Monday, November 16, 2009

Z Gorres Critical

Z Gorres Coma After Surgery

As the whole Filipino nation rejoiced for a history made by Manny Pacquiao, another Filipino boxer is in critical condition in the hospitals ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Z Gorres is in critical condition, reports said. Z "The Dream" Gorres, collapsed on the ring side after his fight and was taken to the hospital. Z Gorres is now in a state of coma after a surgery on his brain and will be on bed for several days to stabilize his condition.

It was a hard blow on Z Gorres head that made some part of his brain to swell and possibly form a blood clot. It happened on the 12th round of his fight against the Colombian puncher Juan Melendez, Z Gorres dropped down after a strong left nearly at the end of the round.

We offer our prayers for your fast recovery Z "The Dream Gorres."

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1 comment:

  1. i felt sad when i heard this news..
    i hope the philippine gov't will do useful actions for gorres..and not just focus on manny pacquiao!


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