Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Samsung Launches New Digital Camera

Imagine a 12.2 Mega Pixel camera! Wohoo! I never expected that technology could come this far. Available by May 2009, so watch for it.

Samsung Digital Imaging Co., Ltd. unveiled the new 12 mega-pixel WB100, a compact and stylish point-and-shoot digital camera featuring an ultra wide angle 24mm Schneider lens and 5x optical zoom. In addition to the camera’s impressive lens, the WB100 also raises the bar for innovation in digital imaging as it offers high definition video recording and incorporates a three inch AMOLED screen, the largest AMOLED screen on a digital camera to date.

12.2 mega-pixels
5x optical zoom / Schneider lens
lcd size 3.0” hVGA AMOLED
lens Schneider - KREUZNACH
movie mode 720P HD Resolution With HDMI Connectivity (An optional cradle needed.)
size 97mm * 62mm * 21.8mm
special features - 24mm Utlra-Wide-Angle Schneider Lens- 5x Optical Zoom- 3.0” hVGA AMOLED (460K dots)- Dual Image Stabilization (Optical + Digital) - Full Manual Mode (A/S/M) supported - Advanced Picture Mode (manually adjust color tones)- High-Definition 720p Video With HDMI Connectivity- Smart Auto / Smart Album - Face Detection / Smile Shot / Blink Detection / Beauty Shot / Self Portrait / Red-eye Fix- Dual Analog Gauges (Memory Capacity / Battery Life)
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Available in black or silver, the Samsung WB100 will be available in May 2009.

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  1. Wow!! Fabulous digital camera with amazing features... Like to pick this one!!


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