Sunday, January 18, 2009

SINULOG – The feast of the Blessed Senior Sto. Niño

SINULOG – The feast of the Blessed Senior Sto. Niño

The display of little colorful flag-lets that hang over the major streets of Cebu City, gives a distinction that the city is celebrating the Feast of the Patron Saint of Cebu, the Blessed Sto. Niño (Christ Child). Actually, in my own personal understanding, the Burnt Holy Child of Jesus could not be considered as saint because Jesus Christ is of Godly nature. But since, it has been accustomed that the patron saint of Cebu is Sto. Niño, that’s why I am using the title.

The celebration / feast happens during the third day of the first month of the year, which is January. This year, the Sinulog Festival happens today, January 18, 2009. Thousands of devotees, tourist (both local and international), international and local media, celebrities, politicians, and prominent personalities, come to witness this once in a year event and flock here in Cebu City.

The feast focuses on the burnt image of the Christ child Jesus, which was discovered by a Spanish soldier during the Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines on the remains of a burnt settlement decades ago. The Child image of Jesus Christ gained its reputation because of its miraculous nature.

The feast starts with a fluvial procession that reenacts the entrance and arrival of the Spaniards and Roman Catholicism in the country. Followed by the world famous presentation of street dance, offering, parade, and celebration, the Sinulog Mardi Gras. With colorful costumes, participants from all over the country compete for the Best Sinulog Based Participation category, which includes best in interpretation of the Sinulog concept, theme, and history.

The criteria includes:
  • Theme, Concept / Ritual 10% - relevance to Sinulog, choice of material as to musicality, movement qualities and expressions, clarity of message and interpretation to dance movement.
  • Performance ----------------------------- 25% - precision and coordination, fluency, alignment, balance, focus, projection, rhythmic and spatial interest
  • Choreography --------------------------- 25% - creativity and artistry of steps and formation, style and expression.
  • Costume ---------- --------------------- 20% - artistic choice of color and style, effective use of props relevant to the interpretation of the theme / concept / ritual.
  • Props --------------------------------- 10% - Effective use of props relevant to the interpretation of the theme/ritual.
  • Sinulog Musicality ---------------------- 10%
  • TOTAL ------------------------------------- 100%
The Sinulog festival is also a time for both young and old, to enjoy and celebrate. Some household, prepare modest meals for the expected and the unexpected guest that would visit Cebu to celebrate the fiesta. Colorful souvenirs, accessories, and shirts, flood the side streets, to meet the demands of potential customers and buyers. Every restaurant offer their own kind of marketing strategy, such as hiring a playing song band, that would attract costumers to their establishment. Hotels are fully booked and occupied. With unlimited places and parties to go to, Cebu City has become a venue for fun, entertainment, and leisure.

For most Cebuanos and the rest of the Filipino people, the essence remains the same for today’s celebration and that is to celebrate, give thanks, and honor, our Protector, Provider, Healer, and Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

Thanks for reading, I hope you would post your comment and share you insights about this topic. I would be posting some amateur pictures after the parade, so in order to keep you updated, please do subscribe to my blog. Here.

Pit Senyor everyone and Happy Fiesta Cebu!!!


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