Thursday, February 26, 2009

8 Things Your Need to Put On Your Blog

8 Things you need to put on your blog

While I was blogging my way to a great blogger (hope the odds are not against me.) I have noticed some useful things that most bloggers put on their blog. Aside from the most important ones like the Post Title, the Title itself, or the Blog post / articles (this one I consider the most important of all.)

One similarity I usually see from all the great blogs out there is the Link Tab or Navigation bar. The navigation bar allows users or readers to go through your blog more easily. In this part of the blog, the blog owner can put links to the most important and most relevant things about his blog. There you can put links to a single post like an About Me tab or a link to a Category, a Disclaimer perhaps, etc.

The second important thing I notice and gives significance in making your subscribers grow is the Easy Subscription Notice or the One Click Subscription link similar to picture below. In this way, if the readers who come across your blog happen to like your post, he can easily click on the link and get updates from your blog. Having subscribed readers will give you better future traffic and most importantly will give a you a relationship between the readers.

Third is the Shoutbox or Chat Box, thru this your visitors can easily communicate with you, whether it be for exchanging links, a suggestion, or it could be just a simple note telling the blog owner that he happen to pass by. The benefit you could get with this is that it allows interaction with the people around your same endeavor. Fellow bloggers will then be able to leave links easily, which could give way to easy sharing of information.

Fourth is the Comment form. In this case, here in my blog, I made it more accessible to readers to just type-in their comment beneath each post to allow easy access. Comments are very important, since they measure how good your article is. You might not get comments easily in a day or two. But rest assure one will come by and might as well share something useful or just drop by and give you a greeting. Or perhaps he could leave a link to an additional information that might be useful to your readers which is also relevant to your post.

Fifth is the Sitemeter, all bloggers might be familiar about this. There are many ways to track website traffic. I got Sitemeter and Google Analytics to do the job for me. But it is Sitemeter that I use more often to have a look at incoming traffic with just a click or two. If I want more detailed reports then its Google Analytics that I turn to. Getting to know your traffic stats is very important. It will allow you to understand more about your blog. Which in turn, will allow you to discover your strengths and weaknesses in SEO. I don’t want to go down further with this topic because I know it would take one long post if I will go on, maybe on my coming posts.

Sixth, the Pagerank Icon. Almost every blog I’ve been reading always has its own Pagerank icon. For those who doesn’t know yet, a Pagerank icon shows the readers the Google’s view of the importance of the blog or website. 0/10 for the unranked and 10/10 for the highest. In my case its 3/10, which is fair enough for a newbie blogger like me. Its also a way to show-off to your readers and advertisers about the grade of your blog.

Seventh, the Community Icons. These icons in attractive colors are there to serve a number of useful things. One is, they are there because you need to put them, and otherwise you may get disqualified if you wont, for a service from their website or blogging community that you are using. And why do you think you need to join this blogging communities? You have there, MyBlogLog, Blogtoplist, Blogcatalog, Top Blogs, Million blog list, etc.

I really hate to put this images cause they will cause delays on loading time for your blog. But the benefits outweigh the negatives. These blogging communities are feed readers, they drive traffic to your site, and they will link to your blog and give votes on your page rankings, and most importantly get you connected to other bloggers and make your blog be discovered. Other than that they will make your blog look like a real blog and make it look more professional.

And lastly, so you thought I forgot, I consider this the “Meal of the Party”, the ADS, Adverts, Advertisements, etc. , they come in many different ways. Some are ad links, picture ads, a combination of both, etc. These are the most loved part of most bloggers, not all bloggers though, since there are also successful blogs without the advertisements that I know of. Pay per click advertisement is one of the most used ways of earning money online. They generate revenue, and help you pay your Internet bills, Hosting Fees, and the golden time you use to write articles. You have there, to name a few, Google Adsense, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Kontera, Chitika, Amazon, Nuffnang, Digxa, etc.

So that’s about it, the eight useful things you need to put on your blog, I wanted to elaborate more on each of the items, but I think it would require a whole post. Maybe I will write a separate post for each item in the future.

I hope I have shared enough information that might add to your knowledge as a blogger. On this post, The Eight Useful Things You Need To Put On Your Blog, I only described what you need to put on your blog that can be preceived virtually. There are also many integral blog parts that I need to discuss, like the Meta Tags, the Description Tag, the Title, etc.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Number 103 Post

My Number 103 Post

Wow! I can’t believe it my self, I finally made my 100 post, making this latest post of mine to mark the 103 post for this blog iStayl Sugbo (that does not include post from my other blogs.)

I started writing on this blog on the 29th of February 2008. iStayl Sugbo would be turning a year by month end. 100 articles and counting, many things have changed, many ideas have been shared. More power to iStayl Sugbo blog! Wohoo!

In my next post I will be discussing the necessary things to put in your blog. I will illustrate and explain why it is needed. So watch out for it, it might come in handy.

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