Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sto. Niño Church

Another day-off for me, another time for my family, my baby. I decided to take her to the usual place we always go to when I somehow remember God. It is sad to say that I always forget to say thank you to God for His blessings. I only remember Him when I am down, and that ‘is’ a sad thing. I think most people do. I admire people who go to church every Sunday.

Anyway, this visit now is not to go to Him because
I am down but rather to visit Him to say thanks. I was happy that that day I was able to visit Him, and most of all I brought my kid with me. I took her to Jesus’ house of worship. Although we weren’t able to attend the mass, but we were able to light some candles and pray.

It is so amazing that Sto. Niño has changed a lot by time. Sto. Niño is not just for worship anymore, there are also people coming over to see the aged old church, a church that had become one of Cebu’s symbol, and not only for the island of Cebu, but also for it’s people.

The church symbolizes the strong faith of the Cebuano people towards Jesus Christ. As time goes by, the church may age, but the faith of the devotos will always rebirth thru their offspring. I may not be a devoto myself, I am just a regular sinner who in reality could never change, but before I die, I want to impart the respect, fear and love for God to my child for her to learn that God is the only place to go, to make oneself comfortable in times of insecurity. I want her to be like me, when faced with questions that could not be answered, I immediately turn to God.

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