Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Scam exposed by blogging (Edited due to legal reasons)

I have just watched a news on our local TV network ABS CBN Tv Patrol about an Australian guy. He wrote on his blog, about him being victimized by a Filipino socialite. In his blog he wrote on how he desperately wants his money back after selling his estate on Australia just to send it to his boyfriend. The $70,000 money was intended to open a restaurant and a travel agency in the Philippines. Only to know in the end that he was victimized by his boyfriend and is nowhere to be found, running away with his money. He also named a number of personalities that are connected with his ex-boyfriend, also addressing the issue to a local newspaper, wherein his boyfriend used to work, even sending letters to its president.

Included in his blog was how his boyfried satisfied his cocaine dependency using his money and getting large amounts of credits from other people, who his boyfriend was unable to pay. The turn of events on how he lost his money. How he handled the situation and how he handled himself in the situation.

I don’t want to comment much about this issue cause, I myself don’t know each side’s story. All I can say is it is a lesson that we should put in our minds. Everyone should think that the Internet is not a safe place, especially if money is involved.

Furthermore, because of blogging and using blogs as our tool, we can raise the awareness for these kinds of exploitations. It is amazing how powerful a blog could be used as a tool and influence people, in a good way.

To read more about it just search for Brian Gorrell .

If you find this post offensive in some way. You can notify the author thru email blurem23@yahoo.com

Watch the video:


  1. this was on the news this evening. Boy, some people are really in a bad fix. Talk about the power of the net and also blogging!

  2. Oopps...bloggers might get into trouble if they’re covering the issue. Ingat!

    Read more here: http://www.yugatech.com/blog/blogosphere/the-brian-gorrell-story-on-media-in-focus/

  3. I just posted this last night when I saw the news on ABS CBN TV Patrol. I have already edited my post. Thanks for the info bro..


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