Tuesday, July 23, 2013

If only Mr. President would also mention Cebu City's Post Office in his SONA.

Finally, there is a President that confirms the corruption within Philippines Bureau of Customs.

President NoyNoy Aquino's latest SONA, the 4th State of the Nation Address (SONA) Monday, July 22, by President Benigno Aquino III is one step up for change. It was, for me, very impressive. The way he presents the information and the numbers related to our economy could easily be understood. Congratz President NoyNoy! The unforgettable part? A slap in the face for the Bureau of Customs! LOL. We all know there is something wrong inside that bureau. So many years, so many presidents, none ever tried to change it. Good thing we have NoyNoy looking into it now. Let us end the culture of corruption!

But wait, I am not satisfied yet! 

If only Mr. President would also mention Cebu City's Post Office in his SONA. Sometimes though, little things can be easily be overlooked. :C

Hello Mr. President, I hope you are reading this, can you please also include our Post Office Cebu Branch? Salamat po!

Is this a government institution? I am not sure if it is.. 

Based on my own experience. An ordinary Filipino citizen just want to have a Postal ID, but unfortunately did not continue, because after I finished all my requirements.... the most unforgettable thing happened. Even until now, I still cant get over it! huhu

According to the form downloaded on their website here, clearly, it says 

  • One Hundred Seventy Five Pesos (P175.00) for the fee therefore

But why? Displayed on the board, in a printed tarpaulin where you can see all the requirements, it says P338.00.

But why again? near the cashier, posted in a plain white bond paper, it says P558.00 for rush?

With limited budget and considering I am not in a hurry to get the ID,so I said I can go for the P338.00.

But why and why?!!! They dont accept P338.00 payment anymore, because only the P558.00 is available if you want a Postal ID! 

I hope somebody else out there shares the same story as mine, so we can atleast try to change this. 

If this is correct and I am the one that is mistaken or maybe I just did not try well to comprehend the information that was available to me, then I hope somebody can explain this, because in my own point of view, this is very misleading.

And one more thing, they wont give you the form if you dont have the requirements completed yet. Also, I have heard that there are people now having issues about their SSS checks. I dont have the complete details yet, but I believe these matters should be looked upon before it gets worse. 
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