Tuesday, March 11, 2008

SMF - Forum

SMF stands for Simple Machines Forum, it is the forum software that I used on my site and its free; http://www.simplemachines.org/

I have not posted for days now. I was so busy creating this forum on my site. At first I thougth its impossible. Whew, it was not impossible though, but sure is not easy. I have created this forum now and its already gaining members by time. You go check it out if you like. The link is :http://istaylsugbo.890m.com/forum/

Without any background in web programing and
coding stuff, I took myself to the test. It was hard, I needed to learn new stuff, read all the papers needed and thanks God i did made it.

The next step was changing the themes on the forum, its not that hard, you just upload it and extract all the files then install, only it is server sided way.

The next problem I encountered was putting the ads on my Forum, this is the hard part, since not all themes can easily be edited. Somehow, thru trial and error, i changed the themes programming from the inside, i happen to solved it.

Well, my forum is up and running. Good thing. I hope I'll gain more members by time.. Please I would love to see you register there and share your thoughts.
Ciao people!

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