen L.
68. AMADA, Aileen E.
69. AMATONG, Aldren Raye A.
70. AMBATALI, Marian Kristine V.
71. AMOLATA, Apple Cherrie S.
72. AMPARO, Maria Lourdes G.
73. AMPON, Dennis R.
74. ANARNA, Jinky Y.
75. ANCHETA, Ari N.
76. ANDAYOG, Michael S.
77. ANG, Alli T.
78. ANGEL, Joseph Angelo D.
79. ANGELES, Anna Asuncion P.
80. ANGELES, Ela DV.
81. ANGUSTIA, Joseph Domingo M.
82. ANICETE, Alexander Philip C.
83. ANILLO-JACINTO, Ma. Cristina P.
84. ANONGOS, Juliana N.
85. ANTONANO, Essy Genebelle B.
86. ANTONIO, Dan David Vincent D.
87. ANTONIO, Giovanni J.
88. ANTONIO, Michelle M.
89. ANTONIO, Rowena A.
90. APOLINARIO, Anissa P.
91. APOLINARIO, Odilon A.
92. APOLONIO, Katherine G.
93. APOLONIO, III, Alfonso A.
94. APOSTOL, JR., Manolito M.
95. APRUEBO, Violet M.
96. AQUINO, Aristotle R.
97. AQUINO, Loly C.
98. AQUINO, Ma. Carina A.
99. AQUINO, Mary Ann Gretchen U.
100. AQUINO, Noe T.
101. AQUINO-BUÑO, Mimi L.
102. ARBUES, Christian M.
103. ARCEGA, Cesar Arnel M.
104. ARCENAS, Ernie B.
105. ARCHIVAL, Al John M.
106. ARCOS, Dante L.
107. ARDAÑA, Benju V.
108. ARENAS, Maria Diana S.
109. AREVALO, Edgard A.
110. ARIMBOYUTAN, JR., William D.
111. ARIOLA, Rendey D.
112. ARITAO, Benjamin Lawrence P E.
113. ARRIOLA, Roy J.
114. ARSITIO, Robin R.
115. ARUGAY, Roman C.
116. ASCALON, Maki-angel O.
117. ASENCIO, Valentina J.
118. ASENCION, Lincoln R.
119. ASERIT, Ma. Girlie B.
120. ASETRE, Ivy V.
121. ASINAS, Neilster Jon S.
122. ASPA, Franz Raymond P.
123. ASTIH, Pakhruddin M.
124. AURELLANA, Rinchel E.
125. AUSTRIA, Norman B.
126. AVANCE, Candy T.
127. AYSON, JR., Ruben S.
128. BACAL, Noel G.
129. BACALLA, Noel O.
130. BACELONIA, Joy Anne V.
131. BACONGA, Saturnino N.
132. BACORRO, Lianne M.
133. BADIOLA, Alan V.
134. BAGALOYOS, Anne Jamaica E.
135. BAGUIO, Mario P.
136. BAJA, Mariel D.
137. BAKINO, Suseyline M.
138. BALA, Jerwin D.
139. BALANAY, Ruena D.
140. BALAO-AS, John B.
141. BALAOING, Emman B.
142. BALBA, Jennifer M.
143. BALBANERO, Michael A.
144. BALDO, Ma. Aimee E.
145. BALDONADO, Neil Energyte G.
146. BALDOS, Catherine A.
147. BALEIN, Mignonette Emelaine Gail D.
148. BALO, Ted Andrew M.
149. BALOT, Dexter M.
150. BALTAO, Kimberly May F.
151. BALUYOT, Rosario R.
152. BAMBO, Ulysses G.
153. BANAUAG, Boris Maria T.
154. BANAWA, Frayn M.
155. BANAYBANAY, Clarissa Idris G.
156. BANTILAN, JR., Paterno T.
157. BAQUILOD, Clara A.
158. BARCELLANO, JR., Julio D.
159. BARRIOS, Karla Maria F.
160. BARRIOS, Manuel Isidro Rosauro V.
161. BARROSO, Rachel Rueve Marie T.
162. BARSAGA, JR., Nilo P.
163. BARTOLOME, Sheryl G.
164. BARUT, Maribel L.
165. BASALLAJE, Eva Bernardette V.
166. BASAS, Joseph Melvin B.
167. BASCO, Neil Sam L.
168. BASCO, Reynante B.
169. BASQUIÑEZ, Flora Sherry M.
170. BASTASA, Michellee C.
171. BATAY, Rosalyn D.
172. BATICULON, Blanchie T.
174. BAUTISTA, Antonio Carlos B.
175. BAUTISTA, Irvin A.
176. BAUTISTA, Jackie Lou C.
177. BAUTISTA, Maria Teresa I.
178. BAUTISTA, Patricia Lee Alexandra M.
179. BAYLON, Melvin P.
180. BAYOT, Rocherrie S.
181. BEJER, Louise Dianne A.
182. BEJOC-CARANDANG, Florence G.
183. BELORIA, JR., Cesar B.
184. BELTRAN, Leonard M.
185. BELZA, Mary Angieline L.
186. BEN, Noel A.
187. BENITEZ, Ferdinand S.
188. BENITEZ, Victor Esteban S.
189. BENTULAN, Jeremias A.
190. BERMUDEZ, Ronaldo O.
191. BERNADES, Dexter Niño E.
192. BERNADOS, Cresente C.
193. BERNAL, June Ann Q.
194. BERNAL, Rj A.
195. BERNAL, Victor Marc B.
196. BERNARDO, Rommel M.
197. BILLONES-IBARDOLAZA, Maria Genalyn T.
198. BILOCURA, Nathaniel B.
199. BINALAY, Maria Florinia B.
200. BINAYAN, Darcy M.
201. BITARA, Francis Rael C.
202. BLANCO, Mark Philip B.
203. BLANQUISCO, Sherryl R.
204. BLANZA, Randy B.
205. BOADO, Armi-lynn Kristine H.
206. BOCAR, Vida Zora G.
207. BOCO, Jimmy B.
208. BOJOS, Anna Fionah L.
209. BOLIVAR, Amy Grace O.
210. BOLIVAR-AMONCIO, Anna Marie Josette A.
211. BOLLIDO, Ma. Corazon P.
212. BOMBASE, Paulo N.
213. BONGAT, Joanna S.
214. BONIFACIO, Marie Eugenie Grace M.
215. BONSOL, Mary Grace S.
216. BONTIGAO-BAGUE, Maria Estela H.
217. BORBON, Alyssa Benetta L.
218. BORGONIA, John Ismael B.
219. BORJA, Karl Frederick S.
220. BORJA, Ruel P.
221. BOTIGAN, Maria Cristina C.
222. BRAGADO, Marijoy B.
223. BRAGAS, Diane Karen B.
224. BRILLANTES, Love Joy Cecilia C.
225. BRIONES, Joyce M.
226. BRIONES, Leo Santiago M.
227. BRITANICO, Francesco C.
228. BRITO, Edita
229. BUENAVISTA, Ryan S.
230. BUENCAMINO, Christine Marie V.
231. BUENDIA, Terence P.
232. BUENVIAJE, Ernest Ian S.
233. BUGAYONG, Allan Rheynier D.
234. BULATAO, Sheryl Grace G.
235. BULONG, JR., Joaquin N.
236. BULSECO, Cheslyn Claire C.
237. BULSECO, III, Francisco S.
238. BURGOS, Jo Ann M.
239. BUSLAYAN, JR., Romeo F.
240. BUSTOS, Janina Lourdes S.
241. BUZETA-ACERO, Andre Ria B.
242. CABAILO-ALDEA, Ethelwolda A.
243. CABALHUG, JR., Antonio J.
244. CABANLAS, Dick Carlo J.
245. CABANTOG, Amylaine R.
246. CABARABAN, Maria Cielo Shanidar C.
247. CABEL, Karla T.
248. CABILES, Jo Aileen A.
249. CABRAL, III, Ricardo Felix C.
250. CABUHAT, Mary Ellen S.
251. CACABELOS, Karren Maricris G.
252. CACERES, Rowena C.
253. CADIZ, Manuel Cesar Reno S.
254. CALAYAN, Deanna Maria Rachel S.
255. CALINGIN, Carlomagno N.
256. CALIPES, Bhavelyn S.
257. CALIZO, Brian M.
258. CALLANTA, Eduardo G.
259. CALSEÑA, Mariedith B.
260. CALSIYAO, JR., Ceferino B.
261. CALUMBA, Edelene Grace S.
262. CAMANGEG, Cristel Marie G.
263. CAMELON, III, Renato M.
264. CAMORA, Gloria A.
265. CAMPOS, JR., Napoleon P.
266. CAMPOSANO, Catherine A.
267. CAMUA, Roger Terence P.
268. CANCEKO, Eileen Joy P.
269. CANONIGO-GAN, Catherine C.
270. CANSINO, III, Emilio P.
271. CANTAROS, JR., Rufino C.
272. CANULLAS, Karen S.
273. CAOAYAN, Wenceslao R.
274. CAPACITE-BALLAIS, Gissle Gay A.
275. CARANTES, John Carlo E.
276. CARIÑO, Maria Elena E.
277. CARLOTA, JR., Mariano P.
278. CARPINA, Iris M.
279. CARPIO, Benedicto R.
280. CARREON, III, Cesar R.
281. CARTAGENA, Benedict S.
282. CARUNGCONG, Jonathan R.
283. CASABAR, Alezandro S.
284. CASANGKAPAN, Antonio C.
285. CASEÑAS, Ma. Goretti V.
286. CASIMIRO, Orlando Paolo F.
