Thursday, February 12, 2009

Artificial Traffic vs Content Driven Traffic

Artificial Traffic vs Content Driven Traffic

In this post, I would like to share with you a little idea of mine that might work in increasing your blog traffic. I am not an expert in SEO, but there is one technique that I guess might work for you if you are still starting your blog.

That is to write, write, write, and write. Create volume content. Write new post as long as you can. Give your blog a post each day. By creating newer content will give you a higher chance that your blog be ranked on search engines. In turn you will be gaining natural traffic from search engines, which is a good idea.

Avoid using techniques that would give your blog artificial traffic, like auto surfing, card dropping, etc. Although I am not really against that, since some web masters still claim that it would also help you increase your Alexa traffic ranking, although artificially.

I have done that too and indeed it surely gave my blog an Alexa Traffic rank of 750,000. But when I decided to stop because I was tired of it, my Alexa rank dropped to 2,000,000.

Having a 2million Alexa traffic rank is not a good sight, but it is the truth. Too far from the artificial 750,000. So if I were you, don’t give your blog a LIE Traffic. Now I’m on my way to doing my best to increase my Alexa page ranking naturally thru my posts.

Below is a Graph showing the unique site visit of As you can see in the illustration, on the month of April, I started to learn acquiring traffic from auto surf, card dropping, blog hopping, etc. Traffic gained was amazing, it went to over 2,000 unique page visits for the month of April, however, I stopped doing it because all I see from the referrals was more from these artificial traffic generating sites. Which, doesn’t sound fulfilling on my part.

(note: as of February 12, 2009)

By the month of September, blog traffic went back to its normal/natural 100 unique visits each month. Doesn’t sound good, disappointed, and discouraging. However, I realized when I looked at the referrals on the report, it showed that most traffic sources are from search engines, which gave me an idea that if only I could create content that might interest search engine users, then I could increase my traffic.

Since then, starting the month of October, I began creating useful posts, not to mention attractive post that plays well on search engines. As you can see on the graph, site visits are going up. Not a good number yet, but it is assured that readers do come to my blog and there is an improvement since the day I started my blog.

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