About Me

Hi! Im Francis Daniel Maning, thanks for visiting my blog. What is on I Sugbo or Istayl Sugbo? It's just everything under the SUN. But majority of my posts are connected with Cebu City, the place where I live in. I write stories about my experiences, write something for my friends or clients. I sell or offer services as part of my effort for additional income.

I used to work as a Team Leader or Supervisor at a restaurant here in Cebu. I also worked as a Sushi Chef at a Hotel here in Cebu City. Now I spend my time writing articles and doing just about anything that give me extra MONEY. It is not easy doing so, there are times you get discouraged and disappointed, at times it can also be rewarding. I love to cook, and my interest is broad and wide. I like to write and read and write again and read again and that's the reason why I blog.
Sometimes I do cooking sessions and food demo for food lovers and aspiring chefs. I teach kids how to cook too. And I also give advice to business people who plans to start a food business.

Im a simple and easy-to-get-along-with guy with a nice sense of humor. I talk most of the time but I always do the listening for someone who needs to be listened. Everything I do in life, I do for my daughter Christiane Francine Maning, my life and my family. I am her father at the same time as her mother. I always do my best to be a good parent for her.

I also love to go places I have never been before. See new things, write about it and talk about it. I love to sing and listen to music.

Just add me, blurem23'at'yahoo.com on Facebook, just replace the "at" with the "@", that’s my primary email address, so if you want to talk to me about something, just send me a message.

If you want to keep in touch with my post, please do subscribe to my updates.

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