Monday, March 24, 2008

When Love Turns Around

Hi there people, it has been a long time since I made a post. I don’t know if it was because of my busy schedules or is it because I have lost my passion to write. Well, here I am again. I missed the thinking and the writing in front of my PC.

I came back here in my blog because I want to share with you a very special thing that happened to me. I met this lady, I won’t mention her name because she might not like it and also it is without her knowledge that I am writing this. Let me just call her Sipat.

I call her Sipat, because she’s a fun loving lady, or shall I say a fun loving girl. It was months long ago that I happen to have met her, but it was only on a one rainy evening that I happen to get to know her better. And I believe it happened for a purpose, and not just a coincidence.

I was on my way out from work, hour overtime from the usual time I go out. My friend and me stayed for a while on the employees waiting area hoping that the rain would cease before we could take off with our bike. But the rain did not stop and it poured slowly and slowly as if it won’t even going to stop, so we decided to just wet ourselves and go home.

I then rode my bike and he rode his, and as we turned left, the usual route we take, a guard stopped us and told us to turn around and make a right turn. My body was soaked in rain that night, and I was so eager to go home. As we were nearing the exit, a shout called out for my name and I saw that it was my friends enjoying some beer also waiting for the rain to stop. They requested me to join them and so did I.

Minutes afterward, three ladies joined in, and it was my friend’s wife and her co-workers. Among the three, there I laid my eyes on Sipat. My first impression on her was nothing especial at all. But as we converse, and as I get to know her bit by bit, little by little, a little spark within me is slowly growing. And it is the comfort of talking with her that makes me think, this beautiful lady is different. We then became good friends. She is a very friendly person and she usually brings out the life of the crowd. She laughs a lot, moves a lot, and talks a lot. Sipat that is. Day by day, I never stopped thinking about her. And she never left my heart too. Maybe this is love, for if this is not love, then I don’t know what else to call it. Every time I am with her I experience ethereal joy.

Until one early morning, as I was about to send her home after a party, I never hesitated to tell her what I feel. The response I got was “You would only be hurt.” Then I asked why, she said “Know me first.” After that I didn’t bother asking her again, because when I did, I only get the same answers. It is only now that I know that her heart already belongs to somebody else, and that she is committed towards that other person.

And it is sad, knowing that the feeling is right, and all circumstances were in harmony, as if all the stars are aligned, and expecting that there will be her and me. You thought destiny was on your side, and that everything was a perfect plan that would bring you together. And later on being broken hearted by the fact that she’s not free.

All the things that happened, happened with a purpose. The overtime from work, the rain, the guard, the detour, the stopover, and the met up, all these to teach me that love does turn around. And things do happen the way you don’t want them to be.

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