Thursday, April 3, 2008

Playboy in the Philippines - A change in the Philippines' image

Playboy, an American adult magazine company, has just launched its Philippine copies. This would be a mark of another change in the image of the Philippines as a nation. Although indirectly, but I’m sure it will receive many criticisms and may even trigger protests. Not to mention the would-be reaction from the Catholic Church and the women societies.

Things do change in time. Launchings like these would have not been permitted if this had happened 10 years before our time.

The Philippine issues, however, wont show full frontal nudity as promised by its editors, “We’re adjusting it to local conditions” says Editor-In-Chief Beting Laygo Dolor. As Playboy had already ran into difficulties way back April 2006 on Indonesia, when their operations were temporarily suspended because of Muslim Protest against their magazines.

With Playboy’s brand name on the market, surely many readers would be already lining up for a copy. Not only for the Masculine Minded individual but I am sure many curious minds would grab one at least.

Where is the bunny?


  1. yes it does change the image of our country. But way back its already been changed. internet before were used as a communication,n business purposes.
    because of its dynamic ability and its popular demand until today, people use this as an opportunity to make easy profit entertainment using internet which are called "internet sex sites" and through this people who have computers or uses computer get hooked up by its exotic entertainment. but i believe the difference between the internet scandals from playboy magazines is that, is an exotic public entertainment compared to internet which usually used by only averaging 1-3 persons per usage of per computer.magazines can be an accessories or valuable thing fir entertainment that can be use any place.In short, magazine is a public entertainment which can be used and seen by everyone. having playboy in our country will change MORE our country's image

  2. waaa unsa man gyud gamit anang mga magazine na in-ana uy. arangan lang nuon cguro ang fhm kay naa man silay mga articles na gamit. pero ambot lang anang playboy. hugaw2x lng na.. hehehhee


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