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How I View Blogging Ethics

I just received this email from a fellow blogger doing her thesis about Blogging Ethics.
This is my honest answers to the following questions. Any reactions are accepted.

Name (optional): Francis Daniel Maning
Age: 26
Location:Cebu Philippines
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A. On your personal ethical standards
1. What is your perception on ethics? Do you think you are applying it in your blogging activity? Why or why not?
Ethics refers to a properly defined guideline being used by an individual, in this case a blogger, which he could use somehow to make himself determine things from right or wrong. Follow what is acceptable and be a model of truth.

Yes, by doing so you would earn “Trust” from your readers, in turn you would get more subscribers.

2. What ethical standards do you apply in your blog? Do you currently follow any or a personal Code of Ethics?

Since my blog is not that complicated and have not reached its full potential yet, I am basing my ethical principles on my conscience, conformity with the law, fairness, and the passion of delivering quality information to readers.

3. If you were to draft your own Blogger’s Code of Ethics, what principles of ethics (example: honesty, accountability, truth, etc) will you include in it? Briefly elaborate on each and give examples on how you can show each principle.
If I were to draft my own bloggers code of ethics, I would base it on the Rotarians 4 way test.. ^_^

1. Is it the Truth?
Honesty and Fairness. A blogger should be honest and be fair in delivering information. Provide information as much as possible by disclosing and elaborating the source (if any). A blogger should not post untruthful and biased articles that might mislead and harm users. Also be accountable for the things that you write and always be ready for change and accept suggestions from readers.

2. Is it fair to all Concerned?
Always keep in mind, that everything you write might affect readers. A blogger should think about his social responsibility.

3. Will it build goodwill and better friendship?
A blogger should always be kind in writing articles. It should not provoke hate and discrimination. Nor it would cause harm between 2 parties, products, and personalities. Etc..

4. Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
A blog should be constructive and not destructive to the community.

4. Among the many blogging problems and ethical issues that arise now, which do you believe should be addressed?
There are many issues at hand that should be looked upon in the present time. But there is one deviation on ethical standards that a blogger should not practice. And that is how business individuals use blogs and bloggers to gain search engine rankings thru BUYING LINKS.

5. Personally, what do you think is the importance of having ethical standards in blogging?

Having ethical standards in blogging would give you confidence and to minimize the problems that you may encounter in the future.
B. On the Bloggers’ Code of Ethics

1. Have you come across any Bloggers’ Code of Ethics online? If so, what version is it? Answer: NONE

2. If not online, how did you learn about it? What was your primary reaction?

3. Do you agree with the provisions stated there, and the principles that were tackled?

4. Do you apply the Bloggers’ Code of Ethics in your blogging? Why and how do you apply it (through your language, designs, etc)?

5. Does the knowledge of the existing Bloggers’ Code of Ethics pressure you to follow it? Why?

6. Do you think it is necessary to have a Bloggers’ Code of Ethics? Is it really implementable? Why or why not?
Yes, the blogosphere needs to have a Bloggers’ Code of Ethics. Is not a question if its implementable or not. As of the moment, we should focus on creating a body that would implement it to start with.

7. Is it possible for the entire blogosphere to follow a single Bloggers’ Code of Ethics? Why or why not?
It depends upon the individual. I doubt that the whole blogging community will follow it. However, it would be nice to know that somebody would be starting it.

8. How do you think will a Bloggers’ Code of Ethics change the way bloggers blog? Or will it not affect anything?
If it affects a blogger in any way, for sure I see it as a long term investment. When you write quality blog, you get good results. If you follow the rules, everything will be fine.

9. What do you think is the relationship of Code of Ethics and freedom of expression?
That’s a very sensitive issue. However, I see no difference between both if they both serve the same purpose. For truth and fairness.

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  1. Ethics and truth... I remember my lessons in Philosophy. But anyways, it is still applicable in blogging though it would be spoken in ordinary language analysis.


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