287. CASTAÑEDA, Kristina P.
288. CASTAÑOS, Chester C.
289. CASTIGADOR, Alex C.
290. CASTILLO, Eilyn Beverly Bless L.
291. CASTILLO, Jocelyn Perolina
292. CASTILLO, Marlon William M.
293. CASTILLO-LORENZO, Cesaria Dane D.
294. CASTRO, Fernand A.
295. CASTRO, Jesselito L.
296. CASTRO, Rainela D.
297. CAUDANG, Hashreen T.
298. CAVADA, Glenn M.
299. CAVISTANY, Debbie Liezl B.
300. CAYABYAB, Pamela Ann T.
301. CAYBOT, Cristina V.
302. CAÑAS, Reginildo R.
303. CELINO, Sarah Eufrosina D.
304. CENABRE, Ethan Allen F.
305. CEQUENA, Levie Lyn C.
306. CERILLO, Maria Theresa A.
307. CERVANTES, Paul Christian M.
309. CHAN, Jordanne B.
310. CHAVEZ, Marvin Gregory R.
311. CHAVEZ, III, Cesar Angelo A.
312. CHENG, Charles Edward M.
313. CHING, Ronald Segundino C.
314. CHING, III, Benito S.
315. CHIONG, Naomi C.
316. CHIU, Karol Joseph P.
317. CHU, Emilio C.
318. CLAMOR, Antonette P.
319. CLARA, Barbra Jill B.
320. CLARAVALL, VI, Francisco M.
321. CO, Evangeline M.
322. CO, Karl Steven A.
323. CO, Rosalyn S.
324. CO, Ryan D.
325. CODA-MAMUKID, Monalisa B.
326. COLET, Juan Paolo E.
327. COLICO, Cristina T.
328. COMPETENTE, Joenel R.
329. CONALES, Christie Anne S.
331. CONCHA, Diana Charlette G.
332. CONCHA, Susan Espera L.
333. CONCHA, Val Angelo C.
334. CONSTANTINO, Pillar L.
335. COPAHAN, Levie U.
336. CORCEGA, Mediner M.
337. CORDERO, Felicito C.
338. CORDIA, Marthe Lois V.
339. CORONEL, Anna Karina A.
340. CORONEL, Jeffrey Jefferson Y.
341. CORPUZ, Emmanuel Rico C.
342. CORRAL, Claire B.
343. CORRO, Andrew C.
344. CORTES, Lee Owen P.
345. CORTEZ, Vida A.
346. CORTEZANO, Marwin M.
347. COSTALES, Leslie D.
348. CRISOSTOMO, Jeremiah N.
349. CRISTOBAL, Laurrie Layne P.
350. CRUZ, Anna Liza R.
351. CRUZ, Celeste Marie R.
352. CRUZ, Consuelo L.
353. CRUZ, Din-din A.
354. CRUZ, Elbert S.
355. CRUZ, Francis Joseph A.
356. CRUZ, Guia Perpetua C.
357. CRUZ, Jaymark SJ.
358. CRUZ-ABRENICA, Ma. Sophia Editha C.
359. CU, Robespierre S.
360. CUADRAS, Christian Arfel B.
361. CUBERO, Ela Michelle S.
362. CUDAL, Efren S.
363. CUNANAN, Rowena S.
364. CUPIDA, Febie A.
365. CURA, Amando M.
366. CURAMENG, Mary Ann T.
367. CURVA, Peter Marcu G.
368. DADULLA, Marites D.
369. DAGANTA, Shirley R.
370. DALIVA, Kristina Marie D.
371. DAMASCO, Alvy B.
372. DAMONDAMON, Mark Michael G.
373. DANCEL, Rojie G.
374. DAOAS, Pio Windale A.
375. DAPANAS, Lex Michelle M.
376. DAPON, JR., Loreto J.
377. DAPUL, Rhodalyne E.
378. DASING, Perlita DP.
379. DATUDACULA, Jamil D.
380. DATUDACULA, Normina M.
381. DAUZ, Roselea M.
382. DAVID, J. Krisley C.
383. DAYANDAYAN, Milreysa S.
384. DAYANDAYAN, JR., Remegio C.
385. DAYRIT, Chelin Y.
386. DAYRIT, Decruso P.
387. DE ANGEL, Jerlyn D.
388. DE AUSTRIA, Blisselda G.
389. DE CLARO, Christine Joanne F.
390. DE GUIA, Anne Mhiren Claudine D.
391. DE GUZMAN, Carmela Joy R.
392. DE GUZMAN, Ederlita V.
393. DE GUZMAN, Jay B.
394. DE GUZMAN, Soraida A.
395. DE GUZMAN, Vera M.
396. DE GUZMAN, JR., Glenn Ceasar T.
397. DE JESUS, Precy C.
398. DE JESUS, Remedios V.
399. DE JESUS, Roman Miguel G.
400. DE LA PAZ, Luis Gregorio Jesus B.
401. DE LA TORRE, Mailene M.
402. DE LARA, Elizabeth Alexandra Mary A.
403. DE LEON, Alaya M.
404. DE LEON, Dennis Carlos Rogaciano C.
405. DE LEON, Dino Robert L.
406. DE LEON, John Paul V.
407. DE LEON, Katrina P.
408. DE LEON, Pantas M.
409. DE LOS REYES, Kristine Margaret R.
410. DE LOS REYES, Teodula B.
411. DE LOS SANTOS, Mary Grace G.
412. DE QUIROZ, Napoleon C.
413. DE VERA, Celeste A.
414. DE VERA, Marichelle DT.
415. DEE, Ma. Gemma M.
416. DEGAMO, Wilhelmo M.
417. DEGOLLADO, Ethel Marie G.
418. DEL CASTILLO, Anna Patricia R.
419. DEL ROSARIO, Aldrich C.
420. DEL ROSARIO, Julie Fe A.
421. DEL ROSARIO, Rowena A.
422. DELA CERNA, Orville T.
423. DELA CRUZ, Joan M.
424. DELA CRUZ, JR., Anastacio R.
425. DELA CRUZ, JR., Epifanio C.
426. DELA FUENTE, Abigail R.
427. DELA FUENTE, Juan Miguel Victor C.
428. DELA PAZ, Ronald Ray O.
429. DELA PEÑA, Jonalyn D.
430. DELA ROSA, Abigail R.
431. DELAMIDE, Adan T.
432. DELGADO, Wilma H.
433. DELGADO, JR., Enrico B.
434. DELIMA, Ma. Chat H.
435. DELLOSO, Prince Gil F.
436. DELORIA, Kim E.
437. DELOS SANTOS, Josefina Maria Procesa L.
438. DEPASUCAT, Reyna Faith B.
439. DEQUILLA, Christopher L.
440. DERLA, Brenda Y.
441. DESAMPARADO, Ma. Johanna P.
442. DESCALZO, Jose Ariel M.
443. DETICIO, Aileen Grace U.
444. DEVANADERA, Anna Noreen T.
445. DEYTO, Melinda D.
446. DIAZ, Noriel D.
447. DIAZ, Rei Alessandro L.
448. DIMACALI, Adrian P.
449. DIMAILIG, Maricris T.
450. DIMALIG, Ma. Wengel Lou S.
451. DINAMLING, Dick Mark D.
452. DINGAL, Ailene L.
453. DIONALDO, Junald S.
454. DIOSO, Armand B.
455. DIRIGE, Chelsea Segunda G.
456. DIVINAGRACIA, Lenore Angeline L.
458. DIVINO, Reichelle S.
459. DOMANTAY, Valerie Grace F.
460. DOMINGO, Andrix D.
461. DOMINGO, Osana Theresa D.
462. DOMINGO, Sherwin E.
463. DOMINGO, Tristan Dwight P.
464. DOMINGUEZ, Lovely P.
465. DONASCO, Edgar Alan A.
466. DORADO, Rilt Renart G.
467. DORIA, Marites Q.
468. DORIA, Richard Joseph C.
469. DOROMAL, Jose Joel P.
470. DUMAMA, Sha Elijah B.
471. DUMBAB, Harvey A.
472. DUMLAO, Jovian Jubert S.
473. DUMLAO, Melchor B.
474. DUMPILO, Eric Anthony A.
475. DUQUE, Gonzalito Nicolo E.
476. DURA, Blair M.
477. DY, Kristina Irene C.
478. DYBONGCO, Levi N.
479. DYCHIAO, Lorraine N.
480. EBILLO, Russel L.
481. ECHIVERRI, Juan Crisostomo M.
482. ECLAR, Clarence M.
483. EDDING, Jihan El R.
484. EDILLOR, Kathleen T.
485. EJES, Reynaldo R.
486. ELERIA, Elmer D.
487. ELIZALDE, Peter Bill C.
488. ELOPRE, Rojane C.
489. ELVEÑA, Christine Angelica B.
490. EMPINO, Arolf C.
491. ENTICA, Mellany V.
492. ERALDO-ARNUCO, Marcia Monina L.
493. ERNIE, Rachelle DG.
494. ESCUETA, III, Emilio D.
495. ESPAÑO, Mary Trish R.
496. ESPAÑOL, Diosdado C.
497. ESPAÑOL, Fritzzie Lyn F.
498. ESPEJO, Dhylyne Enchon B.
499. ESPERA, Woody John G.
500. ESPINOSA, Benjie G.
501. ESPINOSA, Maria Karla L.
502. ESPIRITU, Roel S.
503. ESTARES, Erwin P.
504. ESTAÑO, Heinjie B.
505. ESTILO, Chatru Anthony C.
506. ESTIMADA, Eric O.
