Monday, March 10, 2008


As I was rearranging my room, I happen to browse some old notes that I have, it so happen I found this letter that I made years ago. I wrote this letter for my ex-wife the night before our marriage. Sad thing is, it didn't work well. Anyways life goes on..

Dated April 3, 2004

"The road is long and our journey is about to start. In this road there shall be day and there shall be night. There shall be times that the sun shall warm us, and times that the sun shall part us. It shall rain and shall it be sad and it shall often times be merry. In that road you will guide me with the light of your love when I am lost. Like a lighthouse you shall glow so I can find my way in the darkness of the sea. Find my way back to you, my home, my family, and the only destination I can see.

You are my family, a family not of my blood but have become my blood. Be it known to all that you are now a part of me, a special part of myself. You are the true person who holds the key to my heart, a person who knows myself more than I do. The years of my life are yours forever.

Many people said that marriage is the greatest gift a person can give to his or her love one. But marriage is just a word, a one-time event that shall be forgotten. But on this day, it is not only marrying that I have given and pledge. On this moment I will give the greatest gift that I can give, my life, myself, and my love be yours forever. What more can a man give than his own life? These gifts are more than words, they are actions. These gifts are more than events, it is a lifetime. More than a man could remember, it is history. The one that I have promised to you ever since the day I held your hand.

Together we shall have the fruits of our love, and together we shall grow older. And if you can recall what I have told you way back years ago, I quote “One day we shall sit together side by side with our gray hairs and shall marvel and tell ourselves and our grandchildren of what a wonderful life we had. A life that is full of adventures.”

We shall also recall that on this day, April 4TH, 2004, we were held one. Yes, we are one now, love is the reason. God is the reason for God is love. And He will always be the reason of it all.


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