Friday, November 13, 2009

Finding a Japanese Grocery in Cebu

Finding a cheap Japanese Grocery here in Cebu is really hard. There are many Japanese groceries out there in Cebu City, but everytime I visit such places, I always end up emptying my wallet because of the expensive items that are for sale.

The demand for quality Japanese ingredients for cooking here in Cebu are increasing, maybe its because more and more people are acquainted to eating Japanese foods. More and more Japanese Restaurants have been showing up and scattered all out the Cebu City metropolis, Mandaue City, and Lapu Lapu. And because of competition, Japanese restaurants are forced to lower their prices, therefore creating a need for a much cheaper store or shop for Japanese grocery that is available in Cebu City.

How I wish there will be a Japanese Grocery here in Cebu that we can say it to be locally competitive, affordable,and guaranteed to be the cheapest in town. Making it your one stop shop in buying items for your Japanese cooking needs.

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