Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Black Gaffers Tape

black gaffers tape

92 years ago, while painting an automobile, Richard Drew faced a problem on how to paint color stripes side-by-side without messing the border in between. As a solution, Richard then took a paper strip and placed adhesive on it. He then carefully covered the middle part so they can continue painting the stripes with ease. It was that time that the masking tape was first invented. 

It is really wonderful to think that an invention coming from a solution for a simple problem has become a very significant tool for today. Thru time, the adhesive tape has undergone a lot of changes or variations to meet the needs of the individual who uses it. 

For the gaffers, their best buddy is a black gaffers tape. This 60 yard roll cotton cloth black gaffer adhesive tape is very tough and strong. One unique characteristic for this kind of tape is that when removed, it does not leave any adhesive residues, which makes it clean. Keeping the theater or stage clean is one of the important things to consider. Even though it holds strong, it is very easy to tear in little strips if necessary. Making it easy and economical to use. 

The most important responsibility, however, is making sure all lighting, sound systems, and equipment function well before every performance. Black gaffers tape is needed to secure those wires and cables and arrange them neatly. By using gaffers tape you can hide the wiring from sight just by fastening them on the floor or walls. It would also keep electrical hazards from people and the rest of the stage crew for their safety. 

These black gaffers tape does not reflect light, which is also very essential in this type of industry where the appearance of the stage also reflects the competence of its performers. The tape will just blend to the background making it appear natural. 

Comparing the future from the past, we can see that the need, indeed, developed more complexity. Yet still, the past and the future holds similar ways of finding its means. Where a need arises, a solution will develop because of the persistence and ingenuity of the human mind.

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