Sunday, April 13, 2008

Corporate Blogging

As bloggers all know, there are already a large number of bloggers here in the Philippines. Blogs such as tech blogs, personal thoughts, food blogs, celebrity blogs, etc.. However, when it comes to corporate promotions, you could only point a few blogsites.

Corporate blogging in the Philippines is still in its infancy stage. What I mean is, not most companies here in the Philippines, utilize the search engine and the Internet to draw more customers, gain reputations, and of course raise sales.

Business enterprise should utilize the power of blogging. Considering the growth speed of information technology here in the Philippines and how most Filipinos rely on the Internet, endorsing a particular product or service would be easy. Blogging also reaches different market levels.

Companies should take this opportunity in the earliest possible time, since there are still few companies who have started; maybe it is the time they should take a different look on their business.

Who knows, one day, each business will hire a blogger to optimize blogs, create buzz, and gain traffic. What can you say about that?

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