Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Facebook and the Filipinos

Facebook and the Filipinos

It’s really amazing how Filipinos love acquaintances, such desire leads Filipinos to join social groups. And that desire coupled with technology and the Internet leads Filipinos to join Social Medias. Social medias or Social Networking such as, to name a few, Friendster, MySpace, Flixter, Tagged, etc.

But one thing I have noticed is that more and more Filipino people are joining Facebook. Facebook is a free-access social-networking website that is operated and privately-owned by Facebook, Inc. Users of their service can join networks connecting them to families and friends. Thru Facebook you will be able to find old friends from your childhood or your higschool and college days. Not only that, you would also have a chance to discover new friends. Sharing information on a click of a mouse. Communication has never been this easier.

I am really amazed how easy it is to share things now-a-days, especially thru Facebook. Facebook Features include a Wall, it is a place on a users profile wherein you could easily put comments and post messages on a users profile page.

Also included are, of course, Photos that would enable users to upload photos to different user albums. One unique feature of the Photo section of Facebook is how a user be able to Tag another user on his friends list if he or she is on the photo, a notification will then be sent to that user. Making it more easier to share.

Another useful feature on Facebook is the Status message. This is the feature, which allows users to announce any thing, it could be something you’re doing presently, your mood for the day, and in my case I use it to advertise my blog post. ^_^ Sorry guys its not spamming, its social media and it’s the way I share information.

Users also have daily News Feeds on every homepage, this shows the recent activities of your friends, from changing their profile photo to where they send comments, etc.

Another favorite of mine is how easily you can add friends, just one click and they are yours. There is also an interactive panel on the bottom part of your browser that would enable you to see who is online on your friends list and have the option to chat with them.

Its free join now here

And believe it or not! Facebook has been used to serve legal documents and make people appear on court! Wohoo!!!

On the news What can you say about that?

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