Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cebu Top Model

FRANCIS DANIEL MANING - Visibility. That's what matters most when you want to be on top. Francis Daniel Maning is aiming to be the number 1 CEBU TOP MODEL in terms of ranking in search engines. I am not a real life Cebuano Model, I am just doing this to measure the effectiveness of GOOGLE to understand every blog post made by blogs, and maybe later on I would be able to see the impact on how it would affect my blog and maybe my personal life.

It really sounds ridiculous to rank as the number 1 cebu male model even if I dont have the quality for it. Well, who knows, I might get a project for this. ;-).

"To have the title as the No. 1 Top Male Model in Cebu is not an easy job, is it? Well, for my upcoming projects and modeling offers, I will see to it that I would do my career with all my heart. I am also available for TV commercials and product endorsements. My professional fee depends upon the product that I will be endorsing." - Francis Daniel Maning is the No.1 Cebu Top Model 

cebu top model

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