Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Patience of St. Joseph

The Patience of St. Joseph

Just this afternoon I heard my friend Keziah Reyes telling a story in front of my colleagues and it was all about the homily from the day’s mass. It was about a girl who never had met the man of her life. She had in her possession a statue of St. Joseph, the biological father of Jesus, whom she believed that if she’d pray to him everyday, Saint Joseph would endow her a companion in her life. As the days passed by, no one came. Years have already passed yet still no body came for her, and then she began to lose hope. Until she turned 40, she was so depressed that she got angry at the statue that she threw the statue out of her window.

Then suddenly a knock on her door came and it was a man, whose head was bleeding because something hit him, it turns out that it was the statue of St. Joseph that hit him. The man came inside her house and from henceforth they fell in love with each other and they live happily ever after!

St. Joseph is known to be a saint of patience, perseverance, persistence, and hard work. St. Joseph is a patron against doubt, uncertainty, and hesitation. He is the patron saint for workers and laborers.

If the person have the ability to wait, endure, and persevere in times of uncertainty, doubt, provocation, trials, etc. God will provide, and I tell you, He shows it in the most remarkable way, when you least expect it!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Love Lost

Let me dwell in a place where only my true love can find me..
Let her carry me in her arms like a motherless child..
Let her love and comfort arrest me..
Let me submit myself as a slave loosing his freedom..
Let your breath be my breathing life..
Accept me in your arms and lock me in your heart’s prison..
I long for your touch, your kisses, your hugs..
You define womanhood, I could ask nothing more..
Let me feel the feelings I once felt,
the night I held your body close to mine..
A night of bliss and a night of pure happiness..
Let me dwell in this place and forever wait until your return..
In this silence of the night I lay, my eyes closed and lost in fantasy..
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