507. EUGENIO, Christopher G.
508. EVANGELISTA, Ignacio F.
509. EVANGELISTA, Maria Ghia C.
510. EVANGELISTA, Ronald Brian G.
511. EXAMEN, Hannah D.
512. EXCONDE, Caroline G.
513. FABELLA, Caryl Kate S.
514. FABI, Joycery V.
515. FABILA, Eni Grace B.
516. FAJARDO, Ann Laurice A.
517. FAJARDO, Marlon G.
518. FAJARDO, Ria Divina I.
519. FALCULAN-MARI, Ma. Rowena D.
520. FAMA, Castelo Angelo T.
521. FANLO, Jaime Eduardo R.
522. FANLO, Mei Loraine C.
523. FANTONE, Ronald A.
524. FERNANDEZ, Francis A.
525. FERNANDEZ, Joselito D.
526. FERNANDEZ, Rommel P.
527. FERNANDEZ, Teodoro Lorenzo A.
528. FERNANDO, Janina Marie S.
529. FERRARIS, Wilt P.
530. FERRER, Dennis B.
531. FESALBON, Brenda Rhea F.
532. FESTEJO, Ryan Ed T.
533. FIANZA, Jinky Joar D.
534. FIDEL, Cyril C.
535. FIEL, Jasmin R.
536. FIGUEROA, Eddalaine M.
537. FLORA, Vanessa B.
538. FLORES, Arthur C.
539. FLORES, Chuchie L.
540. FLORES, Galerie Gee Y.
541. FLORES, Milette Socorro S.
542. FLORES, Sim C.
543. FLORES, Zargibran Adolben R.
544. FLORESE, Jose Frederick P.
545. FONTILLAS, Hyacinth T.
546. FORAYO, Christina P.
547. FORTUNO, Loretta Renie R.
548. FRANCISCO, Carlos Raphael N.
549. FRANCISCO, Kristine C.
550. FRANCO, Fatima Kristine J.
551. FUA, Marforth T.
552. GABALLO, Joyce B.
553. GABRIEL, Abegail C.
554. GABRIELES, Omar T.
555. GACUTNO, Jerry V.
556. GADRINAB, Fermin Nestor A.
558. GALA, Ana Siela M.
559. GALAURAN, John Michael S.
560. GALAY, Lani S.
561. GALLEROS, Cecille P.
562. GAMALINDA, Cheryl S.
563. GAMBONG, Lilyn D.
564. GAMONNAC, Florendo D.
565. GAN, Paula Katherina A.
566. GAN, III, Joaquin N.
567. GANALON, John Paul R.
568. GAPOL, JR., Flaviano T.
569. GAPOY, Lei Adrian V.
570. GARCES, Michael M.
571. GARCIA, Czarina B.
572. GARCIA, Jorge M.
573. GARCIA, Katherine Mari S.
574. GARGARITA, Claire Anne R.
575. GARIANDO, Ivy P.
577. GARLITOS, Kenneth Vincent J.
578. GARRIDO, Maria Cecilia M.
579. GATCHALIAN, Michal L.
580. GAYETA-ANDAYA, Catherine Joy S.
581. GAYON, Dorothy L.
582. GAYOSA, Tracy Ann M.
583. GEMENTIZA, Frederick A.
584. GENETIANO, Maureen R.
585. GENISE, Henida G.
586. GERADA, Jay P.
587. GERODIAS, Jillina M.
588. GERONA, Christian D.
589. GERONILLA, Beatriz O.
590. GERONIMO, Cesar C.
591. GERVASIO, Lianne Marie R.
592. GO, Aaron D.
593. GO, Angel Love M.
594. GO, Helene D.
595. GO, James G.
596. GO, Kirby C.
597. GO, Madonna Santa D.
598. GO, Maria Leonita Q.
599. GO, JR., Lito A.
600. GOC-ONG, Vanessa B.
601. GODINEZ, Christopher Lyndon N.
602. GOLLABA, JR., Gabriel L.
603. GOMEZ, Armeen Alain B.
604. GONZAGA, Johans S.
605. GONZAGA, Rosanne Juliana R.
606. GONZALES, Gerald S.
607. GONZALES, Sheryl V.
608. GONZALES, II, Marcelino R.
609. GRAGASIN, Manny V.
610. GRAN, Adriel B.
611. GRANDE, Alexander Francis C.
612. GUANZON, Woodro L.
613. GUARINO-RIVERA, Leila Magda N.
614. GUERRA, Ed Anthony F.
615. GUERRA, Reah B.
616. GUERRA-DE LA VEGA, Anna Marie Mae R.
617. GUICO, Maria Laarni Sheila S.
618. GUILING, Hosni L.
619. GUILLERMO, Virgin Rose Sharon P.
620. GUIMBATAN, Sandra M.
621. GUINA, Rene Andrew A.
622. GUIPO, Maria Primarisa C.
623. GUMPAL, Dante Gil D.
624. GUTIERREZ, Andrea L.
625. GUZMAN, Jacqueline A.
626. GUZMAN, Josefina A.
627. HAMCHAWAN, Judith B.
628. HERMOSISIMA, Honorato Carlo C.
629. HERNANDEZ, Cheryl A.
630. HERNANDEZ, JR., Celso J.
631. HERNANDO, Cherry Chiara L.
632. HERRERA, Georgia May L.
633. HIZON, Joaquin Miguel Z.
634. HORCA, III, Jesus Manuel A.
635. HORTIZ, Michelle L.
636. HUBAHIB, Mariano C.
637. HUMILDE, Philip N.
638. HURTADO, Ghia Chrystellyne O.
639. IBRAHIM, Ysnaira A.
640. ILAGAN, JR., Casiano A.
641. ILAO, Julan C.
642. ILARDE, Maila Katrina Y.
643. IMPERIAL, Dinah F.
644. IMPERIAL, Paul Rodulfo B.
645. INDAR, Rahma A.
646. INOTURAN, Florinda P.
647. INTERIOR, Enrico S.
648. JABAL, Joel J.
649. JABSON, Eugene Oliver M.
650. JACOB, Jamael A.
651. JACOBO-GRECIA, Nemia S.
652. JANDUSAY, Marie Bernadette M.
653. JAPZON, Maria Jeanette A.
654. JARANILLA, Cedric S.
655. JATICO-NUÑEZ, Janeth G.
656. JAUD, Myra Jennifer D.
657. JAUDINES, Sheryl C.
658. JAVIER, Z 19 S.
659. JOVEN, Emil Karlo L.
660. JUMALON, Joel Jonn U.
661. JURIAL, Niño Jim B.
662. JUSTINIANI, JR., Romeo S.
663. KANAPI, Roberto Ricardo O.
664. KUONG, Dennis C.
665. LABIAL, JR., Ricardo P.
666. LABOG, Norberto Pocholo P.
667. LABRADOR, Chaveli Joan O.
668. LABUSTRO-GARCIA, Jacquelyn A.
669. LACAMBRA, JR., Modesto C.
670. LAGAT, Eileen Mae B.
671. LAGMAN, Mary Rosary D.
672. LAGMAY, Aries John P.
673. LAIZ-DE VILLA, Ma. Theresa S.
674. LAM, Jennifer T.
675. LAMA, Michelle T.
676. LAMIGO, Richard L.
677. LAMPA, Rex D.
678. LANTION, Maria Camille G.
679. LAO, Dave Y.
680. LAO, Jewelle Y.
681. LAPPAY, JR., Gregorio A.
682. LAPUZ, Rosalie T.
683. LASAFIN, II, Adler Mari Eriberto L.
684. LASCANO, Jasper Alberto H.
685. LASTIMADO, Marvin P.
686. LAURE, Adonis A.
687. LAURE, Quijano S.
688. LAUREL, Marivic DL.
690. LEAGOGO, Adrianne Daniel L.
691. LEGARTO, Mary Ann C.
692. LEGASPI, Faith Henriet B.
693. LEONARDO, Melissa N.
694. LEPAIL, Jehan-jehan A.
695. LERO, John Paul Huey V.
696. LEYSON, Ian Peter A.
697. LIBARDO, Arlene Mae L.
698. LIBRADO, Leah A.
699. LIBUIT, Grace P.
700. LIDASAN, Jehan B.
701. LILAGAN, Jean P.
702. LIM, Anthony Lemuel T.
703. LIM, Antonio Paolo S.
704. LIM, Beatriz Paz Dominique D.
705. LIM, Dominadoranne I.
706. LIM, Edward Allan P.
707. LIM, Eileen D.
708. LIM, Frederick Charles Y.
709. LIM, Irene C.
710. LIM, Joanne M.
711. LIM, Lloyd Steven L.
712. LIM, JR., Menandro T.
713. LIMA, Cherry Joie B.
714. LIMBO, Charo C.
715. LINSANGAN, Jose A.
716. LIWAG, Monica T.
717. LIWALUG, Fatimah S.
718. LIZA-TORRES, Connie P.
719. LLARENA, Geoffrey H.
720. LLAVE, Lynda
721. LLAVE, Maria Isabel M.
722. LLENARES, Kathleen E.
723. LLIDO, Christian B.
724. LLOBRERA, Santy B.
725. LOAYON, Wildebrandt C.
726. LOBEDICA, Clyde Lelith S.
727. LOBERIO, Jonathan D.
728. LOBIANO, Maria Lourdes M.
729. LOBO, Numer P.
730. LOMAS-E, JR., Bonifacio Craig Y.
731. LONGALONG, Carol P.
732. LONTOC, Maureen DR.
733. LOPEZ, Erwin N.
