Saturday, February 21, 2009

16 Days of Blogging

16 Days of Blogging

"If you are a newbie in blogging and have just started to put up a blog and you need traffic. Its time to subscribe to my post and be updated. Follow me during my 16 days of blogging"
On February 23 up to March 10, 2009, I would be much active in blogging. My goal is to increase page visit, site traffic, number of feed subscribers, and Alexa ranking. During those 16 days, I would be creating useful content and utilize the top 500 searched keywords on the net.

Furthermore, if possible, I don’t know how hard it would be, I would try to do some research and eventually come up with a method on how to increase my Google Page Rank from Page Rank 3/10 to Page Rank 4/10. Just one number up, that is if Google would permit me. I have no idea if 16 days would be enough anyway; it’s worth a try.

Additionally, I would be posting some articles about what I would be doing during those 16 days. I would be mentioning some useful reference sites. Get to know some successful bloggers and learn their methods as well as techniques on how to increase traffic, increase Alexa page rank, increase Google ranking, and how to use search engines as a source of traffic. I would be getting advice from professionals; I would be watching video interviews from famous and credible webmasters.

I would be asking opinions and tips from fellow Cebuano bloggers on Search Engine Optimizations. Convince one or two personality from the Cebu Bloggers Society to write for iStayl Sugbo a short word of advice for newbie bloggers.

I would also include on my posts on how to start your own blog and provide step-by-step guidelines on the first things you need to do on your blog and make your way to the blogosphere. I would be posting an illustration comparing my previous traffic to the traffic I would be getting within those 16 days of blogging and would write about it and analyze the reports.

If you are a newbie in blogging and has just started to put up a blog. It is time to subscribe to my posts and be updated. Follow me during my 16 days of blogging, starting February 23 up to March 10, 2009. By following my blog you would be able to gain ideas on how to increase your blog traffic and rank your pages on search engines.

For professional webmasters reading this post, it is also a time for you to share your ideas and help fellow bloggers to become a successful blogger. You can share your thoughts on the posts that I would be making by commenting on each article. You can also be an author on this blog and give ideas, tips, and opinions regarding search engine optimizations.

So subscribe now and accompany me on my 16 days of blogging. Create your very own “16 days of blogging” too and see your blog improve and get this sense of fulfillment every time you open up the reports and seeing your blog traffic increase by time.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Keep it up. Success required patience.

  2. The reliability and credibility of the Alexa Rankings have often been subject to differences. There are opinions that the Alexa ranking is far more credible and true for the sites below 10,0000 than that for the ones above it. Another factor that proves to be a major drawback of the Alexa rankings is that the rankings are governed by the Alexa toolbar and the Alexa toolbar users community. All the browser types are not taken into account as far as the rankings are concerned. As for example the Alexa rankings does not work in Windows Vista even though the latter has a huge user base and is highly popular.


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