Friday, February 13, 2009

The Philippines - My country, my home

The Philippines - My country, my home

“My home, my country, my native land, my Philippines.”

The Philippines is the place of my birth and may it also be the place where I shall cease my life. The Philippines is rich in treasures, God given natural beauty abound the archipelago. There are many beautiful destinations that one could venture, both local and tourists alike. The Philippines is rich in wonders, to name a few such as the Tubataha Reef, The Rice Terraces, The Chocolate Hills of Bohol, the perfectly cone shaped Mayon Volcano, etc.

The Philippines is also rich in culture. Influenced by different parts of the globe, the Philippine culture has become a melting pot of different heritages and ancestry. Majority of which are the Indo, Malays, and Chinese races. Yet, no matter where they may belong, a natural born Filipino will always be a Filipino. Born in the land of the Pearl of the Orient and the Cradle of the Brave.

By blood or by heart, Filipinos are close family oriented. Filipinos are hospitable and have high respect for elders. Filipinos are also very grateful people. They are hardworking and they enjoy life and are high in spirits. Intelligent and open minded. Filipinos are God fearing.

Every Filipino that have left for a job abroad or have migrated abroad, surely would come back home and visit their native land. Every pinoy have their own lasting bond from whence they were born. They treasure memories they have left behind in their homeland. This is evident in the way that almost all Filipinos who left their country would always contact and ask “Kumusta na dha sa Pinas? (hows everything there in the Philippines?). And would surely come back and visit.

All these and more, makes me proud I am a Filipino. The sparkle of your flag is victory that shines. Its stars and sun shall forever never dim.

More power to Filipinos Unite

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  1. Thanks for accepting our invitation for you to make a post about the Philippines and the Filipinos. Your post have been re-posted at Filipinos Unite!!! Thanks again and God bless.


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