734. LOPEZ, Gloria Monica S.
735. LOPEZ, Grace Marie
736. LOPEZ, Irish T.
737. LOPEZ, Jose Manuel A.
738. LOPEZ, Lea Mabel P.
739. LOPEZ, Lionel L.
740. LOPEZ, Maria Aurora Celestina M.
741. LOPEZ-BILAOEN, Nancy R.
742. LOPINGCO, Sharina Marie U.
743. LORENZANA, Gina L.
744. LORENZO, Jason T.
745. LU, Anna Victoria M.
746. LU, Sheila U.
747. LUI, Jonah Grace L.
748. LUMAGUI-SAYOTO, Marinela D.
749. LUMBATAN, Alexis M.
750. LUNA, Don Angelo S.
751. LUNA, Sandra A.
752. LUY, Ruby M.
753. MAALAT, Yvanna DL.
754. MAATA, Michael Oliver B.
755. MABANAG, Zeus R.
756. MABANGLO, Mildred Ann Q.
757. MABANSAG, Ivy B.
758. MABAZZA, Cristina A.
759. MABUTAS, Jesus Servando S.
760. MACAPAGAL, Richelle Joy P.
761. MACARAIG, Allan Reiz C.
762. MACARILAY, Florante C.
763. MADAMBA, Marvelous M.
764. MADAYAG, Irene Mae R.
765. MADULID, Lea T.
767. MAGBANUA, Pearl Sheila S.
768. MAGBANUA, JR., Manuel M.
769. MAGCAWAS, Allison T.
770. MAGNO-ZARATE, Citedina U.
771. MAGPANTAY, Anthea A.
772. MAGPANTAY-NG, Maricel M.
773. MAGRACIA, Herschel F.
774. MAGSINO, Carmi D.
775. MAGUAD, Zha-zha R.
776. MAHAMUD, John-christopher T.
777. MAILOM, Renniel C.
778. MALASA, Angelica O.
779. MALIAWAO, Anwar Khalid U.
780. MALLARI, II, Roberto P.
781. MANALABE, Grandis Rem T.
782. MANALANG, Kristina C.
783. MANALO, Jose Miguel S.
784. MANALO, Juan C.
785. MANANSALA, Edwin C.
786. MANCAO, Cecille B.
787. MANINGDING, Cadeiah B.
788. MANIS, Teliano L.
789. MANLOSA, Armi Lyn B.
790. MANLUYANG, Jeoffrey C.
791. MANUEL, Harlynne Monette M.
792. MANUEL, Olive Jane S.
793. MARASIGAN, Christopher Rey C.
794. MARCOS, Mary Jenneane R.
795. MARMOL, Fidelito L.
796. MARQUEZ, Edwin U.
797. MARQUEZ, Jal A.
798. MARRERO, Evelyn A.
799. MARTIN, Monica M.
800. MARTINEZ, Cherry M.
801. MARTINEZ, Janet L.
802. MARTIR, Karla May O.
803. MASANGKAY, Emmerly Jane D.
804. MATE, Michael Vincent A.
805. MATIBAG, Julius G.
806. MATILA, Rodelio S.
807. MAULION, Mischelle R.
808. MAXILOM, Marvin S.
809. MAXINO, Nancy A.
810. MAÑAGO, Sheryl M.
811. MEDIJA, Louela Lynne M.
812. MEJIA, Cecille L.
813. MEJIA, Maritess T.
815. MELITANTE, Christian George L.
816. MENDEZ, Geraldine C.
817. MENDINUETO, Erwin Edward P.
818. MENDOZA, Anna Charisse L.
819. MENDOZA, Kim Grace A.
820. MENDOZA, Marlon M.
821. MENDOZA, Mary Ann P.
822. MENDOZA, Mayette M.
823. MENDOZA, Perfecto Justino A.
824. MENESES, Geraldine S.
825. MERCADO, Daiza Anne O.
826. MERCADO, Erickson Donn R.
827. MERCADO, Katherine C.
828. MERCADO, JR., Wilfred A.
829. MERNADO, JR., Michael M.
830. MEÑEZ, Kristine Joy M.
831. MIANO, Diana Marie P.
832. MIGRIÑO, Jason R.
833. MILAN, Jurgens SJ.
834. MILLA, Patricia C.
835. MIOLE, Kristofferlean A.
836. MIRANDA, JR., Reinerio G.
837. MISOLA, Gladys V.
838. MITRA, JR., Elmer R.
839. MONDRAGON, Iannoel V.
840. MONGAYA, Anna Khristine C.
841. MONTEALEGRE, Theodore Allan M.
842. MONTEMAYOR, Adrian R.
843. MONTENEGRO, Allen L.
844. MONTERO, Osmond M.
845. MONTEZA, Angelica Diane B.
846. MORALES, Anthony Lawrence M.
847. MORALES, Cynthia Evangeline D.
848. MORALES, Eufel N.
849. MORALES, Giovanni R.
850. MORALES, Leilani C.
851. MORALES, Michelle Frances L.
852. MORANO, IV, Rene Cornelio R.
853. MORENO, JR., Oscar P.
854. MORENO, JR., Paulino H.
855. MUYCO, Mary Love P.
856. NABUA, John Paul PA.
857. NACIONALES, JR., Rafael D.
858. NAFIANOG, Roger L.
859. NAMBATAC, Dave U.
860. NANGKIL, Philip Ray L.
861. NAPARATE, Arsenia A.
862. NARAJOS, Patricia D.
863. NARANJO, Christine Marie L.
864. NARISMA, Juevanrey A.
865. NATANAUAN, Klarisa L.
866. NAVARRO, Tina B.
867. NEFALAR, Marissa Corazon T.
868. NEIS, Maebe T.
869. NEPOMUCENO, Roviel B.
870. NERY, Melanie Johanna C.
871. NGOCHUA, Patricia Cristina T.
872. NICOLAS, Arvil Philipp A.
873. NICOLAS, Donnaliza A.
874. NICOLAS, Jonathan C.
875. NORA, Paula Katrina L.
876. NOVERO, Brian DS.
877. NUESTRO, Glenn Michael P.
878. NUEVE, Theresa Genevieve C..
879. OBILLOS, Maria Yasmin M.
880. OBIÑA, Eve Jonapaula M.
881. OCAMPO, Robert V.
882. OCAMPO, Shierma F.
883. OCAÑADA-ALEGRE, Amelie O.
884. OCFEMIA, Emil M.
885. OLAÑO, Sheryl L.
886. OLINGAY, Stephen C.
887. OMADTO, JR., Arnold Ninoy P.
888. OMELIO, Princess Claudin C.
889. OMPAD, Julius T.
890. ONA, Mercedita L.
891. ONG, Jennifer T.
892. ORBITA, Janis Mahalia A.
893. ORCULLO, Sora Dereka T.
894. ORENCIA, Janice Rhea B.
895. ORENCIO, Leah May L.
896. OROPESA, Cyril C.
897. ORPILLA, Michelle O.
898. ORTEGA, Noel M.
899. OUANO, Ethelbert B.
900. PABALINAS, Michael D.
901. PABELLAN, Abouben Jade R.
902. PABIONA, Esther Joy P.
903. PABLO, Jessibel M.
904. PACASEM, Nurhani C.
905. PADATE, Faizal A.
906. PAGAYATAN, Alfred T.
907. PALAC, Lemuel G.
908. PALENCIA, JR., Chulo B.
909. PALILEO, Alena Gale H.
910. PALINES, Erwin B.
911. PALMA, Pilipinas C.
912. PAMINTUAN, Dennis Albert S.
913. PAMMIT, Mari Khris R.
914. PAMONAG, Noli Rey L.
915. PAMPOLINA, Jonathan T.
916. PANER, Linda Lucky Grace C.
917. PANES, Anfred P.
918. PANES, JR., Rolando D.
919. PANGANIBAN, Avigail E.
920. PANGILINAN, Beverly F.
921. PANHON, Raymond G.
922. PARADELA, Glenn Raymond O.
923. PARAISO, Renato A.
924. PARAS, Joannah A.
925. PARONG, Joel Joselito G.
926. PASATIEMPO, Herlyn L.
927. PASCO, Novern Irish A.
928. PASCUAL, Joshua F.
929. PASCUAL, Urvi B.
930. PASION, Paul Emerson M.
931. PASTOR, Noel R.
932. PATALINJUG, Liza Marie S.
933. PATCHO, Jerry B.
934. PAULINO, Carlo A.
935. PAULINO, Paulo A.
936. PAYUMO, Caroline C.
937. PAYUMO, Marie Joy M.
938. PAZ, A.j. Gerardo T.
939. PAÑALES, Rhyan M.
940. PERALTA, Ramses S.
941. PEREDO, Eldric Paul A.
942. PERERA, Jason Bader LL.
943. PEREZ, Lyndon Gabriel C.
944. PEREZ-FERRER, Ruby C.
945. PEÑAFLOR, Aldrin G.
946. PEÑARANDA, Jose Rommel A.
947. PEÑARANDA, Rhyna M.
948. PEÑAS, Stella J.
949. PICCIO, Agnes A.
950. PICIO, Jubal R.
951. PILAR, Joy B.
952. PINEDA, Marco K.
953. PINTOR, Arminda T.
954. PIZARRO, Edwin Joy L.
955. PIÑGA, Vibenditho J.
956. PLACIDO, Lady Liza R.
957. PLAZA, Gaudenis Felix E.
958. POJAS, Philip John L.
959. PONDEMIRA, Katrina B.
960. POPANES, Alex Alberto M.
