Friday, June 12, 2009

Philippine Independence Day – Freedom from Spain 2009

111 years of freedom. 111 years of change, in leadership, change as a nation, and the lifestyle of all people.

We enjoy the freedom to this very moment. Its because of the triumph of the leaders who once fought a mighty empire. National Heroes as we may call them. But what kind of people are they? Those people are farmers, who carry with them bolos and knives. The true Filipino who owns this day are the Katipuneros, who are farmers, peasants, and fishermen who sacrificed their lives for their family to enjoy freedom, for us also to enjoy today.

And can we still see these kind of leaders now-a-days? Those people on the Senate? Congress? What about those people who are aspiring to be President and a leader of our nation? Can we see the blood and spirit of a Katipunero flowing in them? Will they die for our nation?

I know it is a fantasy to dream of such a leader. All we have now are people who manipulate the law. For their own good, for their own interests, and for them to satisfy their greed. Now its up to us to choose the lesser evil. They got all the same intentions, they understand the needs and desires of the poor, and use them to promote themselves and give promises. But in the end, the same things happen all over again. Once seated, its payback time for those who made them win and who gave them the most votes and influence. And its a sad thing, that it will go on until the end of the President's term. Leaving behind the promises that are meant to be broken.

Now I ask all of you who wants to be President. Will you die for our country?

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