Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Cebu Bloggers Society

As of the moment, CBS membership roll is composed of:

Aileen Estoquia of Sunchoke
Airish Alombro Freelance Ranger
Agnes Jimenez of Empress of Drac
Andrew Buenaviaje of Doyzkie
Aldwin Joseph P. Tabasa of A Loner on the Lose
Allahn Joyce Bensali of In Search for You
Alexis Noel Hynson of Computer Tips
Atty. Ethelbert B. Ouano of E. Transcripts
Bluerem23 of It’s all in the mind
Bluerem23 of iStayl Sugbo Blog
Cherie Descartin of Cherish Vintage
Clarence of Dahong Laya
Chitgoks of Disney & Travel
Debbie P. Rojonan of JabbeRedOnion
Errol Duazo of Kalandrakas
Febryl Lor Zulla of the only words allowed
G|u|a|d|a of Shy-Type
Gerrymie D. Tampus of Miong and Marque
Gil Villamater of Travelling Polander
Icymar Tagimacruz of Kreative Mynds
Jonathan Obera of
Jorich Ponio of Beyond-the-Norms
Joseph Vernon Go of I.E. Student
Kevin Ray N. Chua Kevin Ray Chua
Kevin Ray N. Chua Marroxas2010
Kevin Ray N. Chua WhyMarRoxas
Lance of Soulsearching
Maria Theresa Layasa of My Secret chamber
Mark Abitona Get a Life
Mark Monta of BugITs
Mark Monta of E.U.T.S.
McBilly of
Mechelle Zapanta of Anay Butakal
Mikyu Maglasang of iFancy
Nick Nichelle Dael of
Tiborsho of Tiborsho’s World
Orville Tadle of Downloader
Patric Torres of Irate Spectator
Paul Villacorta of Super Paul
Prince Ryan Gilig of Penpen de Sarapen
Renalyn Espiritu of BRIGHT Art Class
Reynold T. Salceda Monkeetech
Rodel of
Reuel de Egurrola of Merely my Opinion
Pinoy Blogger of Pinoyworld
Sinjin of
Simon of Debugging my Life’s Core Dump
Simon of Rock, Paper, Scissors
Vanjohnn of Akong Iro (My Dog)
Vincent of Isles Tech
Wilhelmina Sarawi of Miss Wilhelmina
Winston of Batang Yagit
Wsarawi of Chillaxin’
Xerxes Bernandez of Obnoxiousqueer
Zenia Mai Enriquez of Zenia Mai
Zigfred Diaz of

post courtesy of Pinoyworld


  1. yays! thanks sa pag post bai... :D

    hapi new year! and long live Cebu bloggers!

  2. Nice of you to compile this listing, bai! :)

  3. too bad i haven't met even a single member yet. hehehe. ;p

  4. I have meet some on January 17. Maybe on February 21 I will meet them all. Thanx Francis for supporting CBS!

  5. Easily I acquiesce in but I dream the post should secure more info then it has.

  6. Hello everybody! I do not know where to start but hope this place will be useful for me.
    Hope to get any assistance from you if I will have some quesitons.
    Thanks in advance and good luck! :)


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