961. POQUIZ, JR., Eduardo U.
962. PORMENTILLA, Jeland Omer L.
963. PORTOZA, Elyjean D.
964. PORTUGAL, Russel P.
965. POSADAS, John Philip A.
966. POSADAS, Raymond Charles N.
967. POTICANO, Joselita M.
968. PRADO, Reigel A.
969. PREZA, Irma R.
970. PRIELA, Diomer L.
971. PRIETO, Mark Anthony S.
972. PUA, Ian Dominic M.
973. PUEDA, Anna Liza S.
974. PUGEDA, Jordan Neil S.
975. PUJANES, Jay P.
976. PUNO, JR., Rogelio D.
977. PY, Ailyn S.
978. QUANICO, JR., Leonardo B.
979. QUINSAYAS, Prima Jesusa B.
980. QUINTO, Salvador Henry H.
981. QUIROS, Jolex M.
982. QUIROZ, Bernadette V.
983. RABANES, Antonita C.
984. RABANG, Luisa A.
985. RABE, Mark Pepito J.
986. RACHO, Gerald B.
987. RAFAEL, Hyacinth E.
988. RAGSAC, Arceli C.
989. RAMIREZ, Cecily Nerisse C.
990. RAMIREZ, Doris G.
991. RAMIREZ, Renato Oliver A.
992. RAMIREZ, JR., Alfredo O.
993. RAMOS, Beatrix I.
994. RAMOS, Carmen Grace S.
995. RAMOS, Janice Kristine R.
996. RAMOS, Lesalie M.
997. RAMOS, Liza Michelle E.
998. RAMOS, Rechie N.
999. RAMOS, Reezann Keith E.
1000. RAMOS, Ricardo Victor K.
1001. RAMOS, JR., Eduardo F.
1002. RANGGA, Gleenes Dave T.
1003. RAVAL, Jose Roy B.
1004. RAYA, Brando Ray P.
1005. RAYEL, Rosette R.
1006. RAÑESES, Lezelda M.
1007. REAS-POLISTICO, Rosemarie Ann A.
1008. REBUYON, Wilfredo C.
1009. RECOLIZADO, Ma. Nerissa S.
1010. REGALA, Amie T.
1011. REGALADO, Ma. Ruiza L.
1012. RENTUMA, Juneth A.
1013. REPASO, Jayson G.
1014. REPOL, Judy Alice U.
1015. REYES, Ajay Noreen DS.
1016. REYES, Amanda Regina G.
1017. REYES, Ellen C.
1018. REYES, John Albert T.
1019. REYES, Luz Victoria F.
1020. REYES, Maria Teresa V.
1021. REYES, Mary Ann L.
1022. REYES, Mylene R.
1023. REYES, Ronces Anne S.
1024. REYES, Wendy S.
1025. RIALUBIN, Arlyne I.
1026. RICO, Reywin M.
1027. RIEZA, Sylvia Patricia S.
1028. RIGOR, Maritess R.
1029. RIODIQUE, Karen Anne S.
1030. RIVERA, Alexander A.
1031. RIVERA, Alexander Paul T.
1032. RIVERA, Dante Y.
1033. RIVERA, Jonah P.
1034. RIVERA, Maria Concepcion E.
1035. ROBLES, Joan A.
1036. ROBLES, Margarette T.
1037. RODRIGUEZ, Albert Leonard C.
1038. RODRIGUEZ, Christopher A.
1039. RODRIGUEZ, Irish Mae V.
1040. ROJAS-QUIAMBAO, Merriam Fe G.
1041. ROJO, Rosemarie A.
1042. ROMERO, Rowena V.
1043. RONQUILLO, Victor John Paul H.
1044. ROSALES, May Ann R.
1045. ROSALES, Rosario L.
1046. ROSARIO, Enrico R.
1047. ROSAURO, Allan A.
1048. ROSELL, Collin N.
1049. ROXAS, Vernidia M.
1050. RUBAYA, Maria Salve C.
1051. RUBIN, Krissi Shaffina Twyla A.
1052. RUBIO, Maria Catherina G.
1053. RUCKENBROD, Janis Roselle S.
1054. RUIZ, Erwin G.
1055. SABADO, Susan Phoebe R.
1056. SABANGAN, Charina G.
1057. SABER, Raya Avariza V.
1058. SABITSANA, Clemens Angeli B.
1059. SABUNDAYO, Maria Lourdes A.
1060. SACABEN, Rico Leo R.
1061. SACEDON, Janice S.
1062. SACEDON, Oliver M.
1063. SADURAL, Emma Rhea B.
1064. SALAGAN, Decimary DC.
1065. SALATAN, Gideon C.
1066. SALDUA-CASTILLO, Cherry Vi M.
1067. SALEM, Sylvia Jean P.
1068. SALIBAD, JR., David S.
1069. SALINAS, Frances Shanelle G.
1070. SALINAS, Pierre Nikolai M.
1071. SALOMEO, Conrado A.
1072. SALVADOR, Noel N.
1073. SALVANERA, Christian Joyce P.
1074. SALVE, Lalaine P.
1075. SAMANIEGO, Windel Z.
1076. SAMERA, Maria Lovella C.
1077. SAMONTE, Erwin Jonas A.
1078. SAMPAGA, Steven M.
1079. SAMPANG, Darrell Enerico I.
1080. SAMPAYAN, Rexreginald T.
1081. SAMSON, Sean Blenn E.
1082. SAN JUAN, Ernesto C.
1083. SANCHEZ, Analiza D.
1084. SANCHEZ, Dionne Marie M.
1085. SANCHEZ, Donna May P.
1086. SANCHEZ, Yehlen D.
1087. SANDE, Stephanie P.
1088. SANDOVAL, Ronald C.
1089. SANGALANG, Marlene O.
1090. SANOY, Sharon Grace S.
1091. SANTIAGO, Dominador O.
1092. SANTIAGO, Gwen Manuel P.
1093. SANTOS, Agnes B.
1094. SANTOS, Angelo Niño B.
1095. SANTOS, Charlie O.
1096. SANTOS, Rhoesel Ammiel M.
1097. SAQUING, Christine C.
1098. SARCEDA, Ryan R.
1099. SARINAS, Karen Mae G.
1100. SARMIENTO, Jorge Franco S.
1101. SARMIENTO, Maria Robina C.
1102. SARMIENTO, III, Jes Gal B.
1103. SARMIENTO, III, Leonardo A.
1105. SAWIT, Clifton James F.
1106. SAY, Loma Linda A.
1107. SAYOG, Arnolita F.
1108. SAÑOSA, JR., Juanito L.
1109. SEBASTIAN, Mia Mary G.
1110. SEBASTIAN, Yolanda S.
1111. SEBIANO, Teresa G.
1112. SEMPRON, Josie C.
1113. SERON, Eugene S.
1114. SEVILLA, Anna Camille L.
1116. SIBUYAN, Brian Gale T.
1117. SICANGCO, Maria Cecilia T.
1118. SILLA, Merielle T.
1119. SILO, JR., Benjamin H.
1120. SIMTIM, JR., Eufemio A.
1121. SINGSON, Ma. Veronique R.
1122. SINGSON, Michael Thor C.
1123. SIOCO, Kyan John B.
1124. SIONGCO, Emmie-lou L.
1125. SIRON, Jennifer G.
1126. SISON, Aireen D.
1127. SISON, Emmeree C.
1128. SITES, Nilda V.
1129. SITOY, Leighna Katrina S.
1130. SOBREJUANITE, Roev Bryl T.
1131. SOJOR, Ryan T.
1132. SOLIS, Ceasar Anthony S.
1133. SOLIS, Edson S.
1134. SOLIS, III, Emmanuel B.
1135. SOLOMON, JR., Juan B.
1136. SONGCO, Amiel R.
1137. SOPEÑA, Joicel C.
1138. SORIANO, Jerrylee D.
1139. SORIANO, Omar A.
1140. SORIANO, Zeldania DT.
1141. SORILLA, Mark Anthony C.
1142. SORILLA, Mark Christer A.
1143. SORIÑO, Paul B.
1144. SOTTO, Rhine F.
1145. STA. CRUZ, Benedict S.
1146. STA. MARIA, Odessa T.
1148. SUAREZ, Dario O.
1149. SUAREZ, Juan Alfonso D.
1150. SUAZO, Alvin G.
1151. SUMEDCA, Rommel H.
1152. SUPERABLE, Clarissa M.
1153. SURELL, Ma. Excelsis R.
1154. SURIL, Ethel Rea G.
1155. SUYAT, Franklin L.
1156. SZE, Abigail T.
1157. TAACA, Baby Lyn B.
1158. TACIO, Swanerrie Sangshell C.
1159. TADENA, Rex A.
1160. TAGARDA, Luis Karlo R.
1161. TAGLE, Sharon D.
1162. TAMAYO, Kristine Jazz V.
1163. TAMAYO, Zulieca L.
1164. TAMBOL, Jonathan B.
1165. TAN, Janice Jade V.
1166. TAN, Ma. Cecilia S.
1167. TAN, Rose Macrina Q.
1168. TAN, Vivian S.
1169. TANDOG, Jonathan G.
1170. TANSINSIN, Arthur G.
1171. TAPIA, Judilyn H.
1172. TAVAS-TAN, Marichu G.
1173. TEH, Shergine C.
1174. TEJERO, Robert John M.
1175. TENG, Bavilyn C.
1176. TEOXON, Art R.
1177. TEVES, Eugene C.
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1179. TEVES, Niña Rica R.
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Monday, March 24, 2008

