Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween at Waterfront Hotel

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween is indeed something to celebrate about. Its not that we need to mourn for the dead, it’s a celebration of life too. People and kids go trick or treating, costume parties, carving pumpkins and telling ghost stories right before sleep. Not to mention the wide choices of ghost stories showcased by each television stations, that includes news and documentaries.

Halloween day was described long ago as a time where the living and the dead world coexist in this day, it sound scary, just imagine if it was true. Luckily we live now in modern day world.

Halloween Parties! Wow, Halloween day is not just a tradition now it also involves some social activities that we find pleasure and meeting new friends.

Such as the recent Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino Halloween party! It was so amazing seeing those scary, freaky, and out of this world costumes! Ill be posting some pics soon, ms ecel of HR wasn’t able to email me the pics.

Here are the people of Peers Resource Department of Waterfront Cebu City Hotel on Halloween Party night. Guys pardon me for posting this, it’s just that I need a picture to display and it’s the only thing I got.

hmm.. if im not mistaken from left to right (ecel, unknown 2 me, sharol, mae,sir erwin , rose and tess, sheryl, mayis, unknown 2 me, and pam)

Happy Halloween everyone!


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  2. Halloween is indeed a holiday that is celebrated differently in the Philippines- from the solemn visits to the graves of dearly departed loved ones, to the different high tech happenings in 5-star hotels and other gimmick fronts. Such is the spirit of the Filipinos who can be so solemn one minute or simply enjoy the night outs. Thanks for the post. God bless.


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