Saturday, October 31, 2009

17 month old Toddler who knows how to read

I cant imagine when I heard of a 17 month old toddler who already knows how to read words, below is a video interview of the parents together with the reading baby. :-)

Can we assume that this baby is a genius? A significant sign of evolution? What else it may be, this news would surely amaze anyone who watches this video.

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When is the best time for Teachers to connect?

By Cora Maning - Lahug Elementary School Teacher
my mother

When things in life get rough, and you need a shoulder to lean on, come to me and I’ll lead you.

Oftentimes, people remember God only when their struggles prove to be too much and too many for them to face alone.
A teacher’s life may not be a bed of roses but it’s full of grace from God. Every time problems come across, there’s always Him who helps us carry the load.

A message from A. J. Russell in “God Calling”, God said, “If you only had sought my friendship long ago many of your difficulties would not have existed. Your life would have been different.”

Of course, if given the chance to be born again, I would still want to be a teacher, and I know some teachers do.

There might be difficult times for us, times that we realize we have no more time for ourselves. A day is never enough for our pupils, friends and family.

However, after a day’s work, a teacher asks, “What have I done today?”

Life may not be easy for all of us and there are times we want to fall. The only strength that melts all thread of burden and tiresome moments is God’s presence in our lives.

He is a Good Shepherd as we are to our pupils.

When is the best time to connect to God? He said, “Seek Me early, that is the only way to find Me.”
Find time to talk to Him from 3:00 – 4:00 AM before He gets crowded by life’s troubles, difficulties, demands and pressures.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Maribago Bluewaters Review

Here in Cebu, the weather is perfect all year round. If you are a Cebuano, you have the ability to spend your day on a beach everyday. However, because of life's necessity, we often forget to spend that special day for ourselves. How marvelous it is to be remembered that I need a time for myself, a time for the beach, a time for blue waters.

When I was dozing my way as usual over the WWW I came across Maribago bluewater blog, what a great way to enjoy a retreat to the beach. Saw their Maribago Bluewater video on Youtube and happen to know that bloggers are invited to visit Maribago Bluewater on a Sunday for free!

Maribago Bluewater Beach Resort gives you the comfort of home in a little paradise. Accommodations are Royal Bungalow, Anuma SPA Suites, Deluxe Rooms, and all are fully airconditioned. To have more details on Maribago Bluewater accommodations you can visit here.

For the food and beverage lovers, you can dine at Maribago's 7 F&B outlets.

Your first stop should be Maribago's main restaurant, the Allegro restaurant, dine besides the pool or within the air-conditioned dining area.

Next will be The Cove, offering fresh seafoods and an open sea view to compliment the culinary treat.

Molto Joli, is an Italian Café that offers fresh salads, pasta, pizza, sandwiches and desserts, as well as cool refreshments. Fronting the Bluewater Art Gallery that features unique works by Filipino Artists, it is the perfect place for an intimate get-together. Open daily from 10:0am to 10:00pm.

If you are in for a healthy retreat, take your time at the Amuma Spa Café & Juice Bar,
it provides healthy salads and juices.

Oyster Bar at The Cove, its open from 10 am to 10 pm, offers happy hours special, and will surely be great to spend the coming of the night while enjoying a drink or two before going to bed.

Exhausted by fun? Relax by the Pool Bar and grab some cocktail and refreshment blends that will quench the thirst after a hearty fun in the sun.

Need more time with friends or family? Try the Recreation Bar, Nicknamed the RecBar, it is located in Bluewater’s Recreation Center. Enjoy drinks and refreshments while you play a round of billiards or table tennis. Open daily from 8:00am to 10:00 pm.

There is nothing more wonderful and amazing than to enjoy life than by the beach. :-) For the complete info about how to join this event, you can visit PinoyWorld.