When Love Turns Around

Hi there people, it has been a long time since I made a post. I don’t know if it was because of my busy schedules or is it because I have lost my passion to write. Well, here I am again. I missed the thinking and the writing in front of my PC.

I came back here in my blog because I want to share with you a very special thing that happened to me. I met this lady, I won’t mention her name because she might not like it and also it is without her knowledge that I am writing this. Let me just call her Sipat.

I call her Sipat, because she’s a fun loving lady, or shall I say a fun loving girl. It was months long ago that I happen to have met her, but it was only on a one rainy evening that I happen to get to know her better. And I believe it happened for a purpose, and not just a coincidence.

I was on my way out from work, hour overtime from the usual time I go out. My friend and me stayed for a while on the employees waiting area hoping that the rain would cease before we could take off with our bike. But the rain did not stop and it poured slowly and slowly as if it won’t even going to stop, so we decided to just wet ourselves and go home.

I then rode my bike and he rode his, and as we turned left, the usual route we take, a guard stopped us and told us to turn around and make a right turn. My body was soaked in rain that night, and I was so eager to go home. As we were nearing the exit, a shout called out for my name and I saw that it was my friends enjoying some beer also waiting for the rain to stop. They requested me to join them and so did I.

Minutes afterward, three ladies joined in, and it was my friend’s wife and her co-workers. Among the three, there I laid my eyes on Sipat. My first impression on her was nothing especial at all. But as we converse, and as I get to know her bit by bit, little by little, a little spark within me is slowly growing. And it is the comfort of talking with her that makes me think, this beautiful lady is different. We then became good friends. She is a very friendly person and she usually brings out the life of the crowd. She laughs a lot, moves a lot, and talks a lot. Sipat that is. Day by day, I never stopped thinking about her. And she never left my heart too. Maybe this is love, for if this is not love, then I don’t know what else to call it. Every time I am with her I experience ethereal joy.

Until one early morning, as I was about to send her home after a party, I never hesitated to tell her what I feel. The response I got was “You would only be hurt.” Then I asked why, she said “Know me first.” After that I didn’t bother asking her again, because when I did, I only get the same answers. It is only now that I know that her heart already belongs to somebody else, and that she is committed towards that other person.

And it is sad, knowing that the feeling is right, and all circumstances were in harmony, as if all the stars are aligned, and expecting that there will be her and me. You thought destiny was on your side, and that everything was a perfect plan that would bring you together. And later on being broken hearted by the fact that she’s not free.

All the things that happened, happened with a purpose. The overtime from work, the rain, the guard, the detour, the stopover, and the met up, all these to teach me that love does turn around. And things do happen the way you don’t want them to be.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Working in Waterfront Hotel

Every time I go to work, I always take on my daily routines. Preparing myself for work, taking a jeepney, getting my uniform and reporting on my area.

Everyday is just the same, meeting the same people and doing the same task. I spent most of my time at work. I guess, most people do, most of us spend our time mostly at work. Our workplace has become our second home.

There was a time when somebody who I happen to be with on the jeepney on the way to work asked me where I work? I answered right away, “Waterfront”.

When I arrived, I was thinking to myself, did I answer the guy right? Well, I think so, but truth is I worked on Mizu Japanese restaurant. Mizu Japanese restaurant is a food outlet owned by the Hotel and the employees in it are Waterfront Employed, having the same benefits, having the same bosses, etc.

Now it came to my mind that I not belong to Mizu alone, I felt guilty because there were times that, all that I care about is for the betterment of the outlet of MIZU alone. It’s a reality, not only I, but I think most employees do. When they report to work, some employees locked themselves between the walls of their respected areas. And sometimes refuse to take extra steps that would benefit the whole hotel, directly or indirectly.

Take for example, this situation happened in reality. Two customers dined in, they ordered one set of meal to be divided into two. The first thought that came to my mind was, why the need to divide when they can share it? And also, dividing one set of meal for two would be a hassle and would take more time. The server then took the food and went to the kitchen to divide it.

After awhile, I then asked the then supervisor of MIZU, Sir Boyet Villalino, about the incident. I asked him, do we always allow such requests to be considered? He then answered me with a smile, and told me a very precise answer that changed my view about working in a hotel environment. “Whatever complaints we get from Mizu is a complaint on the hotel we work in, the guest might not come again.”

There are instances wherein we, as an employee, care only about our own undertaking. We neglect the simple things that we are able to do in order to contribute to the company. It could be picking up a piece of paper or plastic as you pass by a hallway, attending a guests request even though he isn’t your own outlet’s guest, making a call to report a none working bulb, or it could be answering a phone call when everybody is not able to do so.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Laughing Baby

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Friday, March 21, 2008

blurem23 blog: Reply on MANILA:Truth serum topix

blurem23 blog: Reply on MANILA:Truth serum topix

Reply on MANILA:Truth serum topix

Reply on MANILA:Truth serum -

The truth shall, indeed, will set you free. I am just a simple man with simple ideas. Living a simple life. I have a daughter with me, I have my stable job and business is ok so far. I don’t want the Philippines to look like trash from far nations. Considering I work for the hospitality industry, whatever affects tourism in our country affects my job. Life is much better than what it was years ago.

I know how important the truth is, I admire those people who cry for truth for the betterment of the nation. However, if these people who continue to crowd the streets, raising red flags and sometimes even burning our own flag doesn’t stop, our nation will never change.

To be honest, I was touched on how the people of the truth have come together in unity. It is so amazing to know that there are still these people who care for our nation.

However, you said,
"There and then before you was the truth
of the leaders of true faiths come to trumpet forth the truth, the truth of an
outraged people come to build a scaffold for those who would not tell the truth,
the truth of an awakened nation come to build a scaffolding for the truth."
I am sad about the OUTRAGED PEOPLE word, I hope many people will fight for truth not by anger and rage but rather be there and put love and compassion in the midst.

John Estrada caught on NAIA

On the NEWS:

John Estrada, a Filipino actor, was caught by aviation security during an x-ray check-up on his hand carried bag. The x-ray showed 9 pieces of 9mm ammunitions. Report said, he was about to board a Malaysian airline bound for Kuala Lumpur.

The actor was told to provide documentation, however the actor failed to produce any documents. He would now be facing charges in violation of Presidential Decree 1866 or the law against illegal possession of ammunition.


WHEREAS, there has been an upsurge of crimes vitally affecting public order and safety due to the proliferation of illegally possessed and manufactured firearms, ammunition and explosives;

WHEREAS, these criminal acts have resulted in loss of human lives, damage to property and destruction of valuable resources of the country;

WHEREAS, there are various laws and presidential decrees which penalized illegal possession and manufacture of firearms, ammunition and explosives;

WHEREAS, there is a need to consolidate, codify and integrate said laws and presidential decrees to harmonize their provisions;

WHEREAS, there are some provisions in said laws and presidential decrees which must be updated and revised in order to more effectively deter violators of the law on firearms, ammunition and explosives.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers in me vested by the Constitution, do hereby decree:1awphi1©

Section 1. Unlawful Manufacture, Sale, Acquisition, Disposition or Possession of Firearms or Ammunition or Instruments Used or Intended to be Used in the Manufacture of Firearms of Ammunition. - The penalty of reclusion temporal in its maximum period to reclusion perpetua shall be imposed upon any person who shall unlawfully manufacture, deal in, acquire, dispose, or possess any firearm, part of firearm, ammunition or machinery, tool or instrument used or intended to be used in the manufacture of any firearm or ammunition.

If homicide or murder is committed with the use of an unlicensed firearm, the penalty of death shall be imposed.

If the violation of this Section is in furtherance of, or incident to, or in connection with the crimes of rebellion, insurrection or subversion, the penalty of death shall be imposed.

The penalty of reclusion temporal in its maximum period to reclusion perpetua shall be imposed upon the owner, president, manager, director or other responsible officer of any public or private firm, company, corporation or entity, who shall willfully or knowingly allow any of the firearms owned by such firm, company, corporation or entity to be used by any person or persons found guilty of violating the provisions of the preceding paragraphs.

The penalty of prision mayor shall be imposed upon any person who shall carry any licensed firearm outside his residence without legal authority therefore.

Section 2. Presumption of Illegal Manufacture of Firearms or Ammunition. - The possession of any machinery, tool or instrument used directly in the manufacture of firearms or ammunition, by any person whose business or employment does not lawfully deal with the manufacture of firearms or ammunition, shall be prima facie evidence that such article is intended to be used in the unlawful/illegal manufacture of firearms or ammunition.

Section 3. Unlawful Manufacture, Sales, Acquisition, Disposition or Possession of Explosives. - The penalty of reclusion temporal in its maximum period to reclusion perpetua shall be imposed upon any person who shall unlawfully manufacture, assemble, deal in, acquire, dispose or possess handgrenade(s), rifle grenade(s) and other explosives, including but not limited to "philbox bombs", "molotov cocktail bomb", "fire-bombs", or other incendiary devices capable of producing destructive effect on contiguous objects or causing injury or death to any person.1awphi1©ITC
Any person who commits any of the crimes defined in the Revised Penal Code or special laws with the use of the aforementioned explosives, detonation agents or incendiary devices, which results in the death of any person or persons shall be punished with the penalty of death.If the violation of this Section is in furtherance of, or incident to, or in connection with the crimes of rebellion, insurrection or subversion, the penalty of death shall be imposed.The penalty of reclusion temporal in its maximum period to reclusion perpetua shall be imposed upon the owner, president, manager, director or other responsible officer of any public or private firm, company, corporation or entity, who shall willfully or knowingly allow any of the explosives owned by such firm, company, corporation or entity to be used by any person or persons found guilty of violating the provisions of the preceding paragraphs.

