Friday, February 8, 2008

Kung Hei Fat Choi

I just got home from my work and it is another time for my PC, I have decided to write about the discussion that I had lately at work. It was about the Year of The Rat. Two of my friends were talking in front of me, they were talking about this year, and the first person asked the other on what year it is, the other person then replied that it is the Year of the Rat.

As they were talking, the first person then asked about when did the year of the Rat started, the other one replied that it was on January 1. I then joined the discussion and softly asked him, why January 1? He told me it’s because “2008” is the year of the rat. I told both of them; the year of the Rat started just two days ago and that is February 6, 2008. And that is the mark of another year in the Chinese calendar. The two guys were very hesitant to believe, the other argued that how come 2008 is called the year of the Rat?

I explained to them that the year of the Chinese Calendar is not based on the calendar that we are using. The Chinese calendar’s New Year for 2008 is on February 6, 2008 and that represents the coming of another year, which is the Year of the Rat, farewell to the year of the Boar.

I have this link below that represents the Table of the sixty year calendar to back’up my claim.

Yet still the other guy was reluctant in believing me, I said well, it’s all up to you. Its really disappointing how people react to information, I don’t know if its lack of knowledge or just plain ignorance. The information was right there in that moment and yet there is just this type of people who refuse to grow.

Well, the year of the Rat represents in renewal since it is the beginning of the twelve-year sequence. It is a time for change, hard work and activity. This year would be a good time to start an endeavor, making new friends, a business perhaps, a new job, or get married, or anything something new.

Thats it for now and Kung Hei Fat Choi!

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