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Cebu Insurance - Life, Non-Life, Property

Insurance, Cebu Life insurance in particular, is a form of risk management designed to protect a person and his family or property from an unexpected disaster or loss. It is a transfer of obligations after the incident have occurred. Prior to that premiums must be paid on a scheduled basis. Having an insurance in Cebu is vital for a good financial planning and security. However, one must asses his long term financial commitment to that insurance as well. Because of its risky nature, an individual must carefully choose his insurance company very well since there are many insurance company here in Cebu, one must realize that it is important that once you have selected your insurance company, it is good for the remainder of your lifetime. During emergencies and unexpected calamities, there are types of insurance packages that you could use during these times by requesting a withdrawal or loan perhaps.

Now ask yourself what type of insurance do you need? If you are in Cebu and you need an insurance. It could be a time consuming activity. You also cant guarantee about what insurance company you should choose.

Tips for Choosing your Best Insurance Company here in Cebu:

1. Financial Stability of the Insurance Company.
2. Best Customer Service and Support.
3. Insurance Company must registered by the SEC and has a good standing record or reputation.
4. Bank or Financial Institution tie-ups is also important.
5. The insurance company must have offices here in Cebu.
6. Good coverage and must have a variety of insurance choices that would fit your need.

If you are looking for a person to help you with Insurance matters, please contact Francis Daniel Maning at text 09065120673.

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cebu Loans

Are you in need of Cash? Looking for Cebu Loans, Cebu SSS Pension Loans, GSIS Pension Loans?


Cebu Pension loan

sss gsis pension loan
Bring all the requirements and it's available in 1 hour
only 4.5% per month


1. Atm card
2. Balance inquiry receipt
3. 1pc 2x2 colored id picture
4. Residence Certificate (current year)
5. Photocopy of valid id (sss/ gsis/ driver's license)
6. Retirement voucher or 3 months bank statement
7. Comaker (with valid ids)

Text us at 09065120673  Francis Daniel Maning

Cebu Cake Ingredients

If you want to try your hands on making your very own cake or designing or molding chocolate and sugar garnishes, the place you would want to visit is Kerry's Bakestop.

Kerry's Bakestop offers a wide variety of cake ingredients, chocolate confectioneries, desert ingredients, sweets, flours, etc.

cebu cake ingredients
cake ingredient cebu
Kerry's Bakestop provides the cheapest cake ingredients here in Cebu.

You can find everything you need at Kerry's Bakestop when it comes to cake confectionery in Cebu. Kerry's Bakestop near Redemptorist Church besides Chowking. The shop is focused on providing high-quality chocolates, cakes decorations, cake ingredients. And a variety of cake flavor offerings to choose from. And a very affordable and reasonable price for cake ingredients and confectioneries.

When it comes to Cebu cake ingredients and baking ingredients, its Kerry's Bakestop.\

For product inquires and bulk orders, Carolyn Tan at 2538877

Cebu Guitar Lesson

guitar lesson cebu city Hi I'm Jon Vistal, I am a musician, play the guitar and sing some numbers. I have a band here in Cebu called Blacksmoke DMZ, we occasionally play in some party places, bars, restobars here in Cebu. Music have been and always will be my passion. And if you think we share the same interest, maybe I could help you discover your potential.

cebu guitar lessons

Guitar tutorials / lessons offered

cebu guitar lessons
I am currently accepting guitar lessons here in Cebu, I can teach you from the basics to advance guitar lessons, here in Cebu City in particular. Have me a call or email me, and we will talk about it. My hourly rate is the cheapest and affordable so far.

cebu guitarist lessonCURRICULUM VITAE
Deofrey V. Vistal
City Address:
#24 Middle Nivel Hills
Lahug Cebu City
Voice Contacts Details:
+63 915 2727020
+ 63 32 232 8402 Philippines 6000
Email Address:

Friday, October 23, 2009

Visayas Bloggers Choice - Cebu Bloggers Society

Congratulations to the Cebu Bloggers Society blog for winning the Visayas' Bloggers' Choice awards.

The event was held at the City Sports Club Business Park Cebu.
Visayas’ Bloggers’ Choice Award – Cebu Bloggers Society
Best Visayas Locale Blog – Explore Iloilo
Best Visayan Blog – Dahong Laya
philippine blog awards visayas

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