Section 4. Presumption of Unlawful Manufacture. - The possession of any machinery, tool or instrument directly used in the manufacture of explosives, by any person whose business or employment does not lawfully deal with the manufacture of explosives shall be prima facie evidence that such article is intended to be used in the unlawful/illegal manufacture of explosives.

Section 5. Tampering of Firearm's Serial Number. - The penalty of prision mayor shall be imposed upon any person who shall unlawfully tamper, change, deface or erase the serial number of any firearm.

Section 6. Repacking or Altering the Composition of Lawfully Manufactured Explosives. - The penalty of prision mayor shall be imposed upon any person who shall unlawfully repack, alter or modify the composition of any lawfully manufactured explosives.

Section 7. Unauthorized Issuance of Authority to Carry Firearm and/or Ammunition Outside of Residence. - The penalty of prision correccional shall be imposed upon any person, civilian or military, who shall issue authority to carry firearm and/or ammunition outside of residence, without authority therefor.

Section 8. Rules and Regulations. - The Chief of the Philippine Constabulary shall promulgate the rules and regulations for the effective implementation of this Decree.

Section 9. Repealing Clause. - The provisions of Republic Act No. 4, Presidential Decree No. 9, Presidential Decree No. 1728 and all laws, decrees, orders, instructions, rules and regulations which are inconsistent with this Decree are hereby repealed, amended or modified accordingly.

Section 10. Effectivity. - This Decree shall take effect after fifteen (15) days following the completion of its publication in the Official Gazette. Done in the City of Manila, this 29th day of June, in the year of
Our Lord, nineteen hundred and eighty-three.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Free Tibet

When I was young, I thought Tibet was a sovereign country; it is only now, because of the recent news on the Internet that I have come to know its present state. That Tibet is a Chinese controlled territory.

This year the eyes of the world would be on China for the Beijing Olympics to be held there. In China’s point of view it seems that the exiled government of Tibet, the Dalai Lama as their leader, is taking this opportunity to recover their country. However, the Dalai Lama and his government-in-exile denied this allegation.

If you look on the history of Tibet, the country is struggling for independence for decades. And as of this moment in time rallies, protests, and revolts are happening again. It is the same struggle for independence, history repeating itself. It would be the biggest revolt against China.

The saddest thing is, independence comes with a very expensive price. Right now, we are hearing reports of death from this uprising. Innocent people are being killed (directly or indirectly), taken into prison, and arrested.

I hope China will handle this situation with utmost care, the Chinese government should undertake the necessary measures, even to a point of giving up with the battle and granting Tibet its freedom.

As I recall this phrase from a famous Filipino song, “Ibon mang may layang lumipad, kulungin mo at umiiyak.” I don’t know the exact translation to this but here is mine “Like birds freely fly, cage them and they will cry.” I guess that’s it, it is human nature to ask for independence, as birds’ nature is to fly.

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EB Babe Saida Video

To Saida.. I only met you once but you took my heart..

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Manny Pacquiao Richest Boxer in the Philippines

Winning once again against Mexican boxer Juan Marquez, snatching the WBC super featherweight crown. It was not an easy fight, Marquez manage to score high against Pacquiao, however, Manny knocked him down on the third round giving it a crucial impact on Manny’s win.

“5.5 million dollars” that’s more or less 230 million pesos! That was the overall total of what our boxing icon, Manny Pacquiao, earned says Freddie Roach. Making Manny Pacquiao the richest boxer of all time here in the Philippines.

And there is more to come if he would accept Marquez’s 3rd rematch. That would surely be more than the last bout. And it doesn’t stop there yet, Freddie Roach said, Manny will be going up to 135 pounds and do some box sweep on the WBC lightweight division.

I guess the last fight was just a beginning of more fights to come for Pacquiao. More excitement for the Filipino people as we, thru Manny, raise our pride as a Filipino.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A letter to my Baby Christiane Francine

Another letter I wrote years ago. Sometime on June 2004. Many things have changed since I wrote this letter.
"Behold the greatest gift that God blessed upon me. She utter words that questions my thoughts, but it speaks with meanings deeper to the core of my heart.

Life is precious for it is of God. And, to bring forth life is a miraculous gift. And, to carry it onwards as it grows in the mile of our lives is a difficult responsibility, but together with it is an unspeakable joy, a joy not only of this world but also of heavenly nature. It is like hearing angels sing harmoniously.

Now, behold yourself for you are the greatest gift, a gift so pure and chaste. You bring unexplainable joy to my life. You are so precious to me. Your smile is greater than Eden and it nourishes my heart. The way you mold your face with different expressions, brings me laughter that is invaluable. Your eyes! Yes your eyes my dear! Makes me feel in love, like loving for the first time. Like first love that last forever, mine also is everlasting.

To be your father I know would be hard. Thanks to your mom that gives me strength and courage in the way, “sometimes”, cause she knows I am weak inside. I am sorry, my daughter, If I could not play my part as a good father. Taking these first inches in this mile-long journey of our lives as a father is harder than I have ever expected. It would require for me great strength and good judgment, these things I yet long to find and learn. Pardon me for this, for discovering the secrets of fatherhood will take time. I am still amateur.

I envy your mother, for she knows much on being a great parent than I do. I idolize her. Hold on to her arms always so you wont get lost. Always listen to her words, for it will open your eyes to the truth of this world. Love her for she is the greatest mother and wife in the world. She will bring you to your success, not only in profession, but also more on the true success of being a righteous person, in the eyes of men and in the eyes of God. She will always comfort you, especially in times of pain. She will be there for you when you need her. She loves you so much and she will never change and tire in guiding and loving you.

I want you to know that it is very important to do one’s best to achieve greater learning in many fields. Having knowledge of music, in visual arts, letters, accounting, history, sports, technology, science, mathematics, and even in medicine, and many more.

This great deal of greed in knowledge and learning, I want you to carry on these traits for it will separate you from the rests. So you wont be oppressed and neglected. Consider yourself not as intelligent but be wise and clever. But one important thing, be not like me, for I have missed one field of mastery, to understand and learn even the basic ways and virtues of life.

It is a great irony that I have not been able to open my eyes and see the importance of this field. I was very busy and conceited, like a fool, eager to learn many things, yet what I did not notice was there is this “one thing” that we need to become a greater individual, that is what separates me from your mama, for she have understood the basic ways and virtues of life. Take it from her I love her for that.

One of these days, I will be a great father for you. From this moment on, I will do my best in achieving that, as long as I am able. I will make you happy in all the simple blessings that God will offer us. I will let you sing in all the problems you may encounter. Before I die, I promise, I will see to it that you will remember me as a very loving father, although, not a perfect one. I will hold in my hands your would-be future. I will be there for you.

Life is full of beautiful things my baby, I want you to always look closely even to the tiniest beauty of life’s blessings, and keep your eyes away from bad things, and I promise you, it would surely bring joy and peace in your heart. The same joy you will also feel when you open your heart and help others.

I know, from now, it would still be many years that you would be able to read this letter, yet I know right now at my side you knew and felt that it is my love for you that inspired me to write these words. And when the time comes you could read this letter, I wish it would help you through rough times, and wish that every time you would come to read this, you would also love me even if I were gone for the rest of your life.

Don’t ever be afraid of trouble, cause Jesus Christ will always be there with you as it is in your name. Feel free to ask Him any thing and if you believe, it will be given to you. You might ask why I wanted your first name to be Christiane, it is because I wanted you to be always close to Him.

You will always be my baby.

Your loving father
Francis Daniel V. Maning "

Hey smoker

Government Warning: Cigarette Smoking is dangerous to your health!

This warning are seen on every cigarette packs here in the Philippines. Yet, no matter the warning given by the government, cigarette smoking is still very rampant here in the Philippines, and the saddest thing is the young people of our nation are easily get addicted into it.

Why is that? Is it maybe because majority of the people here in the Philippines wont buy packs of cigars, they settle buying for per sticks, that they wont be able to see the warnings themselves. That’s a funny thing.

In my own opinion, there are many factors that would contribute to an early start of smoking amongst the youth. One is, the parents themselves. It is more likely that a teen would smoke if the parents themselves puff cigars. Another is the influence teenagers get from school, barkadas, and friends. The teen may do this to fit in a particular group or association of friends that would somehow make them look cool. It could also be a form of rebellion towards their parent when they are dissatisfied for the attention that they need.

In a teenagers’ life, it is very easy nowadays to get into smoking, but not as easy to get out of. My advices, for teenagers planning to smoke, don’t do it, to the smokers? When will you stop? Until it’s to late that there will come a time that you will long for air? Or worse yet, you will just wait to die? Hehehe.. No offense smokers!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Bloggers Mini EB at Brews Point

Little things really matter. That’s what I can say about my first met up with fellow bloggers here in Cebu. It started when I posted a topic at about a possible Eyeball with bloggers here in Cebu.

