Saturday, April 17, 2010

Digicam Memory Card Repair - Cebu City Area

memory card repair cebu city
Are you desperate to recover your lost pictures caused by your faulty memory card from your digital camera? 

History kept repeating itself. That is true, and in this case its my memory card again from my digital camera. When I tried to place it on my memory card reader and plugged it in my USB port, I got the error below. 

Disk is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?

Again countless pictures will be lost if I do the formatting again. So desperate I want to find the solution, asked friends, etc. and even asked IT expert with regards to this, but all i get is REFORMAT the disk!
What a waste would that be? So I decided to find the solution myself. And luckily I did found a solution. I found a way to recover lost pictures from a memory card on your digicam due to faulty memory cards.
If you are from Cebu and you need help with this matter, I will be glad to help you, with a little service fee of 300 pesos to cover the time that I will be spending on the recovery process. You will be able to have those kept memories on your memory card back again. I can repair digicam memory cards here in Cebu area only, we can meet personally hand me the memory card and I will deliver the memory card back again to you in 1 day or within 1 week maximum.

Send me a text message concerning your needs to 0933021973 don't forget to include your name and purpose since I don't entertain calls and text from unknown contacts.

And if I wont be able to retrieve your pictures, then get your money back. :-)
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