Monday, March 31, 2008

Half Cup Less - Philippine Rice Shortage

As of the moment, in disbelief I wondered how did this happen? I’m hearing about a rice shortage? My goodness. The Philippines is a rice eating country. Although we don’t export rice, the Philippines is considered one of the biggest rice producers in the world. And it is so ironic that the people now are advised to eat half of the rice they used to eat, which is, a bad thing. Considering Philippines supposedly has an agricultural economic set-up. Our lands are fertile and we have farmers. Maybe it is the price we pay for neglecting our agricultural necessities. The government is too complacent about putting enough focus on agrarian reforms, additional research and machineries, farmer support, etc. Now we have come to a point wherein everyone is affected. And the people who suffer the most are the poor who rely on rice. That includes my family, friends and me.

PROMDI - Probinsya Muna Development Initiative

If PROMDI or Probinsya Muna Development Initiative by Lito Osmeña have been pushed thru and implemented we might have avoided this scenario. If there was only a person who embodied this ideal about concentrating on the development on the outskirts or in the provinces by creating projects that would develop and utilize resources effectively and in a cost efficient way. Things like better road access, financial supports, additional training, community programs, or the Philippines could ask large business institutions to adapt-a-rice-field of some sort and giving them tax excemption benefits. Sounds crazy but any nice idea would do.

Eating Noodles

Eating instant noodles instead of rice, that is what the higher officials in the government are advising. This is a funny thing. Maybe they don’t know that we, the poor people, pair rice with noodles! Especially in the morning. Not just because it is easy to prepare but also because it is affordable. Everytime we need a soup to sip we always buy noodles. It also gives a feeling of being full in the stomach eventhough what was eaten was not nutritionally adviceable.

All I can say is, the government should take the necessary initiative. Study the agircultural system of the top rice exporting countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and even the U. S. A.

Oh, im sad, naiiyak na ako sa pinas. The Philippines makes me wanna cry.


  1. That's nice your supporting the half rice campaign

  2. Half rice option campaign is good. this way we can save rice.

    We need to save. We need to re-evaluate our lifestyle. Filipinos waste 14.4 million Pesos worth of rice a day - more than enough to feed our street children.

  3. i dont believe we can over come this crisis by asking advice to other countries, using hybrid rice n other alternative foods to replace rice, this were all temporary solution.we must think of long term solutions to . as we all know Philippine were rice producers and were well known to other countries because of our bounty of rice n corn. for me the only solution to this crisis is that we have to trace and uproot the cause of this problem and which i think its in the milling and other rice storages not to the retailers.the anomaly is in the rice storages such as granary and milling because
    this is the part were tons of rice processed and delivered to other warehouses and to other big rice retailers. let us think that were are thousands of sacks of rice stolen and why is that theres no any officials been able to foreseen this? or even act this anomaly to avoid this kind of crisis?.Its corruption, corruption is nothing new to the Philippines since the times of our great Dr. Jose Rizal. i believe its the big boys in the rice industry and the organization with in it.because why is it theres no one been able to detect thousands of rice being robe?


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