Total attendance was only 7, which includes me, it was not a big number actually, but it surely was not what I have expected. It was a nice start though. To name them, wil, rodel, von, tibor, agnes, maibe, and me.

It is amazing that these people not only love to blog and write much, but they also love to talk and share their experiences, knowledge, and ideas. The whole afternoon we were able to discuss about blogging, bloggers association in Cebu, how to promote traffic, tools to use, useful websites for bloggers, and many more.

Among that were discussed was the use of Entrecard, I surely learned a new thing about the eyeball, it gave additional traffic, additional connection with fellow bloggers that gave way to exchanging links.

It was a little event, an informal gathering that has contributed a good impact to my experience as a new blogger. I hope that was a good start for all of us. And to all that attended, I hope I will see you sooner in the future. May we have more gatherings to come. And may all of us not tire in helping new bloggers that may come before us.

More power to us all.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Manny Pacquiao - Greatest Hits

A tribute to our very own Philippine Boxing Icon.. Pabuenas ni.. Goodluck!

Food Quality System

To arrive home early, this is what I get for attending the Waterfront Food Quality System. Other than getting home early, I also gained plenty of thoughts and additional info about the topic. Also, the best thing is getting paid for work for two days attending the seminar, not a rough life is it? Hope it would be seminar the whole month round!

Before I had the seminar, I did not know that the issue of food safety is that delicate and that it should be given utmost attention. Take for example; by just washing your hands before and during work you would be able to prevent the spread of phatogenic bacteria, which if taken internally may lead to a food borne illness. No wonder, Hand Washing is in the top list on the policies imposed.

Bacteria are microbiological organism that is unseen in our naked eye. Some are harmless and some are harmful enough that it could even paralyze and kill. Grrr. Bacteria could be transmitted in many different ways, and the food that we take are always at stake. And if not transmitted, it could grow on the food itself. Oh my, good thing our body is enough to handle a few amounts of it inside. However, if this amount exceeds its limit, it’s another story.

Luckily, because of HACCP, these food borne illnesses could be prevented or minimized. A reliable food safety is already being practiced; Waterfront Hotels in particular has its own way of reacting to this hazard.

HACCP or Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point is the main core of the system. Because of this internationally used system, when it comes to food safety, the Waterfront Food Quality Manual is derived. On this manual are policies listed to guide every individual (in or outside the hotel, which is directly or indirectly in contact with its food products) in handling food items. From proper hand washing, correct food temperatures, required government permits, to maintaining clean equipments, etc.

Waterfront Food Quality System is a system Waterfront Hotels are using to maintain the best quality of their food products. Thus providing utmost food safety to hotel guests and clients.

My message to the guest, from the food suppliers up to your table, it is rest assured that the meal you are taking have undergone a rigid test within the system. Making you feel at home as if you yourself prepared your meal.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

When is the Best Time to Connect?

By Cora Maning - Lahug Elementary School Teacher
my mother

When things in life get rough, and you need a shoulder to lean on, come to me and I’ll lead you.

Oftentimes, people remember God only when their struggles prove to be too much and too many for them to face alone.
A teacher’s life may not be a bed of roses but it’s full of grace from God. Every time problems come across, there’s always Him who helps us carry the load.

A message from A. J. Russell in “God Calling”, God said, “If you only had sought my friendship long ago many of your difficulties would not have existed. Your life would have been different.”

Of course, if given the chance to be born again, I would still want to be a teacher, and I know some teachers do.

There might be difficult times for us, times that we realize we have no more time for ourselves. A day is never enough for our pupils, friends and family.

However, after a day’s work, a teacher asks, “What have I done today?”

Life may not be easy for all of us and there are times we want to fall. The only strength that melts all thread of burden and tiresome moments is God’s presence in our lives.

He is a Good Shepherd as we are to our pupils.

When is the best time to connect to God? He said, “Seek Me early, that is the only way to find Me.”
Find time to talk to Him from 3:00 – 4:00 AM before He gets crowded by life’s troubles, difficulties, demands and pressures.

Sto. Niño Church

Another day-off for me, another time for my family, my baby. I decided to take her to the usual place we always go to when I somehow remember God. It is sad to say that I always forget to say thank you to God for His blessings. I only remember Him when I am down, and that ‘is’ a sad thing. I think most people do. I admire people who go to church every Sunday.

Anyway, this visit now is not to go to Him because
I am down but rather to visit Him to say thanks. I was happy that that day I was able to visit Him, and most of all I brought my kid with me. I took her to Jesus’ house of worship. Although we weren’t able to attend the mass, but we were able to light some candles and pray.

It is so amazing that Sto. Niño has changed a lot by time. Sto. Niño is not just for worship anymore, there are also people coming over to see the aged old church, a church that had become one of Cebu’s symbol, and not only for the island of Cebu, but also for it’s people.

The church symbolizes the strong faith of the Cebuano people towards Jesus Christ. As time goes by, the church may age, but the faith of the devotos will always rebirth thru their offspring. I may not be a devoto myself, I am just a regular sinner who in reality could never change, but before I die, I want to impart the respect, fear and love for God to my child for her to learn that God is the only place to go, to make oneself comfortable in times of insecurity. I want her to be like me, when faced with questions that could not be answered, I immediately turn to God.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Janina San Miguel - Bb. Pilipinas 2008 Q&A (complete)

SMF - Forum

SMF stands for Simple Machines Forum, it is the forum software that I used on my site and its free;

I have not posted for days now. I was so busy creating this forum on my site. At first I thougth its impossible. Whew, it was not impossible though, but sure is not easy. I have created this forum now and its already gaining members by time. You go check it out if you like. The link is :

Without any background in web programing and
coding stuff, I took myself to the test. It was hard, I needed to learn new stuff, read all the papers needed and thanks God i did made it.

The next step was changing the themes on the forum, its not that hard, you just upload it and extract all the files then install, only it is server sided way.

The next problem I encountered was putting the ads on my Forum, this is the hard part, since not all themes can easily be edited. Somehow, thru trial and error, i changed the themes programming from the inside, i happen to solved it.

Well, my forum is up and running. Good thing. I hope I'll gain more members by time.. Please I would love to see you register there and share your thoughts.
Ciao people!

Monday, March 10, 2008


As I was rearranging my room, I happen to browse some old notes that I have, it so happen I found this letter that I made years ago. I wrote this letter for my ex-wife the night before our marriage. Sad thing is, it didn't work well. Anyways life goes on..

Dated April 3, 2004

"The road is long and our journey is about to start. In this road there shall be day and there shall be night. There shall be times that the sun shall warm us, and times that the sun shall part us. It shall rain and shall it be sad and it shall often times be merry. In that road you will guide me with the light of your love when I am lost. Like a lighthouse you shall glow so I can find my way in the darkness of the sea. Find my way back to you, my home, my family, and the only destination I can see.

You are my family, a family not of my blood but have become my blood. Be it known to all that you are now a part of me, a special part of myself. You are the true person who holds the key to my heart, a person who knows myself more than I do. The years of my life are yours forever.

Many people said that marriage is the greatest gift a person can give to his or her love one. But marriage is just a word, a one-time event that shall be forgotten. But on this day, it is not only marrying that I have given and pledge. On this moment I will give the greatest gift that I can give, my life, myself, and my love be yours forever. What more can a man give than his own life? These gifts are more than words, they are actions. These gifts are more than events, it is a lifetime. More than a man could remember, it is history. The one that I have promised to you ever since the day I held your hand.

Together we shall have the fruits of our love, and together we shall grow older. And if you can recall what I have told you way back years ago, I quote “One day we shall sit together side by side with our gray hairs and shall marvel and tell ourselves and our grandchildren of what a wonderful life we had. A life that is full of adventures.”

We shall also recall that on this day, April 4TH, 2004, we were held one. Yes, we are one now, love is the reason. God is the reason for God is love. And He will always be the reason of it all.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Strength of A Man

The strength of a man isn't seen in the width of his shoulders.It's in the width of his arms that encircle you.
The strength of a man isn't in the deep tone of his voice.It's in the gentle words he whispers.
The strength of a man isn't how many buddies he has.It's how
good a buddy he is with his children.
The strength of a man isn't in how respected he is at work.It's in how respected he is at home.
The strength of a man isn't in how hard he hits.It's in how tender he touches.
The strength of a man isn't in the hair on his chest.It's in his heart, that lies within his chest.
The strength of a man isn't how many women he's loved.It's in being true to one woman.
The strength of a man isn't in the weight he can lift.It's in the burdens he can carry.

© July 15, 1999 Jacqueline Marie Griffiths

via Pulpit Helps

Source for the above poem:

In the past, man depicts power, authority, and dominance. These qualities were derived from our previous ancestors. Who once lived in caves or jungles during those times, it is the physical strength of man that puts him on top. By his strength he draws his power, authority, and dominance.

This was the past. And by time, this status has changed dramatically. The meaning of Manliness in present is determined not anymore by physical attributes. Man’s manliness is now more highlighted on the values that govern his character and personality.

Man’s strength is grounded on his values, and is visible thru his character. These values will always differ from one man to another. As each person’s values in life are not the same. The key to unlocking this strength is first discovering the values in life. From these values he would then be able to set his goals in his life.

I am not a man of strength myself. But I draw this strength from my child, which in turn opens my eyes to the values that I should possess. Outline my goals. If I cannot realize my dreams then better be dreaming than not dreaming at all.

Long ago, measuring a man’s strength is determine by man’s struggle against the challenges of his environment, in these modern times it is the struggle against himself that will measure his strength.

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