Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dr. Hayden Kho Katrina Halili Scandal Victims

hayden kho katrina halili scandalI don’t know if any of you will agree on my point of view about this sensitive topic. Any comments are accepted however.

With all respect to women, I believe that Dr. Hayden Kho is also a victim. Although Mr. Kho violated Law on Violence Against Women and perhaps Ethical Code for Physicians, it doesn’t mean that Dr. Hayden Kho should be punished for expressing himself thru the videos that he made. It is just similar to keeping a naked picture of your girlfriend on your wallet. He may have taken the video secretly, but it was clear that there was no intention on his part to release it to the public. He only wants to keep it to himself. Considering that there are already videos, a number of it already, that he took before there was Katrina Halili.

He should however face the consequences, like what Katrina Halili wants, for the PRC to revoke the license of Dr. Kho, but I don’t think he needs to go to prison for this. He needs to pay too. The main focus should be on the individuals who, without permission from him, extracted the files from his laptop and published the videos on the Internet. Therefore damaging the lives to those people involved. Making Katrina Halili to have the most of the damage. I believe that people should not be so judgmental with Hayden or with Katrina. They are the victims. I am saying this because, I always hear different points of view from different people, and all are not good and are focused mainly on the people on the video, which I believe is wrong. What we should be after are those people who are the root of this , those people who opened Kho’s password protected laptop and keeping a copies of the video and publishing it on the net.


  1. Overrated na tong scandal na to.

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  4. Sana maparusahan na si Hayden Kho,kasi di naman tama yung ginawa nya eih...Masyado nyang binaboy ang mga babae..

  5. I agree to Caramoan. Sa simula pa lang, mali na talga ni Hayden Kho. If hindi niya intention na ma publicize yung mga video, bakit nalaman ng kanyang kaibigan or to whoever na nag publicize sa sex videos.

    Mali din, ayun sa news, "Marami pang videos, ndi lang yung mga na publish." Ibig sabihin, marami na xang na baboy...

    He should be punished. Death sentence if possible :D


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